"You know, the packaging on Lay's chips implies something," Athrun commented, absentmindedly making a gesture with one hand. Lacus raised her eyebrows.

"Really now?" she asked, skepticism evident in her voice. Athrun nodded, and gestured toward the bag on his table.

"The unspoken implication is quite insulting," Athrun said, glaring at the bag. Lacus hid a smile. "The bag is taunting us. It's saying 'We taste so damn good that you can't resist us! Weak, easily influenced masses!'"

Lacus was amused at her fiance, her soft eyes focused on him. She found these little outbursts cute… if not a little confusing. Athrun, meanwhile, continued rambling.

"God, it's as if humans – Coordinator or Natural – have no willpower! That we absolutely can't NOT have certain things-"

He trailed off as Lacus sidled up to him, mischief in her demeanor. Looking up at Athrun, she spoke. "Well, isn't that true?" she asked the blue haired pilot, as an evil look wound around her face. Athrun looked surprised.

"Uh, well-"

"I mean," Lacus continued, all too aware of Athrun's confused reaction. "there are some things that are too good to simply refuse… right?" she asked, smirking up at her fiance. Athrun blinked – and managed to successfully hide a smile of his own.

"So, she wants to play…"

"Well," Athrun responded, knowing that he had to play this carefully. "I guess. After all, Lay's are crunchy, cheap, a good source of energy, easily obtained…"

As Athrun went on with his list, Lacus went from amused, to confused, to flat out irritated. Her fiance was not usually THIS dense…

"…it makes perfect sense to want more than one, but still-"

He was interrupted by a fed-up Lacus turning around and walking past Athrun to the table behind him. Athrun's eyes followed her, confused. She marched up to the table with conviction, grabbed a chip, and ate it.

Athrun was utterly confused by this point. He did note a surprised expresison on her face, however. He then noticed Lacus heading back toward him, a determined expression on her face. He was going to ask her what she was doing - but things never got that far, as the singer grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in for a sudden kiss.

The kiss had lasted for only a few seconds before Lacus broke away quickly. Athrun, surprised, said nothing. Lacus looked back at the table, then looked back at Athrun. Then the table. Then Athrun again. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

Athrun had to smile at the expression on his fiancee's face. Smiling, he walked over, and pulled her close. Lacus didn't resist, and sighed contentedly as her head lay against his chest.

"So…" Athrun said, trying to make sense of the last few moments. Lacus smiled indulgently at him, before tilting up and kissing him again. She felt her heart leap as she felt the familiar feeling of his arms sliding around her, and sighed against his lips as one hand gently played with her hair.

When they separated, Lacus looked at Athrun with a twinkle in her eye, reaching up to tap him on the nose.

"The bag was right," she told him. "You can't have just one."