whew- this one's been sitting on the shelf for a while now, but I'm finally getting it up. One-shot, of course, since they're cool. I don't own W.i.t.c.h.


Oh wow. Like all the residents in Meridian needed to hear that.

Irma looked up from the bench that she was lying on to see a very wet-looking furious earth guardian stomping towards her from the doors of the Sheffield Institute. Cornelia was about twenty feet away from her, but as she came closer, Irma began mentally weighing her options.

1) See what she wants.

2) Run away.

Irma chose the former. Of course, she already knew what Cornelia was angry about, but she hadn't done all that work to not see Cornelia's reaction. Sneaking into the other girl's locker, filling it with water from the nearby girl's bathroom, then charming it so it stayed in place until the locker was opened certainly was a promising way to spend the afternoon.

Ten feet and counting. Irma sat up and waved. "Hey Corny Why, you're looking a little... damp today!"

She was met with an angry snarl, and she almost laughed out loud as Cornelia finally stopped in front of her, hands clenched into fists and water dripping from her body. Her normally glossy blonde hair was now limp and slightly duller than usual, and her tank top and skirt were drenched all over. Irma couldn't help but notice how her wet clothes clung to every curve of the other girl's body, or how... how sparkly she looked, what with the sun twinkling off her skin and everything.

Her thoughts were interrupted, however, when the taller girl angrily pulled Irma up by her jacket collar. "Irma..." She growled, and Irma could have sworn she felt the ground tremble. "What did you do to my locker?"

Irma raised a hand to her chin and pretended to think about it. "Hmmm... locker... locker... Nope, can't say I recall anything about a locke-- Oh, wait!" She makes her blue eyes go wide. "You mean THAT locker? I didn't know that was yours, Cornelia. Sorry. My bad."

"Your BAD? Is that all you have to say? I'm soaked from head to toe in water with a ice skating lesson in fifteen minutes and all you can say is 'Your BAD'!" Cornelia pulled the other girl closer so their noses were almost touching.

Irma waved her off. "Come on, Corny. It was just a joke."

"Well it WASN'T very FUNNY!"

Uh-oh. The 'Good-natured' approached didn't seem to be working. Better turn on the charm.

Irma reached up and pushed a stray section of wet blonde hair behind Cornelia's ear and put on her most winning smile. "Cornelia... has anyone ever told you're cute when you're angry?"

"AND I DON'T EVER WANT TO CATCH YOU NEAR MY LOCK-- Wh.. what?" Cornelia blinked and stared at Irma, not sure she heard correctly.

Irma's smile grew wider, and before Cornelia could do anything she had placed her hands on Cornelia's shoulders, pressed her body against hers, titled her head upwards, and kissed Cornelia square on the lips.

Cornelia's eyes grew wide. She wanted to do something, wanted to push Irma away, but her brain didn't seem to be working properly at the moment so all she could do was stand there.

Irma pulled away a second later, a satisfied smirk appearing on her face. The front of her shirt was damp from Cornelia's clothes, but she didn't seem to care as she checked her wristwatch.

"Geez, look at the time, Corny. You better get a towel before your ice skating lesson or something. Anyway, I've gotta run. See you later!"

With a quick flutter of her fingers, Irma took off towards the Sheffield Gates, leaving Cornelia staring openmouthed after her.


Irma was sure everyone in all of Metamoor had heard that one, but she didn't really care.