Dear Reader,

Please do not be fooled by the tiny happy things that happen so far in this fan fiction. This is not a happy story, it does not have a happy beginning or a happy middle and it most diffusely does not have a happy ending. So please do not be surprise by the event that happen in this fan fiction for that you are warm.( hey if you haven't read the Series of Unfortunate Events this part is how Lemony Snicket starts his books telling people not to read them but I did want you to read this I just wanted to be true to both books ok bye then)

With all due respect,

Flame paw

"Come in" Hermione called. And the three children walked in, well really only two children walked in because Violet was still carrying Sunny.

"Hello" Violet said looking around the room. She wasn't sure if she believed in witches or wizards or magic yet but then again for what they been through she wouldn't be surprise if they were real.

"So muggles, tell us about your selves" Fred said standing up and circling the Baudelaire orphans, a word here means Walking in circles around the Baudelaires.

"Muggles?" Klaus asked.

"It means you can't do magic, so tell us about your selves" George said staying up and following his brothers actions.

"And skip the part about you all being orphans" Fred said

"You heard?" Violet asked even thou she knew it was a stupid thing to say because it was obvious that they did.

"Oh yes we all did" Fred said gesturing to the others.

"Yes, that is quite funny" George said.

"I'm sorry, but I did not find our situation funny" Violet said, she only knew these twins less than five minutes but she all ready knew she did not like them.

"No, no, no I didn't mean that." Fred answered

"Than what do you find funny?" Klaus asked. He was very annoyed with these twins already.

"The fact that we found people in the same situation as Harry" George answered.

The Baudelaire children looked at each other, unable to think up something to say.

"Gahbah?" Sunny asked

"What does that mean?" Fred asked looking down at Sunny.

"What do you mean?" Violet answered

"What did Sunny just say?" Fred said impatiently.

"I know what you meant; Sunny asked what did you mean?"

"Oh" George laughed, "That's very funny, you said…"

"Yes I know what I said and I don't need it repeated. Now will you please tell me what you mean?" Violet said.

"Now, no need to get snappy with us, but very George will you do the honors."

"Yes I will. Well you see Harry here is an orphan, like you, and the guy who killed his parents when he was just baby and now he trying to kill Harry. This guy killed many, so many that almost everyone just called him You-Know-Who because they are too afraid to even say his name. There was a prophecy about Harry and he became famous and that stuff."

"What we want to know if something like that happen to you." Fred said

"Because we all talked it over before you came up here and we all agree that it is very strange that three children that had almost the exactly same stuff happen to them as Harry just magical appears. So tell us."

"What?" Klaus asked


"Alright" Violet said, "Alright I will tell you"

"Go on" Fred said

"Well I guess it starts about one year ago. Me, Klaus and Sunny all decided to go for a walk on the beach, as we do many Sundays. Our parent stayed home, they said they had work to finish. So were just on the beach about two to three hours when we saw Mr. Poe walking towards us. What he said it something I will always remember, no matter how much I would like to forget it. He said 'I'm afraid I have some very bad news for you children. Your parents have perished in a terrible. They perished in a fire that destroyed the entire house. Perished means killed. I'm very, very sorry to tell you this, my dears.' I think the worst part of that was that we just saw our parent no more than three hours ago and then they were gone."

The room stayed very quiet.

"I don't know if there is a prophecy or something about us, but for all I know we are just three very unlucky children."

"See everyone there is nothing strange about them," Hermione said finally breaking the eerie silence, "The only thing they have in common is that they are orphans and some guy is trying to kill them. It's not like they had to out wit this guy over and over like Harry these past years."

"Actually we did," Klaus said, "We been guardian to guardian every time Count Olaf's plan had failed, so maybe we do have more in common than we know"