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There was a great funeral for Drew Lipsky and his daughter, Shego. The guests consisted of Kim, Ron, Momma Lipsky, and Shegos brothers, Hego, Mego, and the twins. The Super-Villians that Drew knew and respected were allowed out of prisin for one day, to go to the Funeral. These people were Duff Killigan, Motor Ed, and Monkey Fist, but for some strange reason, he didn't show up. The rest of the geusts were poeple from Drakkens family, and the President of the United States even came along, to give thanks for Drew and Shegos bravery, sacrifice, and courage for defending the State of Texas, even if they were the ones who had almost blown it up. As for Shegos brothers, well, Ron was right.

They couldn't have been prouder.

After the funeral, when everyone went home, Ron got his early birthday present...

His parents gave him the keys to his first car.

He was overjoyed, but couldn't figure out what to do with his old scooter. After all he had been through with it, he wanted it to have a nice home (Kim found it kind of weird that Ron wanted to give his scooter a home.) And then, he finally came up with a solution.

"I want you to have it, Wade."

"WHAT!" His twelve-year old friend had replied.

"Yep." Ron smiled. "When you get your drivers license, you'll be riding on a cool, sleek, blue scooter."

Wade didn't look at all too happy, so Ron added an afterthought.

"With Rockets."

That brought Wades mood back up.

And speaking of Wade...

The twelve year old genius had his thirteenth birthday over the summer, and soon after, the hormones he had been fighting since the beginning of this whole adventure finally won the battle, but he didn't do what most teenager boys did at that stage...

At least, not often.

Instead, he built a realistic looking robot, that was like a normal girl in every way. There was only one thing...

Kim and Ron both groaned when they saw it for themselves.

Wade called it, 'the Mon-Bot.'

It was programmed to act like Monique, have the same feelings like Monique, and to even look like Monique. Whatever he wanted, she would do it for him, including take out the garbage, get him food, or anything like that.

"Man, I gotta get me one of those!" Ron had exclaimed.

Kim glared at him.

"Heh, of course, I wouldn't take anything over you!" Ron scratched the back of his neck.

Kim nodded in satisfaction as he draped an arm around her.

And as for our two heroes? Well, Kim and Ron finally got to do what they had wanted to do for a long time, and if you still don't understand, lets just say...

The package that Drew had givin to Ron? It went to good use.

In other news, Kim and Ron will be attending Upperton Community College after the summer break. Just like Kim had predicted, she had to stay up all night for the whole week to help Ron study, but in the end, he came through, and now the two will be going to College together. Ironically, the two are getting the same dorm room, and lucky for them, the teachers there apparently don't know that they were in a relationship.

"Ah, well." Ron smiled, as he held his girlfriend tightly. "More fun for us."

So, in the end, lives were saved from a Nuclear explosion, and everything turned out all right. Kim and Ron are still going steady, and they couldn't be happier. As for Drew and Shego...

Karen was waiting for her husband and daughter.


Lord Monkey Fist stared at the Yamanuchi school from a muntain in the distance. He smiled his evil smile, and took off towards it, ready to fufill the Prophecy at hand.

But that...

Is another story.

All done. I'll be taking a break for a week or so, and then I'll start writing my next story. I just wanna say thanks to all my reveiwers over the writing of this story, and I'm about to head off to school, so I don't have time to write your names. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed reading.