Shadows of Time

Disclaimer: I do not have any affliation with the Star Wars saga, George Lucas, Twentieth Century Fox or any other companies or people responsible for the making of the films and extended universe.

Spoilers: Some.

He twisted his fingers into the light stubble of his beard. He settled into the groove of the chair. His thin robes desperately clung to his heated skin. Desperately, his fingers clawed at the coif of his robes to get to the irritated flesh on his lower neck.

He would have to get a cream from a healer before he returned to the depths of the desert tundra. He relinquished his nails from the inflamed area and took the cup of blue milk that the young woman placed before him.

"Thank you, Beru." He whispered. His lips parted to welcome the cool liquid into his mouth. His throat parched for the water or any other liquid. It had taken more than an afternoon to reach the homestead and his water had evaporated in the duo suns.

Her short brown hair capped beneath the warmth of a toque. Her tongue crawled against her lower lip. Her pleasant features endorsed by the soft touch of blush to her slight cheek bones.

"Do you think he would have survived the storm, Ben?" Her warm brown eyes bled with tears. Her hand shuffled for a tissue that rested in her breast pocket. She brushed away the precious liquid, embarassed to have wasted the vital essence that was worth so much that it was a pity to waste over an unfounded fear.

He nodded. He had little doubt that the little boy could survive the desert atmosphere of Tatooine. After all, Anakin had survived it with far less than Luke. Ben's blue eyes winced closed as his mind opened to the turbulant static of the force.

The soft signature of the two year old drummed in the voluminous cry of death. Fourteen other Force strong presences cried in misery as their bodies were forced to part from their souls. Darth Vader's signature pounded heavily in the stream of vision that invaded Ben's view.

It had always stunned him that Darth Vader could sense many force adept creatures across the galaxy...except his own flesh and blood. Ben punctured the vision. He withdrew from the comfort of the chair that Beru offered him in peace.

His fingers caressed the coded key of the hatch to allow it to hum open. A soft smile broke at his face, as he lifted the child that stood humidly outside the door. His fingers latched around a wooden amulet.

"Don't ever do that to me again, Luke." Beru cried as she snatched the two year old away from Obi-Wan's tender embrace. "How did you get home?"

"The pretty lady." Luke pointed out to the far edge of the desert. Obi-Wan smiled as the woman raised her hand in a small wave as she disappeared into the depths of the land scape.

"Who was that, Ben?" Beru asked. Her hand stroked her nephew's tangled blond locks of hair. Ben smiled. His face dulled by the sun's gentle light.

"He was right...she really was an angel." Obi-Wan muttered as he drew his cloak that hung lazily in the corner. His smile softened by the light that broke through the immeasurable darkness that surrounded the galaxy.

Anakin had right all along. Padme Amidala had been an angel and even in death remained to be a fixature of hope in her family's mourning eyes.


Author's Note: I know it was short, originally there was supposed to be a middle chapter but I just could not find myself capable of writing it. I hope you all enjoyed my short story.