Title: I Speak Genre: General Type: K+
Summary: The character whom I loathed more than life itself- Jar Jar gets his say. His innocence kept from saying what he truly felt, and perhaps his childish nativity saved him from the Clone Wars. He speaks of two his most beloved friends- Anakin and Padme Skywalker. Their lives, and inevitable demise.

I Speak..

I speak for all the people, both Gungan and Naboo. I missa yousa.

From that slave boyo, to dasa beautiful queen in training. Mesa love you both.

I speak for all people, that I louva yousa both from the depths of my heart. Even Big Boss Nass says so. Yousa shoulda know that by now.

I speak for all whosa lives you've touched. Yousa JedI, Yousa Senator in your young adult years, mesa bombad happy! Yousa began to fall in love. Mesa wanted your happiness to last radical bombad years to come!

Dis the machenicks came, and ouch time! Disen Chancellor Palpatine- hesa was very bombad news! He hurt little Annie, and hurt Miss Padme! Mesa was never so scared my life! I was very worried. Then the JedI came, Master Ob-ba-wan and Master Yoda. They told me where to be safe. I didn't wanna leave Miss Padme, but it was for the best I think.

Annie and Miss Padme had two bombad children- little Luke and Leia. Dey carry their father's name 'Skywalker' and mesa no know what to think.

Annie & Padme Skywalker

Luke and Leia Skywalker.

Mudda and Father. Son & Daughter. Mesa so bombad happy, and yet... Mesa so sad… dat Luke & Leia will never know their parents. But mesa will watch out for you, until mesa's own death- which won't be for a longo, longo, time!

Jar Jar Binks

Former Nabooian Senator Chief Regent To Her Majesty Former Warrior of Trade Federation Wars..

But yousa forgetting the most important thing…

Best Friend…