"We should call Sesshoumaru now. I wonder if he's found Kagome yet." Yuma said. Yuma walked over to the table with the phone on it. She dialed his number and waited for him to answer.

> > > > > > > > >

Sesshoumaru heard the phone ring. He saw that it was his uncle's number and figured it might be Yuma or Inuyasha calling. "Eat. I have to answer this." He told her as he excused himself. Sesshoumaru answered his phone in the back hallway. "You have one minute."

Yuma's voice sounded out on the other side. "Have you found Kagome yet?"

"I may have."

"Don't play games with me Sess. Please tell me you found her."

"I found her."

"Oh, thank Kami."

"She does not want to return."

"I figured she might not want to. I can't blame her. What have you told her?"

"What makes you think that I told her anything?"

"Because you would. I know you more than anybody. You always told someone exactly what they wanted to hear. Whether it was the truth or a lie and I know Kagome has asked you questions. What did you tell her?"

"Exactly what she wanted to hear. Have a good night, Yuma." Sesshoumaru hung up the phone and walked back to the table.

"Who was that?" Kagome asked after swallowing a bit of her pasta.

"Your mother." Sesshoumaru answered, not looking at her and began to eat.

Kagome stopped arm half raised with fork load of food in hand. "My mother?"

"I do not repeat myself."

"What did she want?" Kagome asked.

"She wanted to know if I had you in my possession." He said nonchalantly, still eating and still not looking her.

"Would it kill you to look at the person you're talking to?"

Sesshoumaru looked at her. "No, it most certainly would not. Unless you are unworthy of my attention." Sesshoumaru looked back down at his plate of veal and rice.

"So I'm unworthy of your attention? Boy, you must be popular with the ladies." Kagome suggested sarcastically.


"What? Not going to answer?" Kagome asked heatedly.

"How is your food?"

Kagome was so caught up in Sesshoumaru's asshole-ish behavior she almost forgot about the delectable dish. "It is…" Kagome began trying to find the right word. "Suitable," Kagome replied. 'Two can play that game.'

'Maybe tonight will turn out to be fun after all.' Sesshoumaru thought with amusement.

> > > > > > > > >

"Are you sure the house was empty?" Miroku asked for the third time.

"Yes, I'm sure. No one would answer the door and all the lights were off." Sango replied as they were walking to Inuyasha's house.

"Well, where could she have gone?"

"Maybe she ran away." Sango insisted.

"She wouldn't do that without saying something to us or Inuyasha. Why are you being so pessimistic?" Miroku responded. Sango just shrugged her shoulders.

> > > > > > > > >

"What did he say?" Inuyasha asked when Yuma sat back on the couch.

"He has her. Maybe there is still a way to fix some of this," Yuma spoke willfully.

"You think Kagome would really run without grilling you for what you've done or didn't do?" Inuyasha asked sarcastically.

"I guess not. There is just so much to say. I'm not sure she would want to hear it. There were so many lies and pain built around her that I don't know if she'll want to hear the truth from anyone much less me." Yuma said sadly.

"Maybe you should just let her decide that. You should give her some time to cool off. She might pull thru. With Kagome, you'll never know. She's always forgiving and caring. Maybe she will listen to your excuses, maybe she won't. Don't make the decision for her." Inuyasha offered sincerely as he got up and made his way to the front when they heard the bell. "Sango, Miroku, what are you doing here?" Inuyasha's voice could be heard from the hallway.

"Funny. We could ask you the same thing. Where's Kagome?" Sango asked as she pushed pass Inuyasha with Miroku following.

Miroku walked right into Sango as she stopped very suddenly. "Hey! What did you stop for? " Miroku stared at her like she grown two heads.

Sango's face was wide with shock. "Mrs. Takeno? Oh Kami. I'm seeing ghosts. I don't believe in ghosts. Ghosts aren't real." Sango walked into the living room and stepped on the other side of the coffee table. "You're a ghost. You can't be real. Am I dreaming?" Sango closed her eyes and counted to ten and then opened them again. The figure called Mrs. Takeno was still there. "I'm not dreaming, am I?" Sango asked to no one in particular.

But Yuma decided to answer nonetheless. "No, dear, you aren't dreaming."

"Then that makes you… real?" Sango asked trying to piece them together.

"Yes dear."

"Geez, Sango, Why don't you touch her face while you're at it?" Inuyasha bit out.

"Inuyasha, this is Kagome's mother. Her supposedly dead mother."

"Yea, what of it?"

"Inuyasha, don't tease." Yuma scolded.

"It was too good to pass up." Inuyasha laughed while Sango fumed.

"Sango, dear, how have you been since I was gone?" Yuma asked joyfully.

"How have I been?" Sango asked in disbelief. "Where have you been? Do you know what Kagome has been thru? Everyone thought you were dead. We mourn for you. Both Kagome and I. How can you just sit there and ask me how I've been? I've been miserable. And you, Inuyasha, You knew all along and you didn't tell me?" Sango stepped closer to him and his laughter died.

"Sango, I would have told you but I had to keep it a secret. Sesshoumaru told me." Inuyasha quickly explained.

"Sesshoumaru? Sesshoumaru told us she was dead." Sango all but screamed.

"Actually Sesshoumaru told us that he assumed she was dead because he hadn't heard from her." Miroku cut in.

"Who asked you?" Sango yelled.

"Sango calmed down and let me explain." Yuma said from her spot on the couch.

Sango sat down on the love seat across from her. "Explain."

"I was never really dead. I've come pretty close to death actually."

"Ms. Takeno," Sango warned.

"Right. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. Anyway, the car accident was a fluke. It was a trick to get Sota and me out Onigumo's life without Kagome thinking there was something amiss."

"Why did you leave Kagome behind?"

"I couldn't take her or we both would really be dead. She rightfully belongs to Onigumo. Signed contract and all."

"What do you mean Kagome rightfully belongs to him?"

Inuyasha was growing irritated by the amount time it took Sango to grasp the facts. "Sango, open your eyes. Kagome was given to Onigumo by her grandfather before she was born."

"Nani? Why? Why would he do such a thing?"

"To get back at me I'm afraid. My father wanted me to marry Onigumo. I couldn't do that when my heart belong to someone else. He made me tell him who I was seeing. Up until they found out that I was pregnant, they had been torturing Hiroki and I couldn't stand it. Hiroki wouldn't let me interfere. He was murdered within the month. Onigumo somehow found out about Kagome and wanted her instead of me. My father agreed but I couldn't leave her so I married him. The day we were married, I felt like I betrayed Hiroki."

"But why couldn't you take Kagome? They were your children. Why would he let you take Sota and not Kagome?"

"She already answered that!" Inuyasha said impatiently.

"It's okay, Inuyasha. I think Onigumo wanted to make Hiroki pay for what he did. For taking me away from him. He took it out on Kagome. I don't know why I didn't try to take her."

"You didn't even try?" Inuyasha asked; his mouth gaped.

"No, I didn't. He made me chose. I took Sota."

"Kagome was never a daughter to him, was she? There was something that happened between you and Onigumo to make you leave her there." Miroku, who had been quiet this whole time, finally spoke up. "What did he do or say?"

"He- he's been molesting her since before she was six. Kagome was so young at the time she must have forgotten. He stopped before she was seven. He said that if I ever interfered with his plans he was going to kill Sota. He said he didn't care. He had more than enough boys and girls to carry on his legacy. I couldn't just let him kill my son."

"You could have stayed." Miroku suggested.

"I couldn't. I didn't want Kagome to hate me for not helping her. I knew what he was doing to her and I couldn't stop him unless my son would die."

"I thought you wanted to protect Hiroki's memory by staying with Kagome." Inuyasha asked accusingly.

"I did but there comes a time when a mother has to chose between her children."

"Why didn't you ask for the help of Sesshoumaru? You did when you escaped your marriage." Sango asked.

"I couldn't. Sesshoumaru and I hadn't talked since I married Onigumo. He hated me for what I was doing. He said I was stabbing my love in the back by going with his enemy. He wanted nothing to do with me. I was alone. My father had died and my siblings had moved away to America. Sesshoumaru was all I had left and he turned his back on me that day."

"So why didn't he help you with Kagome? If he cared enough about you and the life of your son to get you out of the hands of Onigumo then he would have helped you get Kagome out as well." Miroku commented.

"He couldn't. I wouldn't let him."

"You're just leading us around in circles, Yuma. Why are you doing this? What is so close to the truth that you don't want us knowing?" Miroku stated irritably.

"It is… not so simple to explain."

> > > > > > > > >

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. An hour later, Sesshoumaru paid for the meal with his card and they left. Kagome still didn't want to see her mother and suggested that they rent a room. Sesshoumaru flat out declined that notion.

"I thought you were going to help me. Where else could I go and have to deal with this?"

Sesshoumaru sighed. He seriously thought about taking her to his uncle's house and let them sort it out because he did in his own way help her for the time being. 'Well, paying for a hotel is completely out of the question.' "I can take you to my apartment."

"You have an apartment?" Kagome inquired.

"Yes. Where did you think I stayed?"

"I thought you lived with your aunt and uncle like Inuyasha." Kagome replied.

"That is where Inuyasha lives. I stay there from time to time only when I'm in that area." Sesshoumaru explained a little annoyed.

"Oh." Kagome said as the silence of the car enveloped them again. As it went on ten minutes of silence, Kagome decided to speak again. "Do you know why my mother left me behind?" Kagome asked intently.

"She couldn't take you because she, Sota as well as yourself would have been killed." Sesshoumaru said with indifference.

"Wow, Sesshoumaru, you could put a little more feeling into your lies."

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her accusation. "I have not lied."

"You heard my mom say the same thing when we were still at Onigumo's place." Kagome raised her own disbelieving eyebrow at him. "I know you know something. I just don't know why you're hiding it if you're not hiding anything else. I mean the truth can't be that bad for you to hid it."

'You have no idea.' Sesshoumaru thought sadly. 'The truth is far worse.' "Girl, do not attempt to scare me with your accusations."

"Girl? My name is not 'girl' and sure as hell am not one anymore." Kagome shut her mouth as soon as she said it and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Onigumo made sure of that remember?"

"I must have forgotten." Sesshoumaru said sarcastically and gripped the steering wheel. 'How could I forget? How can anyone forget?'

> > > > > > > > >

"Why is it so hard Yuma?" Miroku asked as he felt the tempers of Inuyasha and Sango flare.

Yuma sniffled. "Because you wouldn't understand. You wouldn't listen to reason."

"Was it that bad?" Inuyasha spoke.

"It was worse."

"How?" Miroku pressed.

"I gave her away."

"You gave who away?"

"Kagome! I gave my baby girl away!" She yelled.

"You lied to Kagome." Sango stated.

"I lied to Kagome. I lied to everyone." Yuma nearly screamed.

"Why did you lie?" Miroku asked.

"To save myself and her. Everything you heard, dismiss it, including everything you heard from me. I'm going to tell you the truth. I had Kagome when I was seventeen. Hiroki was still alive then but we decided to give her up because if my father ever found out we didn't know what he would do. I had been staying with my mother during this time so I hardly ever saw my father and could cover it up easily. When it came time for Kagome to come, it was beautiful. Hiroki was there. My mother was there. Hiroki's sister, Ayuma, was there."

"Excuse me, did you mean Ayuma Asakura?" Miroku wondered.


"That's our teacher!" Inuyasha said wide eye.

"It is? Oh yeah, that's right. She said that she would be teaching at your school. I must have forgotten but yes, that is Kagome's aunt. She came to see us. She wasn't happy with the decision we had made to give Kagome up so she wanted to see her before she went. Everything was going smoothly until my father found out. No one had told him what was happening so I don't know how he found out. Before he could do something about it, Kagome had already been taken to her new family. Sesshoumaru helped us throughout the whole thing. He watched her for a few months before believing that everything was great. He reported to me that she was safe and that was all that I cared about. Until they killed Hiroki when she would be five months. She was one when they killed her adopted parents and kidnapped her.

It was all over the news. I had to go public and say that I would keep her but I didn't want her back. I gave her to my father and he said he would find another home for her. I didn't know that home was Onigumo's. He had paid for her and I had signed the contract again. I was tricked. If I wanted my daughter to be in a foster home, I didn't want it to be with him. I fought with my father. I wanted him to bring her back and put her in another home or an orphanage but he said 'all deals are final'. Kagome was just another deal to him. The things you've heard about Onigumo and me are true. He did rape me but like I said I didn't get pregnant. He raped me when I was fourteen and that is why I was living with my mother. I had been at my father's when he did and didn't want to stay there anymore.

Hiroki and I were friends at the time and he helped me thru that. Anyway, back to Kagome. While she was staying at Onigumo's, I was busy making a deal with him. I would marry him and be Kagome's mother for as long as he needed me to be. I had not planned to get pregnant again and I had half a mind to have an abortion. I was going too but Onigumo found out and told me that if I did he would kill her like he killed her foster parents. I couldn't have that so I had Sota. Kagome had been so happy to have a brother. I wanted to stay detached from my children because I knew in my heart that when it came time to part with them I couldn't. They wouldn't allow me to be that. What power children have and they don't even know it. I grew to love both of them very much.

When Kagome was eleven, he said I had to leave. We argued back and forth and I asked him to let me stay but he wouldn't budge. He said that he didn't want to tied down to a wife, like he was a faithful husband." Yuma scoffed. "I asked him to let me take them with me instead. He said no. I pressed on it and pressed until he said 'You can take one.' I was outraged. I wanted both of my children. I said I wanted Kagome. He told me no. He said I could take Sota or none." Yuma lowered her head. "I wanted my daughter but he wouldn't let me have her because she was Hiroki's daughter. He and Asakura companies were against each other, battling when they had the chance. Onigumo knew there was nothing to gain from hurting Kagome because no one but those who I've mentioned knew about her.

The owner of the company was Hiroki's father and he wanted nothing to do with Hiroki's mother but he paid child support. Hiroki and his mother and sister got by on that. So other than the reason I've mentioned I don't know why he wouldn't let me. I made a plan with Sesshoumaru a couple years later to sneak her out during the night after Onigumo had passed out from drinking. We were caught. A man that worked with Onigumo was waiting for us to come out of the house with Kagome. He made us go back inside and put Kagome down. Onigumo came down grabbed me and took me upstairs. I heard a shot and that's the last time I heard from Sesshoumaru for the next day I got into the car accident with Sota in the backseat." Yuma finished.

Miroku understood now. "That is quite interesting. I'm guessing you didn't want Kagome because Hiroki wasn't there with you?"

"That's right. I couldn't see her because that would be looking into the face of Hiroki himself."

"In the end you wanted Kagome all along." Sango said with tears in her eyes.

"Yes. I wanted them both."

"But Onigumo never wanted you, did he?" Miroku asked.

"No, he did at one point but after he got what he wanted he called me used goods, something that he wanted nothing to do with."

"And now he's done the same to Kagome." Inuyasha commented and Yuma nodded.

"So you see why I hid the truth? If she knew that we had given her away before she had a chance to know us, she would truly hate me."

"If Onigumo didn't want you then why did he kill Hiroki?" Inuyasha questioned.

"Because he was the son of Tsutomu Asakura."

"So he killed him because of his bloodline?" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"Yes. We've told you that there is so much you do not know."

"So he was keeping Kagome to get back someone who doesn't know she exist? That's ridiculous."

"It seems to make sense to Onigumo." Miroku told his friend.

> > > > > > > > >

"What are you planning to do Oni?" A man asked.

"What do you think? I'm going to get my 'daughter' back and then kill her wretched mother."

"We don't know where they've taken her."

"I do. If the great Sesshoumaru is with her, I know exactly where he has her. His apartment." Onigumo smiled evilly and let out a hearty laugh. "They'll be sitting ducks."