I do not own Inuyasha or the story Beauty and the beast. I am merely using them for creative pleasure. And so our story begins……

Once upon a time… in a castle buried deep within a forest there lived a prince. His name was Inuyasha and he was a hanyou. His father had died when he was still a pup and his mother died a few years later. He didn't trust. He grew up believing trust and love was weakness and weakness must be disposed of immediately.

Thus he remained cold and distant. He ignored those around him and if he did talk he was rude and hurtful. Then one day an old beggar woman came to his door. It was dark and cold for it was late at night during a storm. She beseeched him to allow her shelter until the storm was gone. When he asked how would he benefit from helping her she pulled out a jewel. It was no bigger than a large marble and glowed with a soft pink light.

"For you kindness I offer this. It is the last remaining piece I have to remember my family by. It is my one and only possession." She said. Then he did something she did not expect. He laughed. Not a kind gentle come in and warm yourself kind of laugh. No this was a cold harsh laugh. A mocking sound at her dilemma.

After he finished he spoke in a cold voice, "What use do I have for your pathetic marble? I have everything I need right here. Why should I help you? You have nothing of value and you yourself are nothing special. Leave before I force you to." With that he abruptly shut the door in her face.

He had not gotten more than a few steps before there was a nock at the door. He swiftly turned around and opened it. He shouted "I DON'T WANT YOUR STUPID MARBLE OR YOU! I WARNED YOU TO LEAVE BUT SEEING AS YOU DO NOT THINK I'M SERIOUS I WILL HAVE TO FORCE YOU!" He took a step forward and that is as far as he got. His eyes locked with her steely gaze as she began to speak.

"I may be old boy but I am not deaf. I heard you the first time you said it. And its not because I didn't think you where not serious that I did not leave it's the fact that I have nothing to fear from you. You see I am a miko and as you can see a very old one. I have learned many things in my life. Many of which involve the deaths of demons and hanyous as yourself." She smirked a little when she saw the color drain from his face.

"You don't have to fear death but you still have a lot to worry about. Being the kind person I am I have decided to give you another chance. From this moment forward you will be a true youkai. You will act mainly on instinct. Your youkai blood will control most of your actions. You will still maintain your thoughts and will be able to talk to your youkai self. Also the members in the castle will turn into demons too. Each fitting their own personalities. They on the other hand will always be in control.

I now give you this. It is but a small fragment of the jewel you scoffed. Slowly it will become whole. If you can learn to trust and love someone by the time it is completed the curse will be gone and you will revert back to your normal selves. I wish you luck until then." With those final words she left him. The castle remained forgotten by the outside world. This is where our story begins…