Dear Reader,

If you like fan fictions with a happy beginning and a happy ending then you are better off looking else where. For this book contains nothing but misery and sadness. Within these pages you will find a strange boy, a weird school, cheese and people with very sad stuff in common. If I was you I would throw this computer out the window right now, or at lease turn it off. This is your last warning to not read this sad tale, for nothing but sadness and woe can come of it.

With all due respect,


Strange how two worlds, two different people, can have a lot in common? People often say, Oh that can never happen to me, but it can. And when these things happen you never expect to find someone, or should I say some people, that are living through what you are going through?

The Baudelaire orphans sit waiting for boat that they are on to stop. They did not know where they were going but anywhere is better than where they have been. They have been on the run for months now, ever since the Daily Punctio printed that they murder Count Olaf. Which is completely wrong, The Baudelaire orphan are one the nice bunch children you ever met. Also Count Olaf is not dead, nor did the Baudelaire orphans kill him, it is the other way around. Count Olaf has been trying to kill the Baudelaire orphans ever since their parents died a year ago. He wants their fortunate that their parent left behind. Olaf kills a man and framed the Baudelaires, also He was one that started the fire that kill their parents and burned their mansion. Violet, the oldest of the three children, one of the best fourteen years old inventor of the time. You could always tell when she was thinking of an invention because she would put a ribbon in her hair. Klaus, the middle child, loves books or what he read from books. He has read more books in his life than most people do in their entire life. Sunny, the youngest and the baby child love to bite things for she had four sharp teeth. She also loved to cook. So as they sit waiting for their boat to land, they sit hoping where ever they land that Count Olaf will not follow.

In England far away from this boat, sit a boy named Harry Potter. He is a wizard and ever year goes to a school called Hogwarts. He lives with his Aunt and Uncle because when he was a baby, his parents died. They were murder by a man named Voldemort, but when Voldemort tried to kill Harry something went wrong and the spell backed fire on him. But now he has returned and Harry was sure the he was going to try to kill Harry. Two owls came flying through to window. One was the Daily Prophet, which Harry never reads any more since they spent the last summer telling everyone that he was crazy. The other owl was from his best friend Ron.

Harry I know this is last minute but my dad and I are going to pick you up today to take you you-know-where. See you soon


"You-know where" he meant Number twelve Grimmauld Place, Harry had not been there since last summer. As Harry packed his thing he could not help of his now dead Good father, oh how Harry missed him. Sirius had just died and Harry feared that he will never get over it. Just then Harry heard the front door's door bell and he quickly grabbed his things and went down stairs.