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And so…


Chapter 1: Changes

It was a clear, cool night as the two teenagers walked home in silence.

It certainly had been an eventful week.

Save a toy-maker, meet the new guy, date the new guy, go to the Prom with the new guy, save the town, melt your date, save the world, go to the Prom again, but with the right guy this time, dance with him, kiss him…

All in one week?

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable walked along the sidewalk, hand in hand. Neither one of them had talked since they had left the gym.

Kim and Ron had been best friends since pre-school, and had been together through everything, including their world saving missions. An example is the one they had just been through earlier that night. But they had never thought of each other as more than friends…

It all started when the evil Dr. Drakken had sent Shego, his powerful, green assistant, to capture a toy-maker by the name of Mr. Nakasumi. Kim and Ron had stopped him of course, but later, Drakken discovered that Kims dad had come across a huge Scientific breakthrough in Cybertronics. While all of this was developing, the Prom date for Middleton High was quick approaching, which seriously worried Kim because she did not have a date. Just when she thought it was hopeless and was prepared to give up, a supposedly nice... supposedly guy named Ericcame along. He befriended her and asked for to be dates to the Prom. Kim was overjoyed and she quickly accepted. At the same time, Ron was developing new feelings for his longtime friend, but decided not to tell her because it might ruin their friendship. Finally, Drakkens plan was revealed. It was to use Mr. Possibles Cybertronic technology to enchance his mini-diablos, the kiddie meal toys he was selling at the popular Mexican fast-food restaurant; Beuno Nacho. Chains of this restaurant all throughout the world handed out the little devils and when given a command signal they grew into giant monsters. Then proceded to wreak havoc upon the world. Eric turned out to be a Syntho-Drone, one of Drakkens greatest creations, but Rufes; Rons trusted pet naked mole rat bit the it's foot which caused Syntho-goo to pour out, thus melting him. They took out Drakkens worldwide command signal, foiling his evil plans, and Kim, finally realizing who had been there all along, went to the Prom with Ron, where they finally expressed their true feelings for each other.

And so, while they walked, Ron made the first move.

"Um, KP?" He asked, stopping her, and looking deeply into her beautiful emerald eyes.

"Yes, Ron?" She whispered, moving a bit closer, looking back into his large, chocolate brown eyes.

"I… I just wanted to know… If… Uh…" He stammered.


"I… Just wanted to know… If you meant… That kiss." He blushed. "You know, back in the gym."

Kim blinked, and seized her chance.

"Well, if I didn't mean that, which, by the way, I most definitely did, then I certainly meant this." She pressed her lips to his.

Shocked, at first, by her actions, Ron closed his eyes and savored the kiss. When they finally broke, he had a wide grin on his face.

"Better now?" Kim smiled softly.

"Y-Yeah! A lot better!" He said, still grinning.

"Good. Now, we better get home. My dads probably gonna freak."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." He said, finally tearing his eyes off of her, and started to lead her home.

A few minutes later, at Kims doorway, they once again looked into each other eyes.

"Well, Goodnight." He told her reluctantly.


All was silent before he asked her.

"So… Do I get a goodnight kiss or som-"

"Oh, yeah." She cut him off, and pulled him towards her, pressing her lips to his.

Suddenly, the front door burst open, and Kims twin brothers, Jim and Tim Possible, AKA the 'tweebs', bounded out.

"Kimmie and Eric, sitting in a-" They stopped their chanting as they saw their big sister kissing not Eric, but… Ron!

The couple pulled apart and looked at the twins.

"Hey, guys." Ron smiled at them.

"Surprised?" Kim grinned.

"legarlged…" Jim chocked out, as he and his brother slowly backed off the porch into the safety of the indoors.

"Jim? Tim?" A smooth female voice floated from up the stairs. "Was that Kimmie- Oh!"

Mrs. Possible had walked into the room and had found them kissing. "Um, I think I'll… Leave you too… Alone." She winked and walked away, leaving Kim and Ron to their activities. Minutes later, Ron bid farewell and walked down the street towards his house.

Kim bound up the stairs to her room, only to be stopped by her eager mother.


"Don't hide it Kimmie!" Her mom squeaked playfully. "I want all the details! And don't hold back!"

Kim smiled dreamily.

"Not much to say, really.Eric was a Syntho-Drone, he melted in a steaming pile of goo, Drakken lost, Shego lost half of her hair, Ron and I went to the Prom, we danced, we kissed, and then we-"

"Whoa, whoa! You danced?" Her mother asked.


"And kissed?"


"With Ron?"

"Um, if the scene at the doorway didn't give it away, then… Yep."

Mrs. Possible blinked, then let out a loud squeal.

"Oooooh, I knew this would happen someday! Just wait until I tell your father!" She squeaked like a young child, jumping up and down.

"No, mom." Kim smiled. "I wanna tell dad. Where is he, anyway?"

"Oh, he went out to work tonight, but will be back by tomorrow morning. Then you can tell him all about it!" She replied.

"Good. Because I know exactly what I'm going to say to him. Well night, mum." She said, and gave her a peck on the cheek before she retreated to her room.

"Night, Kimmie." Mrs. Possible said.

That night, Kim had a sleep unmatched by any of her others lately, she had finally done it, her and Ron had hooked up!

Ron Stoppable jumped through the door of his house, wearing the biggestgrin on his face imaginable. He walked into the living room, where his parents were sitting watching Television.

"Howdy, all!" He said proudly, startling his mom and dad.

"Ronald!" His father asked. "Where have you been?"

"Oh, ya know, walkin' my date home." He grinned.

"Your date?" Mrs. Stoppable started. "But I thought you went alone-"

"The Ronman? Alone? Nah! In fact, I'm dating the smartest, most beautiful, talented girl in the whole school! Any guesses?" He said, enjoying the moment.

His fathers eyebrows arced. "From that description, I'm guessing… Miss USA?"

"Nope! But close!" His smile grew even wider than it was before. "I'm dating Kim Possible!"

The reaction was instantaneous. His father dropped the T.V. remote, and his mother let out a loud squeal of delight.

"If you need me, Rufes and I will be up stairs talking about the wonderful future. Ta!" He grinned, and took the stairs two at a time, leaving only his stunned parents behind.

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