Title: The Innocence Of Guilt

Author: ENSIGN

Chapter 00 – Azkaban


Summary: Harry Potter has been sentenced to Azkaban Prison Harry Potter died in Azkaban prison. However Harry Potter never went to Azkaban Prison. Why is he still roaming the Wizarding World very much alive, well and innocent to boot?


Disclaimer: Me no own. You no sue. I stay happy. You should too.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Ten: Courtroom 5

Harry struggled against the vice grip of his captors as they dragged him from the court room.

"LET ME GO!!! I'M INNOCENT!!! I DIDN'T DO IT!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! I'M INNOCENT!!!" Harry screamed as he trashed. However his words landed on deaf ears as the two Aurors dragged him out of the courtroom through a side entrance, and down the hall.

"Hold still you… Oomph!" The Auror prepared to land a savage blow to silence his captive only to feel a sharp dizzying pain to his skull. Harry's manacled hands had managed to swing his chain directly into his captor's face.

As the large man doubled over in pain, his head clutched in his hands, Harry saw his chance.

"What the?" The other Auror spoke in surprise as he stared at his downed partner. "Argh!" The man cried out mostly in surprise rather than pain, Harry had delivered a sharp kick to his shin. The next thing he saw was the metallic glint of chain links as they came smashing into his face. Just like his partner before him, he doubled over. Gritting his teeth in pain, but determined he push himself straight only to be brought down again by a well place foot in his neither regions. In a silent scream the Auror's eyes rolled back in a dead faint.

Once again, bringing the chains of his manacles down upon the back of the first Auror's head, Harry watched in mild satisfaction as the man crumpled downwards, unmoving.

'Funny how the smaller one put up more of a fight.' Harry mused.

Crouching over both the men, Harry checked they were still breathing. Sighing in relief, he proceeded to relieve them of their wands. His tactics may be a bit underhanded and brutal, but he certainly wasn't a killer.

Finding two wands on the first guy and one more on the other, Harry tried them out with a simple Lumos charm. Both wands from the first Auror worked alright as the beam of light emitted from the wand's tip. Whilst not as good as his phoenix feather wand from Olivander's, it would suffice. He wasn't in a situation where he could have pulled a Malfoy and demanded what he wanted. The third wand, when tried, didn't light up, instead it just gave out a few sparks.

'Incompatible.' Harry gritted his teeth. Deeming the wand useless to him and not wanting to leave his opponent a weapon, he snapped the wand cleanly in two. The Boy-Who-Lived watched in slight fascination as sparks shot out briefly from the unicorn's hair now protruding from the wand's core.

Tossing the remnants of the weapon down at the Auror, Harry accessed the situation that he was in. He was alone, everyone was against him, currently standing with two downed Aurors in a long corridor in the Ministry Of Magic. He had on his person, two wands and … and… his glasses. Oh, and his hands were still manacled as well.

'Not much really, most of my stuffs at Hogwarts.' Harry grimly thought. 'Worse comes to worse, I could use fat and skinny here as human shields.'

There were two doors on either end of the corridor. One led back to the courtroom, the other, he had no idea.

'So what to choose… decisions… decision…' Returning to the courtroom would be suicide, previously during his trial, there had been numerous witches and wizards present, not to mention the eight Aurors positioned around the room. 'Well six now.' Harry glanced down.

The large Auror was coming around slowly. Sighing, Harry bent a knee and delivered the first Auror his partner's similar treatment. The man tensed up, his eyes and mouth shot open in a silent scream before fainting.

Dumbledore and his friends wouldn't be in the courtroom, so he wouldn't run into them. Fucker Fudge had barred them from attending. Even if they were there, he had nothing against them. They believe in him, not to mention he was with them when the crime was committed. It was so far the only thing keeping him going.

'That and probably the largest dose of adrenaline ever.' Harry thought as he felt his heart pounding in his chest.

Dumbledore, who was the head of the Wizengamot, wasn't in attendance as his "position as Harry Potter's Headmaster and mentor would affect his judgment". Fudge had put it. His friends were of close relations to a suspected criminal and thus weren't allowed to attend.

'Bullshit!' Even Lucius Malfoy had Narcissa's presence at his trial. Fudge just didn't want witnesses contradicting his accusations of the Boy-Who-Lived. The bastard didn't even permit the use of Veritaserum when requested by the accused and some Wizengamot members, said it was too expensive and rare to be used in so trivial a criminal case.

Apparently there had been a battle at Hogsmead and he, himself had been see collaborating with the Death Eaters in the cursing and hexing of the townspeople with one or two Unforgivables. Haven't they ever heard of Polyjuice potion, and they call themselves Wizarding folk.

So the question now was, should he return to the courtroom and battle his was out of the Ministry? The good point was that he would be on somewhat familiar ground and he had an idea of what he was up against, that and most of the occupants could have left already. However, the room could still be filled as it would be after a trial of the Boy-Who-Lived, no Boy-Who-Killed would probably be his new title after the Prophet got wind of this story, not to also mention the fact that he was one guy up against the whole ministry.

'Good odds. They probably need backup.' Harry thought sarcastically.

The door down the hall was an unknown factor. One, whoever or whatever was behind that door was expecting him, however he would have the element of surprise. The Auror's no doubt, there had to be at least one, where expecting a nicely trussed up Harry Potter instead of a two wand armed Boy-Who-Lived. Two, he wouldn't know what was the next room's layout and where it would lead him. That and he better think fast as the courtroom as no doubt expecting the Aurors back.

Coming to his decision on choosing the lesser of two evils, Harry went down the hallway. Reaching the door, Harry examined it. Simple door handle, no locking charm, maple wood, easy to break down despite one strengthening charm. 'Gung ho, it would be then.' He concluded as he raised his wand.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Ten: Prisoner Transit Room

Auror Smith Nickleson sat at the four sided table in the Ministry-Azkaban Portkey Room. His two other friends on either side of him. All three of the Aurors were currently engaged in a contest of wills, a battle of minds, a challenge of wits and a war of confidence. What else would Aurors do while off duty in the Ministry-Azkaban Portkey Room other than play poker.

Currently Jefferey Steen had gone out to get them all a drink. As Smith waited for the commonly slow Junior Auror he glanced at his teammate's faces. They all had the same look on their faces, they were all resisting the urge to take a peak at Jefferey's face down hand. Currently the pot was sitting at a good 120 Galleons. Enough to make any Auror a very happy man for the next two weeks.

Once again Smith glanced towards the clock at the far end of the wall. One more minute before Jeffrey's time was up. The idiot had already been gone nine minutes, one more and his hand would be negated. The auror on his right once again looked at his hand a frown upon his face, was it the truth or a clever fake, Smith didn't really care as the minute hand on the clock signaled Jefferey's time up.

"Finally!" The guy to his left said impatiently. "Lets get this over with. Two pair." He said showing in his hand two pairs of kings and jacks.

"Ha! Three of a kind!" The other opening three eights.

Auror Smith couldn't believe it. This was his lucky day. "HA! COME ON!!! FULL HOUSE!!!" Unfortunately Auror Smith's good day wasn't going to last. As of that moment the door to their room exploded inwards, a large portion of it impacting upon his head.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Ten: Prisoner Transit Room

"Stupefy." Harry muttered pointing one wand at a different Auror. The one to his left wasn't fast enough and was thrown across the room from the sheer amount of power Harry forced through the wand to get it to work.

'Alright, less power the next time.' Harry made a mental note as he saw the last conscious Auror roll out of the way.

"Captivitus!" The Auror pointed his wand over an overturned table in which he had taken cover.

"Protego." Harry whispered lazily putting up a shield whilst standing out in the open.

The Auror obviously a green cadet assumed he had hit Harry as he hadn't heard a spell. Sticking his head over the table a round black circle filled his vision.

"Stupefy." Harry rolled his eyes watching as the Auror's head fell against his wand tip.

"Idiots. Then again I didn't really expect much when Fudge's in control of the Ministry." Harry sighed as he looked around the room, taking in the table of cards, he snorted. 'Laid back too from the looks of it.'

Bending down to retrieve the Auror's wands Harry felt a funny feeling in the back of his head. It wasn't Voldemort. It was the funny feeling that he had forgotten something. Something important.


"Ah! Bugger!" He swore as he shot up only to hear a shaky voice shout out, "STUPEFY!!!"

Harry's thoughts as he felt his strength leave him and the weakness set in was, 'Four hands, four players. Missed one.'


Location Unknown


A surge of energy shocked him from the darkness. The feeling was something similar to waking up on Christmas morning. That weird feeling waking up with too much energy despite not getting enough sleep the night before.

That feeling didn't last, the rust of energy soon ebbed away leaving him slightly exhausted, a side effect of the Enervate Charm. It caused a built up of strength in a person but left them slightly drained after the initial rush.

"You sure you did that charm right?" A voice was heard above him.

Harry did the smart thing, lie still and feign unconsciousness. It had been drilled into him since the start of his sixth year. The Order had finally seen reason to train him in extra defense, instead of leaving him to fend for himself like the last four years.

Since he was somewhat retired and still owed his old friend Dumbledore a favor, Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody had taken up the once again available and cursed position of Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor. This of course meant that he was Harry's new personal instructor. Once Harry had gotten to actually know the battle scared Auror, he had found the man was not as paranoid as everyone thought. He was much worse.

The poor man lived a life of constant assumed danger, believing that there was always someone constantly out to get him. Not much different from his own situation, he at least knew that there was a power crazy megalomaniac and his jerked up band of dumb assed circus troops who were out for his blood.

Of course Mad Eye didn't seem to mind his "unique" lifestyle. For all it seemed the retired Auror actually looked like he enjoyed it. The man always seemed to be itching for a duel, probably still living in his glorious days as the Ministry's top Auror. Not that Harry minded of course, but every once in a while the one eyed man did go some what overboard.

"Definitely. You saw me perform it." Another voice, deeper and somewhat muffled was heard next.

From the sound of it they were probably Aurors, two of them. Harry quickly reevaluated his situation. He did know where he was, he was lying face up before two Aurors with their wands drawn. They would have definitely relieved him of his previously acquired wands.

'What to do? What to do?" They would soon notice his act. Making a logical guess, Harry assumed he was now either in the Ministry or at Azkaban. Judging from the lack of light shining through his eye lids and the slight cold, he opted for the latter.

Escape from the inescapable prison would definitely prove to be a bit of a hassle. Human guards were positioned around the prison, last he had heard, not to mention the presence of the Dementors. Fucker Fudge had somehow convinced them to return to the Ministry's side. Probably been offering them the souls of any recently captured low ranked Death Eaters, like those that were mysteriously capture and never tried a few weeks ago.

'Bullshit.' Had been Harry's thoughts the moment he heard that particular piece about the return of the soul sucking bitches. Voldemort probably wanted his allies in a position where they could once again release his followers easily.

He didn't care what the bumbling buffoon of the Minister said. He had been proven true once again, when Voldie's top ranked Death Eaters he and his friends captured in the Department Of Mysteries months ago, had escaped four weeks after the Dementors were reinstated to the island fortress. Fudge of course blatantly ignored such a large breakout and reassured the public that the Dementors were truly on their side.

"Funny. He's still stunned. Do it again." The first guy was heard as Harry felt a boot prod his right side.

Not wanting another Enervate Charm, as its side effects would probably knock him out. His eyes snapped open and Harry found himself staring up at two men, dressed in dark blue robes. Both had their hoods up, the only indication of their surprise were the widening of their eyes. Snapping into action, Harry took a firm grip of the man's foot and gave a sharp tug. Rolling over on his left, he dragged the man further down. Releasing his hold on the ankle and propping himself up with his left elbow pointed skywards. In a push up position, he was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath followed by a high pitched silent scream.

During his training with his instructor, Harry quickly learnt that in battle, one does not win by the casting of spells alone, fast speed, creativeness, luck and a fair bit of foul play always helped. That and he noticed most law enforcement and Death Eater personnel were male in gender. Thus providing him with his favorite point of attack.

Pushing himself up with his hands, he lifted the front of his body first, tipping the man off him. Snapping his legs forwards into a crouched position, Harry held his hand out to receive the man's wand as he dropped it in favor of nursing his gonads.

Not knowing whether the wand was compatible of not, He pushed as much power into the spell. "Expelliarmus." The spell hit dead center on the man's chest, effectively blowing him off his feet and into the wall behind him. A dull thud indicated the man had bashed his head, the body crumpled to the floor motionless.

"Stupefy." A stunner to the groaning man, and Harry summoned the second wand. Testing it, he scowled in disgust, it wasn't very compatible but it would work. Pocketing it against his usual habit of snapping, he had the weird feeling that he would need it later. Harry looked around finally taking note of his surroundings.

"What the hell?" Was the first thought through his mind.

He was standing in the middle of an extremely familiar round room. Completely painted in black and lit by blue flame torches, the circular room was ringed with doors, each spaced apart in perfect similarity.

Harry knew at once where he was with one look at the black unmarked doors, the blue flame torches and circular design. He was smack dead center in the middle of the Ministry, at its lowest level, and most secure area, the Department Of Mysteries.

Images of a dark sinister stone archway raised upon a great stone dais. A simple tattered curtain hung from it, fluttering softly in the still air, blown by an unknown wind.

The Veil Of Death. The Death Arc. The Netherworld Portal. Sirius.

'No! Sirius is dead. Get over him. He died an honorable death. He's someplace better now. Period.' He squashed down the memories of his disastrous fifth year.

Snapping back to the present he approached one of the doors. He yanked on it, locked. "Alohomora." He whispered, wand pointed at the handle. He didn't expect it to work, and it didn't. Using the flame curse Hermione used the last time they were here, he marked the door with a fiery red cross.

To his disgust and frustration, all of the doors were locked, not that he really expected them to be open. Contrary to his last excursion to this place, most of the doors had been open and no guards were present. The reason for this was due to the Death Eaters disabling most of the wards and neutralizing the sentries before hand, or so Dumbledore had said.

Another thing the Headmaster had told him was that the doors would only allow you entrance if your rank was sufficient. All you needed on you was a magically enchanted security card keyed in to your magical signature. The reason for the rotating room was to continuously shift the location of the department rooms. This was to prevent people knowing the exact coordinates should an invasion by Apparation or Portkey occur, despite the Anti Apparation and Portkey wards in place.

Frustrated he began to pace the room. Why was he here, and not being held in a Ministry holding cell or being carted off to Azkaban? Harry was slightly confused. What could the Department Of Mysteries want with him?

A sudden realization came over him. The only reason he was here would be that they were planning to execute him. One push was all it took, straight into the veil.

He had to hand it to Fudge, the idiot had really out done himself this time. Executing your political enemy off, no body, and no evidence, perfect.

A small part of him accepted this idea, he would finally be able to rejoin his parents and Sirius beyond the veil, another wanted so badly to show Fudge up by escaping and giving the bastard a swift kick in the nuts.

He never got to complete that thought as a small click was heard to his left. Harry spun, a door was opening.

"Oi! Are the two of you done yet?" The Dragon… What the…" The newcomer also what Harry assumed was an Unspeakable went down to a stunner.

A jet of red light shot out from the doorway at Harry. A small shield charm and Harry returned fire. Five more simultaneous bolts of red flew at him. The man obviously had others with him. Harry's guess was five in all, judging from the number of spells being cast, unless one of them possessed multiple wands or they were all just really fast casters.

A small thought passed Harry as he fought back. Four men had emerged from the doorway, one wielding dual wands. All the spells the men had fired at him were mostly below sixth year and mainly harmless. They weren't trying to kill or harm him permanently, only disable and restrain.

'If that's the case. Bring it on.' Harry stepped up his attack and switched to a much more reckless offensive style. Powerful, destructive and downright lethal spells flew from the stolen wand. Each spell so overcharged they left hairs standing in their passing.

During the duel, the door had shut itself and the room's revolving had begun. Both the blurring of the background and the loud rumbling only served to add more confusion and chaos to the duel. Harry welcomed this, he had discovered that chaotic situations had the reverse affect of sharpening his senses and increasing his awareness. Adrenaline was a good thing when used right.

Five minutes into the duel and Harry had to hand it to them. The four of them were good, not that he wasn't shabby either, and it was four on one. He of course had the handicap of using lethal spell and them useless tickling hexes. All four of them had been casting their spells silently so apart from the strongest shield spell he knew, Harry didn't want to get anywhere near a spell he couldn't identify from the wand movements.

Side stepping two jets of light, Harry shot a stunner off to a man's right. Predictably he sidestepped into it, his momentum carrying his stunned body into his partners. In a few seconds two men were out cold. One of his other partners tried to help by enervating them, it was countered by another stunner, a body bind, a rope bind, a silencing spell and a localized shield charm.

Harry did all this with his back turned with only his shield and constant sidestepping to protect him.

"Raven five, get backup." The man equipped with dual wands shouted as the room stopped spinning.

The man, Raven five called out. "Raven Five, Tactical Operations." A door swung open and he ran for it.

Harry fired a stunner at the man's back hoping to take him out. What he didn't expect was for the other man to jump into the path of the curse willingly taking it. Harry let out a string of swear words as he saw the door swing shut.

'Back at square one. Stuck in a wildly spinning circular room with no exit.' He thought glumly.

Immediately the room began revolving again. Harry summoned all the wands to him. Panting and catching his breath as he tried out each wand, he racked his brain for what to do in his situation now. Any idiot would know that he was screwed, when the wall ceased spinning, the entire Department Of Mysteries would probably flood into the room.

No change hoping that they would send a small four men team again. Come on, not to sound arrogant or anything, but he was the Boy-Who-Kicked-Snake-Face's-Ass-On-An-Annual-Basis. They were definitely coming in with everything they had.

And his day kept on getting better. Only one of the new wands was compatible. 'Perfect. Absolutely perfect.' At least he still had two somewhat compatible and one partially working wand.

Snapping all the other wands, he stood in the middle of the room and cast the strongest shield charm he knew. He poured all of his power into it, the wand not being his own, resisted slightly. Soon with two smoking wands in both hands, The-Boy-Who-Lived was enveloped in a powerful visible glistening white sphere.

'If I'm going down. Let it be so.' Pointing each wand in one direction, he pooled as much power as possible and waited. The room slowly slowed down, the flames on the torches regaining their vertical shape.

With a final clank the rumbling halted, the room stilled. Switching his eyes left and right, hands griping the wands tighter he waited. For a few seconds there was silence. The torch's flickering flame casting unique shadows upon the walls.

Suddenly a door banged open, and another, and another. Multiple clicks were heard as doors opened and Unspeakables swarmed the main entrance. A smile crept up on his face, 'So be it.' Harry forced the magic through his arm.


Twin pillars of power rocketed from the wands. Harry right hand lost hold of his wand from the recoil, whereas his left bled from splinters when the wand shattered.

"DUCK!!!" A voice shouted, but it was too late.

Two simultaneous explosions ripped through the room sending debris and men flying in all directions. Harry noted with some relief that all of them had shields in place. While they wouldn't be fatally injured they sure as hell wouldn't be waking up in a few days.

Cradling his left hand, Harry glared through his glasses at the remaining conscious Unspeakables. All had their wands directed at him, wisely ignoring the moans and groans of their comrades. He noted with slight satisfaction that a few of them were wavering from fear.

Harry wouldn't blame them the sheer power he was now emitting from his shield was considerable, Moody would be so proud.

"Lower your shield and surrender." A man pushed his way to the front. He was definitely the leader.

"Infligo!" Harry shouted as he dropped his left hand to reveal his previously hidden wand. 'When all else fail, take out the leader.' The bludgeoning spell connected with the man's head causing it to snap back into the person behind him. At the same time multiple streams of stunners flew at him.

Incredibly strong assed shield or not, it sure as hell wasn't going to stop fifty stunners at once. The shield caved in under the relentless barrage and Harry knew no more.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries


Harry awoke to find himself thoroughly bound by the thickest ropes to a small wooden chair. Both hands securely tied to the chairs back, each foot to a respective leg.

"Good afternoon Mr. Potter." A voice said before him.

Lifting his head he stared into the eyes of a hooded blue cloaked man sitting behind a work desk before him. Twisting his neck sharply, Harry noted he was in some sort of office. A magical window lay behind the man, giving a nice view of a park.

The man himself sat hunched forwards, his elbows on the desk and fingers entwined to support his resting head. A bright red Unspeakable identity card with black letters could be seen pinned to his left breast robe pocket.


Level Nine Clearance

So this was Dragon. One of the men mentioned him earlier. That was before he knocked him out. 'Level nine?' Harry quirked an eyebrow. 'Pretty high ranked too.' Something Harry picked up throughout his last sixteen years was that he despised most authoritative figures, especially Ministry ones.

"Or maybe I should say evening." Harry could make out a smile. "It may not look it but it's currently midnight." The man tilted his head, gesturing towards the window behind him.

Harry grunted.

"Not one for many words are you Mr. Potter." The man leaned back and reached into his drawers to retrieve a dull yellow folder. "Never mind, I don't mind. Hmmm… let's see." He mused as he thumbed through the pile of paper within it. "Name, Harry James Potter. Born 1980 to James Tiberius Potter and Lily Rose Evans Potter. Parents murdered when at fifteen months of age. Sent to Muggle guardians until 1990. Currently attending Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Spends Summers at Muggle Guardian's house, remains at school over all holidays except last Christmas?" The man looked up. Seeing no reaction he continued.

"Best friends with Ronald Regienald Weasley…" Harry quirked an eyebrow at his best friend's name. No wonder he never told him. "And Hermione Anne Samantha Harriet Gwendolyn Geneieve (Ge-Nie-Ve) Granger." Harry goggled at his other friend's name.

'Damn. Fuck me.' Apparently Dragon had the same thoughts, as he was staring at the file in surprise.

"Spends last four weeks of Summer holidays usually at The Burrow. Owned by Molly Sabrina Prewett Weasley and Arthur Montgomery Weasley. Godfather, Sirius Orion Black, sentence to Azkaban for betrayal of the Potters and murder of thirteen Muggles and Peter William Pettigrew."

Harry immediately felt his anger bubbling. "SIRIUS WAS INNOCENT!!!" He roared back.

The man's eyes snapped back up to lay on Harry, a small smile could be seen forming on his face. "There, that wasn't so hard now, was it? All you needed was a little push."

Harry's eyes narrowed when he realized he had been manipulated into speaking. He bit his tongue and pursed his lips to a thin line.

"Alas, back to square one." The man shifted slightly in his seat. Harry caught a slight silvery glimmer within the man's robe. "Jumping on ahead." The Unspeakable flipped a few more pages forwards, his body straightening up slightly. Harry caught what the silvery substance was. The man had an extremely long beard, it was mostly tucked within his robes.

"Ah here we are. Harry James Potter, accused for working in league with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, a.k.a, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Found guilty under suspicious circumstances and sentenced to life in Azkaban prison. Possessions and vault retained by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Wand destroyed."

Harry sagged slightly when he heard the last sentence. His wand, his only means of equaling Voldemort was destroyed.

The man gave him a slight sympathetic look as he closed the folder, as if saying he knew what was happening. Harry frowned and tried his best to reinforce his Occlumency shields. No matter how hard Moody had tried, Harry still had some problems grasping the concept of Occlumency.

"Harry you arrived at Azkaban prison a day before yesterday afternoon where you spent one night. You were discovered the next morning by prison guards. You died from your adverse reaction to the Dementors. Fudge was thoroughly investigated for corruption and tempering with crime scene evidence. He was found guilty together with his Senior Undersecretary Dolores Jane Umbridge. Both were sentence to Azkaban for life. Your case was reopened and you were found innocent. You were awarded the Order Of Merlin First Class Three times." The man said somewhat amused.

Harry was now staring at the man confused. He just heard he was dead. Yet here he was sitting, a bit tied up, but alive and well. Also wasn't he on his way to Azkaban earlier that day? Unless…

"You were kept unconscious for the last two days Mr. Potter. We didn't want to risk you escaping yet. You seem to be very resourceful when it comes to those situations."

"How? Why?" Harry choked out.

"Because Mr. Potter, we want to help you. We're on your side in this war. Not Dumbledore's Order, not the Ministry, but yours." The man reached into his robes and fished out a small red card with black letters.

Griffin 06

Level One Clearance

"Welcome to the Unspeakables Mr. Harry James Potter." The man said as he released Harry's bonds with a very familiar wand.

Eleven inches Holly, nice and supple.

"That's my wand."

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