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Run Away Puppy 2: Mollano's Revenge

Chapter One: You And Your Baby

Seto POV

I haven't really been quite myself lately…I can't really explain what it is. I can't concentrate on my work for Kaiba Corp. Usually I get ahead of my work in a span of two hours…but now I can only hope that I get what I need to get done in full days work. Something isn't right and my stomach keeps turning in such a way that I shiver. Not with fear or the touch of the cold air and not with nausea. I wonder if every expecting parent feels like this at first? I was so excited when Joey and I found out that we were going to have a baby, now… I don't know…I mean, I am excited about this baby, this is what I've wanted my whole life but…something isn't sitting right. Maybe it's the jitters, yeah, that's it, I'm just nervous about actually being a parent and having a baby of my own. Yeah I raised Mokuba but he was already three when I began to look after him on my own, but with this baby, I am starting from the beginning. Joey is excited beyond belief, he boasts about the baby as much as he can to all his friends, Tea has stated that she is going to kidnap our child and call it her own; I told her that she would regret such a thing for the rest of her life. Speaking of my beautiful puppy, Joey is now two months pregnant and is glowing with life, though his body is drained of it. He sleeps a lot now a days, one minute he'll be full of energy then the next he's cuddled beneath a blanket fast asleep. It's rather adorable, when he's not drooling of course. I have never seen my pup change so drastically in so little time, he truly is pregnant. Here is that feeling again, it's so hard to explain, I feel insecure and vulnerable…if that is indeed what I am feeling…it's hard to say what I feel when I've never felt it before. I want answers to this indefinable feeling…I guess today at Joey's early pregnancy class I'll get an explanation. Just as I was beginning to slip into my own world again, my cell phone rings. I look at the caller ID and see that my puppy is calling from home. I answer…

End Seto POV

"Hey puppy, what are you doing?"

"I just woke up from a nap, what are you doing?"

"You took another nap?"

"I have been really tired lately Seto, I sit down on the couch and in five minutes I find myself lying down and half asleep, I can't help it."

"Okay pup, I meant nothing by it, you've just slept a lot today. How are you feeling, other than tired?"

"Pretty good I suppose, I was just gonna get up and have a little snack then probably crash in bed again for another hour or so." Seto chuckles at his puppy's forwardness. "Well, do sleep some for me." Joey yawns then smiles, "Why, are you tired?"

"Yeah, just a bit, all this work is making me crazy."

"Well, come home after you're done."

"I can't pup, I have some things I need to get done before we go to class tonight." Seto heard Joey whine, "Is that tonight?"

"Yes puppy, that is tonight, so why don't I let you go so you can get some more sleep before I get home."

"Okay, I'll see you in a couple hours, I love you Seto."

"I love you too pup, bye."


Joey yawned once more before dragging himself out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and stumbled to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. He flipped the switch and stared into the mirror, he wasn't ready to show the public what was happening to him, due to his wild hormones, he knew he wouldn't be able to handle being a pregnant boy with a bunch of pregnant girls. The blonde studied himself in the mirror and thought about how he could make himself look more feminine without overdoing it. Joey opened the medicine cabinet and found a hair tie. He thought for a second then took as much of his hair that he could and tied it back. There were some loose strands in the front but the look wasn't too bad, if he didn't speak tonight at class, he could probably pull the whole woman act off.

Seto stood up from behind his desk and sighed, he picked up his metal brief case and began to make his way to his office door. He exited then closed and locked it behind him. He strode out to the employee parking lot and slipped into his black, 2005 Mustang. He started the engine then got into his brief case and pulled out a couple sheets of printed-paper. He looked them over then drove away to his predetermined destination.

Seto pulled his Mustang into a fairly empty parking lot and parked it. He inhaled sharply while putting on a pair of sunglasses and taking off the trench coat he had bought in New York and tossed it to the passenger seat, leaving him in his black slacks and his sky blue turtleneck. The brunette got out of his car and locked it with his key remote while walking into a store you thought you would never see Seto Kaiba in, 'You And Your Baby'. He walked in quickly then began to look for the things on his printed lists.

Seto POV

Okay, item number one, a crib, that shouldn't be too hard to find. So, feeling confident in myself I begin to search up and down different isles before I find the isle for cribs. Wow, these things have gotten really nice. I can understand why companies would want to make cribs sturdier but fancier? I thought they were used for babies to sleep in…but just as those thoughts cross my mind, I become a hypocrite. Just two cribs down is one made from beautifully crafted oak. I walk up to it and find something even better on that oak crib, it has the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blackland Fire Dragon, Thousand Dragon, and Baby Dragon carved artistically into the headboard. I immediately want to buy it but I promised Joey that I would let his friends help get some stuff for the baby. I don't know why, but I guess they just want to feel like they're part of the baby's life in one-way or another. I guess I could understand that, Joey has already named Yami and Yugi godfathers of the baby. I look at the crib again and smile, boy or girl, that crib will be in my house. I look around at a couple more cribs then leave that isle. Looking down at my list I see that a car seat is next on my list. I find those and find two sets of couples also looking at car seats. Cautiously, I make my around, they look at me funny and wonder why I still have my sunglasses on…I take them off and try to hide my face as best I can. But, my attempt is to no avail.

End Seto POV

"Seto Kaiba, right?" A woman's voice asks behind the found out brunette. He sighs and turns to face the woman. He nods and turns back to the car seat he is currently looking over. "Are you looking for a baby of your own or a friend's?" The voice comes again. 'Oh, what do I say? Joey already expressed he wasn't ready to take the baby news public.' Seto thought to himself.

"Actually, an employee is getting ready to have her baby and she invited me to her baby shower. I am unable to make it so I'll compensate for my absence with a gift for her child." Seto lied. The girl before him was nearly in tears, "You are such a nice guy, Joey is so lucky to have you. Anyway, are you looking for anything in particular?"

"No, I'm just looking right now."

"Oh okay, well my name is Anna, if you need any help don't hesitate to ask." She said excitedly, not believing that the Seto Kaiba was in her store. She smiled at him once more then moved on to the couple that stood not too far from Seto's spot. He sighed and thanked that she was gone. He looked around at the car seats, seeing which ones looked safe enough for his first-born and heir. Once he was done with the cribs; he discovered a car seat decorated in Duel Monsters. The young CEO looked over the seat seeing its features and reading about it its safety record. Seto liked it; he marked on his paper for both the crib and the car seat.

Seto POV

Okay, items one and two down, what next? Ahhh, bottles, we have to have bottles. As I begin to walk away I notice the store lady notice my movement. Not caring, I walk down numerous isles before I find the right one. Bottles, formulas, diapers, the works. I look around at the different type of bottles and find them to generally all to be the same, except for a set that would go great with the crib and car seat, a set of toon monsters bottles; Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Toon Dark Magician Girl, Toon Alligator, Toon Mermaid, and one with Toon World and all the toons on it. Yeah, my kid is going to have an extensive duel monsters collection. How pathetic is that? Before I can answer my rhetorical question my phone rang again, puppy…

End Seto POV

"Hi puppy."

"Seto what are you doing?"

"I'm at the store."

"Buying what?"

"I'm not buying anything."

"What kind of store Seto?"

"What's with the third degree puppy?"

"You're not shopping for the baby are you?"

"No…I'm looking."

"Seto…I thought we discussed this."

"We did, I am not buying anything I swear puppy, I know how you feel."

"Well, okay… when are you gonna be home?"

"Miss your master?"

"I'm lonely, I dropped Mokuba off at a friend's house not too long ago and it's lonely in this big house without anyone else."

"Well, technically you're not alone, you have the baby."


"Okay pup, I'm on my way."

"Okay bye."


Seto pulled into his driveway about a half hour later and felt satisfied with himself, he had done and found everything on his list and found a great way for Joey's friends to find out what their baby needed, which was everything. Seto let himself into the house and called for his puppy. No answer came so he figured the blonde was sleeping. The brunette walked into the TV room and found said puppy sleeping, what the puppy had been watching was a little horrifying to Seto. On his 100 inch plasma TV was a woman giving birth. She sent a blood curdling cry into the air and Seto felt a shiver go down his spine, he was so happy that Joey could not have a natural birth. The brunette sat on the couch in front of his sleeping lover then sent a hand into golden hair.

"Joey…puppy." Seto whispered. The blonde stirred and opened his eyes. "Seto…" Joey whispered softly. Seto leant down and placed a soft kiss on his puppy's lips. "Are you ready?" Seto asked while running his fingers through blonde hair. The brown eyed teen yawned, "As about as ready as I'm gonna be." The young CEO smiled, "Okay, I'm gonna go change really quick then we'll go to this class of yours then I'll treat you to dinner." Joey smiled softly but then whined, "Can't we just come home and eat, I really don't feel like being out anymore than I have to."

"Yeah, I suppose we can eat here. I also have some really cool stuff I wanna share with you." Seto said softly. The blonde nodded and sat up, rubbing his eyes then stretching. "You okay?" Seto asked while watching his lover stumble a bit. Joey smiled at him softly, "Yeah I'm fine just really tired I guess." Seto stood up from the couch and swept passed the blonde to change into some comfy clothes. Joey watched as his lover climbed the stairs then went into the nearest bathroom to pull his hair back.

Seto found himself changing into some loose fitting dark blue jeans and a black loose sweater. He sighed; he couldn't believe that all of this was real. A baby, his baby on the way. It was mind boggling to him. Though he couldn't help but smile about being a Daddy. The young brunette stared at himself for a moment in the mirror of his dresser and didn't notice Joey watching him softly in the doorway.

"What are you thinking Seto?" Joey's voice was soft and gentle not to startle his focused lover. Seto looked over to his puppy to see his normally wacky hair, curiously tied back. "Pup, answer me this, why is your hair in a hair tie?" The blonde felt his cheeks flush and shame wash over his feelings. "Pup?" Joey found the carpet beneath his feet quite interesting. "It's okay to be afraid of the outside world, but to be shameful of how special your gift is…"

"Seto, I…I'm just not ready for anyone to know yet." Joey's voice was full of hurt. The young CEO walked over to his lover and took him into a loving embrace. "I can only imagine what you must be going through and I can I see that you are not ready for the rejection or acceptance of the public eye." The blonde held tightly to his lover and for a moment they stood, locked in each other's arms. "But, you won't be able to hide this much longer, your body will begin to show signs of pregnancy." Joey clung tighter to the brunette that held him, "Seto…just promise me that you'll be by my side guiding me through this. I don't know if I can make this journey alone."

"Shh, you know I'll never leave you, not after all we've been through together. I love you puppy." With Seto's careful words, said brunette placed a tender kiss on his blonde lover's forehead. "Come on, we're gonna be late." Seto said softly while taking one of his pup's hands in his own. The blonde smiled and let himself be pulled along.

Joey stared nervously at the building in front of him; he wasn't so sure he wanted to do this. "Pup, you're going to be alright." The young CEO said with a warm smile on his face. That smile was sure infectious; Joey couldn't help but smile back. Seto leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the blonde's lips. "Come on, you have a strong will, I know you can do this." Seto urged. Joey watched as two couples entered the building called 'Starting From The Beginning.' Seto got out of his vehicle and watched as his puppy trembled as he did the same. The brunette locked the car with his remote then escorted his beloved into the building. Joey looked about nervously even though he and Seto were greeted with warm smiles.

The young brunette found a spot on the floor mats for he and Joey then eased themselves down together. Joey had his head bowed and his body still trembled. "Pup, calm down a little please…"

"Hi there." A soft voice came from above Seto. The brunette looked up but Joey dared not move a single muscle. It was the class director. "Hi." The young brunette said back. "What's wrong with Joey?" The blonde's head shot up, how did she know? "He's a little afraid of the news getting out, he's not ready."

"Oh, I see. Well Joey there is no need for you to be ashamed of what is happening to you."

"How…uh…did you know my name?" The blonde said just above a whisper. "Well, I contacted all of my students and found out everything from Seto, don't worry, nobody else knows. Your secret is safe with me until you are ready. Oh and congratulations." Joey felt a little better and smiled his gratitude. After the director left Joey's fright had come back as easily as it had gone.

"Alright class, it's good to see that everyone on my lists showed up. My name is Sachi and I will be your early pregnancy instructor for now until the end of your first trimester. Afterwards I will be instructing parenting and labor class, hopefully I will see you all there as well, especially my teen parents." Sachi gave her teen students an encouraging smile but Joey never looked up to see it, he still was too afraid. The insecurity of the public knowing about his 'gift', as Seto put it, was just too overwhelming.

"Pup…are you alright?" Seto asked gently in the blonde's ear. "I…I…I'm just not ready for this Seto, I'm not ready for anyone to know what's going on with me." Seto made a quick response to his pup's emotional pain. Seto stood up and looked at the instructor, "Could you please excuse us for a moment?"

"Of course, take as long as you need." With that, Seto pulled the blonde up and out the front door of the building. The brunette turned so that he and Joey stood face to face. "Pup, we need this class…"

"Seto, don't. I know I need this class but what I don't need is your paparazzi friends chasing me all over Domino and religious people coming to our front door and condemning our baby to hell. I'm not ready to be rejected." Joey had lost it by this time and broke down in Seto's arms. The young CEO took his blonde lover into a careful embrace and held him tightly. "Ssssh, everything is going to be okay, even if all that does happen you know I'll be right there by your side protecting you and our unborn baby. But…you already knew that didn't you?" Joey looked up to Seto's face with tearful eyes.

"Oh pup, don't cry." Seto cooed softly while wiping stray tears from the blonde's face. "Seto…" was all Joey could say before the brunette placed his lips on his in a tender chaste kiss. They pulled away after a few moments and Seto leaned his forehead against Joey's. "Thank you Seto."

The brunette smiled, "Come on, we have a baby to learn about." Seto said while gently pulling Joey back into the building and into their classroom. As they entered the room, the instructor had the other couples busy and greeted the CEO and his puppy.

"I have a feeling that a public class may not work for Joey right now, so I want to volunteer to come to your home and teach you both what I know there. It will be that much more comfortable for Joey and it'll also prevent any birth difficulties due to stress." Sachi explained while smiling warmly. "Are you sure you're willing to do this?" Seto asked. Sachi nodded her head, "Most definitely, I want to see that Joey gives birth to a strong, healthy baby." Seto nodded in agreement, "That would be great if you did that." Sachi smiled, "Then it's settled, I'll come out Tuesdays and Saturdays." Seto smiled and gave his thanks, as did Joey. The couple went to leave when the instructor stopped them. "Wait, Joey, I want you to have this book." The blonde turned and found Sachi holding out a book called Baby 101.

"What's this for?" Joey asked while taking the book. "I want you to read up on what's going to happen to your body and your baby during your pregnancy, it even has useful information about how fast your baby will learn after it is born, I think you'll find some helpful things in there." Joey smiled and nodded, "Thank you."

"No problem sweetie, I'll see you guys Tuesday." With that Sachi left the couple and went back to her class.

After a home cooked meal, thanks to Seto, said brunette sat his computer in his office and worked on a surprise for Joey.

Seto POV


Question 1: Parents: Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler

Question 2: Baby's Due Date: March 20, 2006

Question 3: Baby's Name: Kaiba (note: Joey and Kaiba don't know the gender yet, the CEO's last name will suffice)

Hopefully Joey will love what I have done, once I get all the things on my lists posted, all of his friends will know what to get for the baby, I just hope he doesn't kill me for buying the crib and car seat. I know I promised…but I couldn't help it. It's not like I bought everything, there are still many things our baby needs, just enough for each of the pup's friends to have a gift of their own. All right, here I go:

Baby Wish List

Item 1: Toon Monsters Bottle Set

Item 2: Johansson Company Stroller

Item 3: Baby Red-Eyes Black Dragon flees blanket

Item 4: Bottle Warmer

Item 5: Legendary Dragons Crib bedding

Item 6: Bibs

Item 7: Baby Clothes

Item 8: Pacifiers

Item 9: Finding Nemo (I had to, I love that movie)

Item 10: High Chair

Item 11: Baby Dragons Mobile

Item12: Baby Monitors

Item 13: Swing

Item 14: Baby chair bouncer

Item 15: Changing Table

Wow, I guess I underestimated how much we needed for this baby. I know it'll need more but I can't think of much else, maybe I should do some research tomorrow and see what things are a necessity to have for an infant. I have the basic idea but this is a whole new adventure for me. All right, now to show the puppy and admit to my buying of the crib and car seat.

Seto removed his reading glasses and stretched before heading to the bedroom to retrieve his golden lover. "Hey, pup I've got something to show you." As the brunette walked into the room he found his puppy…fast asleep of course, Seto smiled softly to himself and chuckled. He walked over to the bed and sat down beside the slumbering body. He ran his fingers through Joey's silken, gold hair and watched as the teen beside him shifted and unwilling opened his tired, amber eyes.

"Hey pup, I have something to show you." Seto whispered. Joey whined, "Can't this wait until morning? I'm really, really, really tired." Seto chuckled and kissed his lover's cheek, "Joey, you're always tired." The blonde was taken aback, "New flash Seto, being pregnant isn't easy." The brunette smiled and nudged Joey's neck, "Come on, come see what I did, you'll be so proud of me." The blonde puppy whined again but complied to see what Seto had done.

The young CEO offered Joey his chair at his desk and the blonde teen made no argument otherwise. "Alright, go to favorites and click on 'You And Your Baby'." Joey did as he was told and waited for his next set of instructions. "Okay now that you're on the store homepage, move your mouse to the left on the screen and click the link that says registered babies." Seto explained. Again, Joey followed the brunette's orders. "Now what?" Said puppy asked. "Now click on the letter 'K'." The pup did as asked and when the screen loaded, Joey nearly fell out of his chair. There before him, on a baby store website was a listing of his unborn child and all the items that he or she needed.

"Wow Seto, this is great!" Joey said while scrolling through the items that Seto had placed on the baby's wish list. The brunette felt accomplished and was proud of his work. "But…I thought I told you I didn't want this news out yet." Joey whined. Seto felt his pride shatter, "Pup, please, all I was trying to do was make things easier on your friends to figure out what they should buy for the baby." Seto's voice had a hint of frustration in it. "I know that your intentions were good Seto but…"

"Joey, the store can't just give out information about unborn babies, the information is strictly for this website only. Oh and news flash, there are more Kaibas and Wheelers in the world. Don't worry, this is temporary and once all the things on the list are checked off by your friends the register will close down the account and congratulate us on our baby." Seto explained. Joey sat there for a moment then a bright smile grew across his face. "You amaze me sometimes Seto, I can't believe I'm the one pregnant and you're the one who knows everything that I should know. Are you excited for this baby or are you excited?" The blue-eyed teen allowed a cute pink blush grow on his face. Joey smiled softly then kissed the tip of Seto's nose. "You are too cute. Oh and about the list, you're missing Car Seat and Crib." The brunette felt relieved that his lover was okay with the website thing but he would have to face up to the pup that he had given in and bought the crib and car seat.

Seto chuckled nervously and rubbed his neck, "Yeah…about the crib and car seat…I…uhhh…" Joey looked sternly at his lover, "Please tell me you didn't." The brunette stood up and motioned for the blonde to do the same. Joey followed the brunette into the nursery and watched as a crib and car seat were illuminated in the light as Seto flipped the switch. Joey took in the beautiful sight of the baby's crib. He walked over to it and laughed lightly when he saw the decorations on the headboard. He let his fingers grace the carvings then turned to see the car seat, duel monsters. Joey laughed again. Despite what the blonde had told his lover, he was grateful that Seto had bought those things. Joey walked back over to Seto and kissed him.

In a moment or so they pulled away and gazed at each other. "Thank you Seto." The brunette nodded. Joey gave the crib on last glance then turned the light off and head back into the bedroom to go back to sleep and Seto followed. After the brunette changed into his nightclothes, he and Joey crawled into bed and huddled together. Seto kissed his puppy's forehead then closed his eyes to get some well-earned sleep.

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