Title: The Innocence Of Guilt

Author: ENSIGN

Chapter 14 – Lucky Number Seven

Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries – Tactical Operations

"So you have the necessary…" Harry trailed off as he thought up the correct words to identify the small pile of objects being carried by the Vampire Princess. "Stuff." He finished weakly.

The Vampire simply pulled a large volumetric flask of blood out from her carrier bag and inspected it. She popped the cock off the top and took an analytical sniff of the liquid substance. Shaking the fluid slightly, she determined the viscosity and freshness of the blood.

She gave a sigh of satisfaction as a blissful look settle upon her face. "Type AB RhD negative, just about as rare as it gets, healthy donor too."

Harry rolled his eyes at the Vampire's antics. He really didn't want to know where nor how she had acquired the blood. The girl had disappeared out into the London city for a brief moment before returning with her… donation.

"Still in excellent condition, I recommend we make haste, before it congeals." She placed the flask down on a nearby table before retrieving a small paint brush.

Harry shrugged nonchalantly, scrying was most definitely not within his repertoire of skills and the Vampiric versions were most definitely out of the question. Best that he left it to the experts.

Ignoring the slightly disturbing gleam in the other being's eyes he turned his attention to the map of the British Isles that his team had commandeered.

He was brought out of his examination of the Ministry's location on the map by his curiously quiet partner who had decided that prodding him was a better way to garner his attention.

"Yes Mary." He asked. She had been rather silent since they had returned from the Vampire's lair.

"It might have been the situation, fatigue or weirdness that we were in, but a few things didn't seem to add up while we were back with the Vampires."

"Such as?" Harry raised an eyebrow and inclined for his partner to continue.

"It didn't really occur to me at that time, but didn't you mention that you were a partial Metamorphmagus?" She questioned.

"I did." He nodded in confirmation.

"Then how are you an Animagus as well, unless there is some dark secret method to be both."

Harry snorted. "I wished."

"What do you mean?" She pressed for clarification.

Harry rolled his eyes. "The readers really should start reading the 'Author's Notes' section."

Mary threw his a confused look. "The what?"

"Nothing." Harry shrugged having sufficiently broken the fourth wall. "Didn't they tell you why as a Metamorphmagus you should never attempt an Animagus transformation back in training?"

"The instructors mentioned that it's was an impossibility and to force it would cause irreversible harm to ones body."

"Only if you're a full Metamorphmagus, I, on the other hand, am a dud. As such, my Animagus ability is a dud as well, hence my inability to revert to normal after partially transforming."

"I see." Mary nodded in understanding. "So I take it that your transformation negates the venomous properties of your blood then, seeing as you didn't seem to have warned me off."

Harry winced. He'd forgotten about that little detail. "Frankly." He looked his partner in the eye. "I forgot. You could have died back when you touched my wounds. Luckily my cloak negates most toxic substances and my self transfiguration seems to indeed alter my blood's toxicity… And you're a Metamorphmagus… And something else… I think." He finished slightly weakly, pretty much sure he was a test bed for a slew of unknowns and every situation was to boldly go where no scientist had gone before.

"You mean I could have died." Mary gave him her Look, not even surprised at her partner's antics anymore.

"Don't be a drama queen. I carry anti-venom at all times. Had you keeled over I would have most definitely been reminded." Harry rolled his eyes as he withdrew a small ampoule of clear liquid from his numerous pockets. "Besides, it was only skin contact and you definitely washed it all off in time. It wasn't like you were affected, much."

Truthfully, Harry had no idea why Mary had been unaffected as she was. Last he remembered, those having just simple skin contact with his blood had immediately started feeling faint before passing out, followed by convulsions then death.

"And the Steward?"

"If mother hadn't had ripped of his head, then he would have survived." Lucy interrupted as she continued to draw runic symbols over a small black diary and the map. "Vampires are slightly more resilient to toxins especially blood borne versions."

"I can see how that might be helpful." Harry agreed.

"Besides, poisoned blood?" The Vampire looked away from her work with a raised eyebrow.

"Long story. Suffice to say, I have a milder version of Basilisk venom in my blood." Harry waved the question off. "Done yet?"

She added as an afterthought while painting out the ritual. "Unless, he decided to drink your blood, of course. Might have been interesting to see what ingesting Basilisk venom does to an aged Vampire."

"Finished." Lucy exclaimed as she hopped off a stool she had procured and give her back a quick flex. "Now, we just carry out the ritual." She backed away from the blood drawn runes.

"Excellent." Harry exclaimed in mock joy. "Truthfully that was faster than I believed." He ignored her little additional statement.

Lucy stared at the human condescendingly. "Our methods are much more efficient that your stick waving version."

Harry snorted and followed her example. "So you're sure this will work?" He placed himself besides the Vampire.

"Theoretically, yes."

"Meh." Harry shrugged uncaringly. "What's the worse that could happen?"

Mary immediately felt a chill run down her spine at the particular comment.


London – Number 12 Grimmauld Place – Guestroom

"Now stand back you two." The old Wizard cautioned his two helpers as he removed a small sealed beaker from within his robes. "I haven't the faintest idea what the effects of Basilisk venom would have on a Horcrux."

Both Hermione and Ron stepped back a considerable distance. Snape who was already well aware of the dangers had hung back as far away as possible. The spy had easily avoided his return to Voldemort by the use of his beyond advanced skill of potions. His skills and knowledge coupled with Dumbledore's alchemy had created a homunculus of the Potions Master.

Snape had then disappeared for an hour with the brain dead body before returning with his robes drenched in blood. Both teenagers had paled upon the sight of the man, and Ron was seriously reconsidering the rumors about the teacher's vampirism.

Taking advantage of the recent mass Death Eater killings, both adults had agreed that it would be best to fake the spy's death as well. Dumbledore had joked that it seemed to be the current 'in' trend lately.

After that, the small group of four had easily hunted down a number of Voldemort's Horcrux within the last few days. Now before them in a small glass cooking pot rested three of Voldemort's Horcruxes.

The ring of Salazar Slytherin had been easily retrieved by Dumbledore and Snape who had known of its location. With the combined knowledge of Dumbledore and Snape's dark arts the defensive enchantments had been easily bypassed. As talented as he was, Voldemort had only been a sixth year when the enchantments had been erected. Against fully trained and experienced Wizards, Riddle didn't stand a chance.

Funnily enough, the Dark Lord had been arrogant enough to leave the enchantments guarding his Horcrux the way they were without updating them once he had returned as Voldemort from his travels.

The Tiara had been even easier. It was a well known fact that the Headmaster of Hogwarts were aware of even the smallest events that occurred within their domain. Dumbledore himself was no exception to that rule. The old Wizard had only taken it further than any other Headmaster before himself.

Dumbledore knew almost everything that happened within the castle's walls. The reason was simple. Unlike his known predecessors, he had spent a considerable amount of time both listening to the portrait's reports as well as constant consultation with the House Elves.

The result was the Headmaster simply unveiling an unknown secret passage into the castle. With a smirk at the two students, he separated before returning half an hour later with the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw within a bag.

Ironically enough the locket which they already had was the most difficult to locate. After having gone through the slightly traumatic night, both Ron and Hermione had discovered the nature of their acquisition.

They of course immediately broached the subject to the Headmaster who already knew. How? He just did, they were in the castle when discussing the subject.

Dumbledore had explained that he was well aware of who the message was from simply by the initials signed. He had been the Transfiguration Professor before his promotion to Headmaster. During that time his steel trap memory aided by a Pensieve remembered the grading of countless sheets of assignments. Coincidently enough, one of the students he remembered that refused to sign his actual name had been Regulus Black. The boy seemed to have a weird obsession with his initials. Snape had been another who always undersigned his name with the title of 'Half Blood Prince'.

The investigation had led them to the last known place in relation to Regulus Black, the Black Ancestral home at Grimmauld Place and the House Elf task to its maintenance.

The gloves came off when refusal to answer their questions turned to violence as Krecher attacked the group upon their continued pestering.

Dumbledore had herded the two teenagers out of the room leaving Snape with the Elf. Sounds of tortured screaming soon followed as they were a fair distance away. Dumbledore had almost immediately rushed back to throw up the silencing charm that Snape forget. Still, the short few moments had been enough to convey the actions been carried out in the room.

Both teens had been a total sign off that day as Hermione cried herself to sleep, hand clamped strongly over her ears in an attempt to drown out the screams that only she could hear. Ron stayed by her side, pale and shaking but still able to function.

It was the day that both teens had their illusions shattered. War brought out the worst in people and the saying regarding the road to hell held true, good intentions paved its way.

It was then the teens truly appreciated Snape's contribution to the side of the light. He had never mentioned how he came about some of his information only that he had it. Snape's contribution allowed the Order Of The Phoenix to maintain its illusion of good and righteousness.

The next morning, both teens, still pale said nothing about the previous day's events. Dumbledore had given them an apologetic look, his eyes missing their usual sparkle. Snape had joined them a few minutes later.

No one missed nor mentioned anything about Hermione's sudden twitch as the man made his presence.

Snape ignored the two and simply spoke a few words. "Mundungus Fletcher. Call me when you're ready."

The Black Market dealer had been easy enough to track down as the man had been seeking buyers for the wares that he had stolen from the Black Manor.

A short good Auror, bad Auror routine between Snape and Dumbledore had the man coughing up the famed locket. A simple memory charm followed wiping his memory of two supposedly dead people and their Hogwart's student companions.

Seeing the ease at which the duo of Headmaster and Potions Professor had gone about their tasks. Hermione had wondered at the need for their presence as they had yet to contribute anything of significance.

She had posed the question to the Headmaster in private. Upon hearing her enquiry, the aged Wizard had smiled at her and told her his reasons.

He had never intended to include them initially on his hunt for the Horcruxes and had accidentally revealed himself to the two students upon his entry to the Black Manor.

He had initially, like many others, assumed the Manor deserted upon its location being compromised by Snape's betrayal. Hermione and Ron were willing to risk this for access to the Black's library. Dumbledore had simply appeared at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He had immediately considered the use of a Memory Charm. However, both teenagers were still growing and the use of Memory Charms on the developing mind had some rather unfortunate side effects like forgetfulness. A prime example was Neville who had been irresponsibly charmed by a Ministry Obliviator on the night his family was attacked.

He had then decided to include them as a means of distracting them from their current pursuit of Harry. He had seen the look of outrage on the girl's face and quickly explained his encounter with the green eyed youth leaving out some important details.

Harry was on a mission to root out the remaining Horcruxes and that their presence would be detrimental to his effort. Despite being his friends the difference in skill level was too great and their presence would only be a hindrance should a situation arise. Furthermore, Dumbledore explained that it was time to expose them to the truth of the world rather than the sugar coated version they knew. At least it would give them some insight to what their friend, Harry was now apart of.

This all lead to them currently awaiting the confirmed and assured destruction of the three Horcruxes. Both Snape and Dumbledore had battered the items with a variety of spells to destroy the soul fragments within. The Sword Of Gryffindor would have been an obvious choice, but Harry Potter, who had learnt how to return the weapon to whence it was stored previously, had hidden the sword in the Sorting Hat for security purposes, only retrieving it when practicing.

Dumbledore had during the task to retrieve the diadem requested the sword from the Sorting Hat. He was denied as the hat claimed that the weapon's last owner had retrieved it a few days ago.

"Will the items be unharmed Headmaster?" Snape's unique voice snapped Hermione out of the thoughts.

Dumbledore shrugged as he unscrewed the glass lid sealing the beaker. "I know not Severus, the relics have been heavily enchanted by their original owners and further by their subsequent ones. The things have withstood all spells we have thrown at it and I fear the possibility of a backlash should be use the Killing Curse."

"Thus Basilisk venom?" Ron questioned.

"Yes, Ronald." Dumbledore turned around still cautious of the opened container in his hands. "The venom of the King Of Serpents is both highly poisonous as well as corrosive, a definite method to destroy a Horcrux or at least the soul fragment within."

Quickly, he poured the entire contents of the beaker into the pot completely submerging the items.

The Headmaster jerked back as the sudden reaction as the other tensed at his sudden action.

The venom was beginning to fizz and effervescence as they reacted with the items. Soon the reaction turned violent as fumes began to rise.

Snape's eyes widened in alarm. Even before he spoke he had grabbed the collars of the two students and hauled them as he made for the door. "OUT!" He commanded as the amount of gas begun to increase.

"Leave! I'll seal the room!" Dumbledore commanded as he abandoned the hazardous beaker and drew his wand.

Snape practically threw his two charges through the door as he spun around and reached into his robes. He saw the Headmaster had already cast the Bubblehead Charm and was already spraying the walls with a clear gelatinous substance.

This was the reason why Potions classes were always held in dungeons. Only one exit point made for ease of sealing. Dumbledore had to cover every part else the venomous vapor escape.

Grasping the item he had been searching for, Snape flung another sealed beaker into the room. The glass container shattered upon striking the floor releasing a cloud of blue gas. Another smash followed it as another beaker broke on the opposite side of the room.

Snape then slammed the door shut before spraying it with the same jelly like liquid. Finishing, he moved on to the walls bordering the room itself.

"Move!" He commanded, seeing the two teenagers staring at him from the floor. "To the kitchen!"

Both ran as Snape finished off the last section of wall.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries – Head Unspeakable Office

"No." The first voice intoned without much emotion as if its speaker had been saying the same word over and over multiple times.

"Yes." A second voice, younger but none the less aged argued in insistence to the earlier reply.

A sigh could be heard from the corner of the room where a third hooded figure lounged upon the couch reading a small hand manual via the dim candlelight of the office.

"No." The old man replied again as he perused the document before him and signed off on some inane departmental request.

"Arrgh! Just say 'yes', you old coot. You know it's inevitable that you will eventually say 'yes'." Harry Potter growled in frustration.

"No." The Head Unspeakable looked up from his newest document to make his point known before returning to his task.

"No, 'no', or no to my 'yes', no?" Harry tried the confusion method.

He was amused that the man actually considered his question. "To both pre current and its predecessor's argumentative."

Harry snorted at his boss's bail out to his word game play. "You know what? I'll just go ahead and use one of those little cheat sheets to get what I want anyway." Harry announced.

Nicholas simply snorted. "If you could, you would already have done so. Unlike other things you can get away with by using a simply piece of paper with my magical seal. Calling upon the use of our four tactical teams requires my actual presence."

Catching Harry's look at his uninterested partner, Nicholas decided to throw in a bit more information. "And Metamorphmagi do not count. Magical signatures are unique and can't be emulated."

"Pretty sure there some dark, evil and sacrificial rituals out there that rip out and emulate a magical signature, magic awesome like that." Harry pointed out.

"Possibly, but knowing your laziness for anything research related you wouldn't bother."

Harry grunted. "So care to give me your reasons why you wouldn't just go ahead and grant me clearance? There surely is one, seeing as we are considering the future of the Magical World is at stake here."

"The Magical World is always at stake, whether it be exposure to the Muggles or some evil megalomaniac overload or some ancient doomsday device." Nicholas waved his hand in a dismissive gesture.

"And that's what super elite hunter killer death squads are for right?" The teenager motioned waving his arms as if swinging a massive sword. "Besides, they've got to do something, those four teams are just getting fat, while getting paid."

The Alchemist rolled his eyes. "They are on assignment almost on a permanent basis."

"With a weeks R&R after each deployment, paid." Harry stressed the point. "You don't even pay me. Let alone vacation."

Mary seemed to suddenly become more attentive at this point.

"You aren't even employed." Nicholas countered. "You're an anomaly after what you did."

"I…" The green eyed Wizard trailed off. He really didn't have a come back to that one yet. "I still need the teams, old man." He continued after a moment of failing to acquire a suitable comeback.

The aged Alchemist reached into his hood and pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. "You know something, Harry?"

"What?" Came the immediate response.

"There are other ways to get at an artifact located within the vaults of a Goblin bank."

"Yes. Yes, there are. Unfortunately, they require tons of diplomacy, understanding and negotiation, not to mention tipping off old snake face at what we're doing." Harry pointed out clearly annoyed at being denied his request.

"True." The man agreed and continued his paperwork.

"You would… huh?" Harry seemed surprised for a moment. "You agree?"

"I am well aware of what needs to be done you idiot." Nicholas pointed out as he continued to fill out a form.

"Then why are you being so…" Harry trailed off in realization. "Oh! Oh, ho ho ho!" He exclaimed in dawning realization. "You're just pissed at what I did earlier."

"You blew up the Map." His boss snapped out in annoyance, stressing the last word. The capitalization of the object mentioned was well deserved. The trio of them had commandeered the massive magical map of the British Isles from the tactical department before using it as part of their locator slash scrying ritual.

Harry, for his part had the decency to at least look sorry at what he had done. "I already apologized for that. I wasn't aware that it was going to go boom."

"Actually, it sort of fizzled, smoked, caught on fire then suffered a slow agonizing death in a conflagration of rather pretty purplish flames." Mary interrupted the conversation.

Harry turned to glare at his partner. "Not helping here." The smile on her face indicated she didn't really care. "For a partner, you aren't very supportive. Maybe, I should swap you out with Lucy, upgrade to Partner, version 2.0."

"Ahem." Nicholas cleared his throat garnering their attention once again. "Why didn't you think to ask me before attempting to use it in an ancient untested ritual?" The Unspeakable glared at him as he folded up a document and tossed it into his out box. "And you!" He glared at another figure cloaked in the darkness the corner of his office provided. "You should have known better."

"I did. However, seeing Harry's confidence and willingness to do so, I assumed he knew of the end result." The Vampire maiden shrugged in innocence. As she stepped out from the shadows that her been concealing her all this while.

Harry's interest was peaked. He wasn't aware she had entered the office. Last the two Unspeakables had seen of the Vampire Princess was when they had left her outside the office with a request to 'stay'.

The bloodsucker had resented the command especially with the way the order was given.

Harry, as usual, didn't care.

"I did know the end result." The green eyed Unspeakable protested.

"Really…" Nicholas trailed off, the disbelief clearly audible in his voice.

"It was the byproduct of the map going kaput that I was unaware of." Harry defended as he shrugged.

The head of the department mentally counted down from ten before realizing he had already done so a few times since Harry had entered the office. Once again, he really wished that insurance was available to his department.


London – Number 12 Grimmauld Place – Kitchen

Snape burst into the room, his entrance startling the two students who were not expecting him to follow after them. They had assumed he had remained to aid Dumbledore.

Ignoring them, the Potions Master headed for an out of the way cabinet in a corner of the room. Firing off a semi complex unlocking charm the doors sprung open to reveal numerous flasks of colored liquids.

Hermione automatically identified them as medical related potions as Snape begun his selection of them. She easily recognized the two of the three that he had picked out. A rather strong rejuvenation potion, Pepper Up and the last she had no idea. It was a unique being that it was clear. The only potions she knew with that coloration were Veritaserum and most poisons.

The Professor immediately began pouring out measured doses before conjuring a syringe and filling it with the clear viscous liquid.

At the sudden burst of flames by the dining table she let out a yelp. The flames exhausted to reveal a weak collapsed Dumbledore with his Phoenix familiar.

"Severus quick." The Headmaster groaned out as he failed to rise.

"Stay still." The Head Of House efficiently sought out a vein on the old man's forearm and injected the potion with practiced ease. This was followed by forcing the Headmaster to swallow the measured out dosage of the other two.

"He needs further treatment." He announced to his audience. "You two stay." He commanded as he made to dual Apparate.

"No." His superior weakly stated as he pushed away the teacher's hand. "Secrecy must be maintained."

"There's no point pretending to be dead if you really end up dead."

"Phoenix tears and the Breath Of Life will suffice. Bed rest is all that remains." Dumbledore insisted.

"Very well Headmaster." Snape flicked his wand and levitated the other Wizard to a random guest room with a bed. Hermione and Ron followed.

"Ensure that he receives sufficient fluids, I believe that such a task would be well within your limited capacities." He spoke to Hermione, as he ignored the red head beside her. "I have other matters to oversee." With that the man Disapparated.

"He may have save Dumbledore's life, but I still say he's a git." Ron spoke after Snape had left.

"Professor Snape's attitude is the result of various hardships he has encountered throughout his life." Dumbledore defended as he took in labored breaths as the healing potion did its work.

"You're awake? Already?" Ron spun around, surprised that the Headmaster was once again awake despite loosing consciousness on their journey to the room.

"The stimulating effects of both Pepper Up and the Breath Of Life tends to prevents ones need to sleep." Dumbledore waved his wand and immediately the bed transformed into a perfect replica of the Hogwarts dormitory bed. "Resting one the other hand is perfectly acceptable." He chuckled at the two's expression at his nonchalance to a near miss death ordeal.

"What happened Professor?" Hermione asked the question that was no doubt on her friend's mind as well.

"The Basilisk venom had a rather… violent reaction with the soul repositories. Vaporized Basilisk venom is extremely dangerous as it is both fatal if inhaled or contacted." Dumbledore skipped his usual roundabout speech pattern.

"Professor Snape threw a universal potion counter into the room didn't he?" The bushy brunet pointed out.

"Indeed, Professor Snape carries a minimum of four flasks on his person at all times. It's standard procedure to deploy one before sealing the room. Brilliant invention, negates all poisons and potion properties. Pity that it's rather costly as the main ingredient is extremely rare and valuable."

"Phoenix tears." Hermione deduced as she stared at Fawkes who was perched upon the headrest napping.

"Indeed. However, Fawkes here solves that problem nicely enough."

"And the Horcruxes?" Ron voiced.

"Destroyed, unfortunately along with their repositories." Dumbledore sighed at the loss of the historic and magical artifacts.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries – Shooting Range

Mary snarled softly as another one of her spells hit off center against the target. Target practice while on the move was definitely a lot harder than hitting a moving target in dueling.

For one, while stationary the bull's eyes piece of steel was a lot smaller and further from what she was used to.

Harry had stressed the need to shape up on her long ranged accuracy and tactics. While he was unable to help her in the tactics side at the moment, accuracy would have to do.

After all what use was dueling if a long ranged bunkered down skirmish occurred. Shoot and duck was good and all but just didn't cut it for Harry. The Boy-Who-Lived preferred the pressure method of dodge and shoot while advancing on their positions to flank as well as scare.

It was efficient as hell, he had mentioned. Knowing the amount of trouble her green eyed partner got into she took his word for it.

A dull clang and ping indicated that Lucy had yet once again scored a direct bull's eye hit with one of her many stilettos. She really didn't look it, but the Vampire Princess was a walking collection of sharp pointy objects. The frills, lace and overall puffy dress she wore had no problem hiding all her deadly throwing weapons.

So far the girl had stuck to unveiling small bladed weapons via skillful use of slight of hand techniques. Somehow she didn't have trouble imagining the five foot tall girl pulling a sword out from beneath the folds of her dress. After all magic was considered infinite.

Another clang and ping sounded as Lucy had run out of available targets and had shot hers instead. Mary stopped to stare at the teenage Vampire, Mary swore the girl was cheating with that Vampire ability of hers. Too bad that in Harry's book, cheating, was not only good and acceptable, it was encouraged.

Coming from the only guy she knew that would so blatantly employ the squirrel move, she supposed his philosophy of winning worked, seeing as he had already developed the nickname of 'The Nutcracker', or so she last heard. That was a while ago and seeing as she had not had much time to mingle among her coworkers she had no doubt her partner had started a few more rumors. Despite being Unspeakables people were still people and unless classified, gossip was still the best form of entertainment.

On that note she really needed a vacation, they had spent most of their time chasing mission after mission and any R&R was either spent further training or recovering. Gods, she needed her social life, already her personality was shifting to emulate her partner and she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

Another clang, ping combination brought her to a stop to glare at the Vampire. "Why are you even practicing when you could hit that target in the dark with your eyes close and back turned?"

"Because practice does make perfection, you didn't think all Vampires were born excellent marksmen did you? Sure we got a few perks with telescoping eyesight, better vision and enhanced throwing strength, but practice is still required." Lucy replied as she slowed to a stop. She flicked her wrist and drew yet another throwing blade via slight of hand before nonchalantly tossing it.

Lucy didn't bother looking nor flinched as the blade zipped by her head by mere inches. The distant ping indicated the Vampire had strung a near impossible direct hit against a distant target.

She did flinch however as another blade flew past her.

Wide eyed, she shifted and saw Harry walking towards her, his exercise finished. "You could have killed me!"

"Oh don't be so damn melodramatic. I'm a dead shot." Harry deadpanned.

"I notice the lank of a ding." The woman pointed out without turning around.

Immediately a jet of red light zipped extremely close to her head, the proximity left a faint tingling upon her cheek as the spell blew past.

Harry smirked as a dull ping rang from down the firing range.

"Showoff." Lucy intoned. "It's impossible for Humans to throw something that far, unless it's arced.

It then that Mary really noticed how strong the Vampire was, a simple wrist flick had gone further than Harry's actual throw.

"Sure rub it in that I can't aim." The Unspeakable holstered her wand as Harry summoned all the knives into a small pile at a nearby table.

"No my dear Mary Sue, you can aim, rather well in fact. You can't aim while running. Soon I believe your personal trainer would step up to include dodging." Lucy left to conceal her weapons. It was then that both Unspeakables and a few others using the range noticed the holsters sewn into the folds of the teenage Vampire's dress. A simple hand wave over a ruffle and the girl would have palmed something sharp and pointy.

"Heavy." Harry mumbled.

"What?" Lucy turned to her partner who was observing Lucy conceal the knives with her slight of hand.

"That dress must weigh a ton, if there weren't so many charms on it." He pointed out.

Mary grunted. She had no doubts that the dress was heavily enchanted and most definitely had spatial manipulation charms on it. Yet the silver streaked haired girl still preferred carrying the weapons in the physical sense. Mary was pretty sure that while there were limitations on the charm itself it wouldn't matter. Heck, she had seen Harry pull a broadsword out from his robes inner pocket once.

Harry answered her silent question with his next inane comment. "Never seen weapons used as body armor in this form before."

Her partner was right. Mary supposed that while charms and enchantments were good and all, nothing beat an old fashion wall of steel when it came to stopping things.

"So, when are the other teams meeting us? I don't remember the Dragon mentioning it." Mary voiced the reason the small group of three were there in the first place.

"He didn't. I assumed they'd find us in a while or so. Else they wouldn't be worth the reputation they have." Harry answered as Lucy joined as she played with a small foot long saw like dagger. "You like your knives way too much my dear."

"I'm Vampire." She stated like it explained everything. "The spilling of blood is our nature. Knives simply make that task simpler."

"To each their own, I guess." Harry turned his head to the entrance where a group of Unspeakables had entered.

One of the group members was conversing with the attendant who then learned over the desk to get a better view of the range before gesturing towards Harry's group.

Either the attendant was indicating the numerous free spots beside theirs or their wait was over. Just in case, he pointed this out to both his team members who had gone back to firing and stabbing the targets. Both dropped what they were doing and paid attention to what was clearly three groups of Unspeakables by the registration booth.

"That's them alright." Harry commented as the three groups turned towards his team. He had caught the small unique colored trimming that adorned their dark blue Unspeakable robes.

"Green, white and red, the old man really came though for us here. Three elite teams, the best of the best at what they do." Harry commented as the groups approached.

"James Pathertrory, the legend in the making, in the flesh." The lead man approached the Boy-Who-Lived hand outstretched.

Harry grasped the man's hand and shook it as he inspected his badge and robe's green trim at the hem.


Clearance Level Seven

The man was of medium build and was around five feet eight in height. Completely of normal stature and easily passed over, perfect for someone who wanted to blend in. Engaging his spectacle's special feature, he attempted to pierce the shrouding enchantment. Unsurprisingly it failed to uncover the man's face.

"Like wise to your team and yourself. The STALKER team's exploits are infamous." Harry returned as he gave an unseen smirk.

The team leader chuckled as he stepped back slightly. "I can assure you whatever you've hear never happened. Anyhow, please, call me Clarence, and behind me are my team."

The four members with green trimming nodded silently.

Harry then waved at his team. "Behind me are my minions Mary Sue and the Lady Lucy." The newly arrived Unspeakables did a double take at the former's name.

Mary gave a wave while Lucy executed a curtsey, flaring out her laced skirt. The Unspeakable gave no mention to the presence of a non department member in their midst.

Harry glanced at the other team members. "Silent lot, aren't they" He pointed out.

"We are professionals Mr. Pathertrory. I do the talking, they do the stalking. Your disdain for the quality of Ministry enforcement is well known."

"Indeed it is, Clare old chap." Another figure, this time a massive hulk of a man draped a muscle bound arm across the Captain's shoulders.

The newcomer was a giant compared to Clarence's average form. Price, from the name on his badge was pushing seven feet easily and was built like a tank if Harry wasn't mistaken.

"Captain Price at your service James old bean, leader of the SEAL team he waved his free hands down his robe and swung it behind to indicate his white trimmed team.

Harry categorized the leaders' subordinates as random units due to their lack of speech and unknown everything else except their stature. However, it was strongly clear that none of the ten Unspeakables he had been introduced to were women. That or those robes really did hide everything. The other five on the other were no doubt female.

The women and it was blatantly obvious as their robes seemed to press and hug at every curve their perfect hourglass figures had. It was almost as though each of them had converted their upper robes into bodysuits.

"Now Price, don't be too forwards with the man. We don't want to scare him off with your boisterous attitude." She cooed with a husky accent that he couldn't quite place.

Harry immediately noticed her voice distortion charm wasn't active. Either that or it was working overtime, he assumed the latter.

"Hah!" Price boomed as he gestured to the female leader. "You're the one that normally scares them off you carnivorous woman."

"But good willing men are just so hard to find, especially ones that last." She pouted as she practically slithered up to Harry. Draping both arms around his neck, she whispered softly into his ear. "Mistress Akuno Reiko at your service boya. My girls and I make up the illustrious STRIKE team." A slender gloved hand tilted his head at the red trimmed females.

"A pleasure I'm sure." Harry deadpanned.

Reiko giggled softly, a pink tongue slipping out towards his ear.

"Rather forwards aren't you." Lucy's comment pulled everyone's attention. "I had assumed someone of your lineage would have better control and not throw themselves at the nearest male specimen."

The woman twisted against Harry who had been doing a magnificent job ignoring her presence. She analyzed the frill and laced girl top to bottom.

All was silent and still for a moment before the STRIKE team's Captain released her current companion and wrapped herself around the much shorter girl.

"Good willing girls are fine with me as well." She cooed, her hands tracing circles upon Lucy's stomach and back. "After all, I do get bored with my girls after all this time." She motioned to her team.

"Good willing girls do not carry foot long serrated tungsten forged daggers." Sure enough, the Vampire Princess had two wicked looking blades pressed against the female Unspeakable's neck and hand. Both had strayed too close to her chest. "Now hands off bone bitch, or I'll remove them for you."

"Another one?" Mary sighed. "James, you have a bad penchant for attracting violent deadly killer women."

"Animal magnetism." Harry deadpanned as the Unspeakable Captain slowly backed off from the Vampire.

"Most men usually either freak out or fall for her charms looking for a quick lay." Price pointed out amused. Harry noticed one of his underlings shudder slightly.

"Pity they always leave after the first round, they try to anyway." Akuno mocked as she focused on Lucy.

"Given your wonderful disposition I don't see why not." Lucy stepped forwards.

"Are you looking for a fight little girl." The woman hissed, a slight chattering could be heard within her hood.

"Bring it."

Harry groaned at the impending duel. Everyone else had stepped back to avoid getting caught in the ensuing the cat fight.

"Enough!" The unmistakable form of the Dragon stalked towards the gathering.

Akuno gave a deep hiss of annoyance as she backed off. The chattering increased in volume as she moved back to her teammates. One of them raised a wrist to her hood obediently in offering.

The woman wasted no time in drawing the offered appendage into the shroud. The volunteer gave a slight gasp and shuddered slightly before collapsing.

"Not before a mission Reiko." Nicholas ordered glaring at her.

Lucy sniffed in disdain at the Unspeakable's behavior.

"Plenty of time for the mesubuta to recover." Reiko nudged the fallen female who failed to recover. "Useless." She spat on the disabled member as two others moved to help.

The other two Captains and their groups looked at the scene with both pity at the fallen Unspeakable and resignation at Reiko. They were professional however and made no comment. How the other Captains ran their teams was none of their business.

"How'd you do it James?" Nicholas turned to his trouble maker. "I leave you with strangers for less than a minute and already I have to break up an impending flight.

"It wasn't even me this time, I swear." Harry held up both hands in surrender. Nicholas ignored him and turned his attention to the red trimmed Unspeakable.

"You know the rules Akuno Reiko. No attacks unless sparring or in self defense. You're already on thin ice, with your previous actions." Nicholas admonished. "We will discuss this later."

"Hai, Dragon-Buchou-san." The Captain replied obediently yet with a slight hint of defiance.

Nicholas accepted the response and turned to Harry's team. "Well, what do you think?"

"Definitely doable." Harry replied.

"Gentlemen." Nicholas looked at the Captains of STALKER and SEAL team. "And Ladies." He added as an afterthought, waving at Reiko who had chosen to move her team and herself away from the crowd. "How about a short introduction for our guest here?"

Price stepped up first. "Price the name, Captain of the Sea Escort Assault Landing team, aka SEAL team. The group and I specialize in anything water related, underwater combat, deep water infiltration, submerged cave navigation and reconnaissance, you name it, and we've done it." He declared proudly as he flicked the white hem of his robes.

"Guess I'm next." The green hemmed Unspeakable took a step forwards. "I'm Clarence, Captain and leader of the Special Tactical Assault Land Kill Escort Reconnaissance team, aka STALKER team. We don't really specialize but have a hand in just about everything. Seeing as we draw members from the other three elite teams, hence out group is fairly balanced as each member is an expert in a different field. We're generally deployed as a heavy combat team for assault and assassination purposes."

"I am Akuno Reiko." The femme fatale glided forwards, her robe's red lining just barely scraping the floor. "I command the Special Tactical Reconnaissance Interception Kill Escort team, aka STRIKE team. We are seduction specialists, using our bodies and skills to infiltrate the enemy for information or assignation. We are, of course well versed in combat." An insistent chattering sounded as she finished with a pose that accentuated her hips.

Harry's group rolled their eyes.

"I guess I'll introduce the last team who are still on assignment, but will be joining us during the operation." Nicholas stepped forwards. "They prefer to work standalone but will be our eyes in the sky providing us external reconnaissance. The Aerial Reconnaissance Interception Assault team, aka ARIA team is headed by Captain Silica. They specialize in anything aerial based including aerial reconnaissance." Nicholas finished.

Harry gave a drawn out whistle. "All four teams. You're going all out on this one aren't you?"

"Judging from the scope and size of the operation I deemed it necessary. Also, with bigger support, you wouldn't be tempted to… shall we say, engage in your more flamboyant tactics." The Alchemist pointed as he led the group towards a briefing room.

"There's a reason the concept of collateral damage was invented." Harry pointed out as the two started their usual game.

During this both Harry's companions hung off towards the side as far from Reiko's group as possible. "So what's the deal with her?" Mary nudged the loli Vampire.

Lucy gave out a low hiss. "There are many kinds of life force draining being in this world, the most famous are my kind, the Vampires." She whispered softly. "Partially the fault of a rather successful author."

"She's a type of Vampire I take it then, although you did call her a bone bitch, something related then?"

Lucy scoffed. "Please refrain from comparing my kind with her ilk, even the useless dregs of our society fall above her in my opinion. She's a Hone-Onna, or in English, a Bone Lady."

Mary gave the shorter girl a blank look. "Sheltered person here." She indicated herself. "What is a Bone Lady, haven't heard of one?"

"I would be surprised if you did, they are extremely rare in this part of the world. Their kind are of Oriental origin and unlike Kappa that were introduced to Europe by a nut job of a Witch, she most likely decided the British Isles were good hunting grounds. Rather foolish decision, if her employ with the department is anything to go by. She obviously got caught and had to cut a deal."

"I can see how." Mary acknowledge. "She would be in an unknown land, whilst competing with the Vampires."

Lucy continued. "A Hone-Onna is a minor demon of Japanese origin, they are spirit based whilst possessing a corporal form, sort of like Dementors here. Their modus operandi is to appear as beautiful fair skinned women who entice men…" She remembered the earlier confrontation. "Or women if they prefer, with the notion of sex or a good time together. They then suck out their life force leaving their victims as either emotionless slave drones…" Lucy gestured subtly at Akuno's teammates. "Or skeletal withered husks. Usually it's the latter, as after draining their victim's emotions and feelings they move on to their blood."

"So a combination of Dementor and Vampire then." Mary concluded giving pitying looks at Akuno's members.

"Slightly." Lucy mumbled out hesitantly. "They do possess their own unique techniques, but the well known one is that they can either assume the looks of their previous victims or emulate specific features. The less known one is their ability to create homunculi if given the necessary based ingredient. They simply create a living meat bag and infuse with their stolen life force. It is rarely done as it is akin to regurgitation of a meal."

"So the more she consumes the stronger she gets. Should be fairly powerful if she was willing to take you on while knowing what you are." Mary pointed out. "So, if they can emulate their victim's looks what do they really look like?"

Lucy gave the Unspeakable a raised eyebrow. "The name implies it all, she's a Bone Lady. Imagine a pale skeletal desiccated corpse with bleached white hair. Then there's the clacking sound of her bones whenever she moves."

Mary flinched at the disgusting image her mind had conjured up.

"Akuno Reiko, translated as evil spirit child. Her name practically implies what she is and I doubt she has need of a fake." Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Since when do you speak Japanese?" Mary raised an eyebrow at the tidbit of information.

"I'm well versed in over twenty major languages." Lucy deadpanned. "Vampiric memory retention's awesome like that."


Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries – Tactical Operations

"So a recap on the operation." The Dragon paced in front of the briefing room holding all the members of the operation bar the ARIA team. "ARIA team will fly in from their current mission to provide aerial support for the escort and insertion. Based off our current intelligence reports from previous scouting missions we have a basic layout of the Gringotts underground tunnel system."

"This point here, location gamma." He pointed at the map. "Would be the best infiltration point as it is both accessible via underwater insertion and remote. The Goblins draw their fresh water from an underground river. However, that point is heavily guarded. Instead we'll use another entry point. Strong underwater currents have steadily eroded the rock at this point over time and the wall is thin enough that a simple explosion would breach the tunnel system. The Goblins don't know that we know about it as they have no idea at all. Expect light defenses in that area."

"The ARIA team will fly escort for team Pathertrory, SEAL and STALKER to the drop location and secure it for later extraction. Pathertrory's team will then insert via the underwater entrance. SEAL team will then provide escort, secure and hold the entrance. STALKER team and James here will then move to retrieve the package. Expect heavy response upon breaching the tunnels as you will no doubt trigger their alarms."

"That's where STRIKE team will come in, upon entry SEAL team will signal us and STRIKE will carry out a distraction to draw the Goblin's attention. They will provide further support by running interference on their reinforcements."

"You've all seen the maps and reports people. I want this to be a quick clean operation. Everyone comes home. I don't want any screw ups. Tensions with the Goblins are already high and a war is the last thing we need. Check into the armory for the necessary gear." Nicholas stressed. "You'll meet at rally point Alpha for commencement at fourteen hundred, understood?"

"Yes Sir." All members stood in acknowledgement.


Ministry Of Magic – Level Nine: Department Of Mysteries – Armory

"Those are some very, very big guns." Mary goggled wide eyed at the massive weapons Muggle weapons that the groups were checking out from the armory.

"Heavily modified by yours truly." Unicorn Seven informed them as he passed a fifteen inch handgun to one of the member of Price's team. "Strengthening, featherweight, magazine expansion and recoil dampening. It'll be just like firing a massive wand without recoil. You do have to watch the ammunition count though, especially with the automatic weapons. Magic can only expand the magazine dimensions by a factor of a ten."

"Hence the hundred round drum magazines should give us about ten thousand shells?" Harry calculated. "Factor of ten to slide magazines and factor of hundred for the drums." He gave a drawn out whistle at the improved firing capacity.

"Seventy rounds for the Mark Nineteen Desert Eagle, pity Clarence there prefers his S&W Magnum 12 with 5 rounds." Unicorn Seven pointed at the team leader who was manually loading the old fashioned revolver.

"I'd prefer my side arm doesn't jam when I need it most. Especially with the way you all fire these contraptions." The SEAL team leader pointed out. "A side arm is for emergencies, and you don't want a busted weapon during an emergency."

"Suit yourself. I'd take seventy rounds over your five anytime." Price called out as he passed out the handguns.

"Alright, who wanted the Barrett M82A1." The desk attendant held out a massive rifle measuring beyond a meter in length.

A single member from the SEAL and STALKER teams collected one each. The STRIKE team led by Akuno Reiko or Reiko-Sama as she preferred to be called had only need for side arms as they would be entering via the public entrance. She had also implied the Mistress Akuno was also acceptable and so was Akuno-Sama. Harry studiously ignored her.

"Concealable M79 grenade launchers for the STRIKE ladies and M203 attached M16's for everyone else."

Mary goggled as the ladies proceeded to lift up tried robes and strap the sawed off butt removed holsters to the inside of their thighs together with ammunition packs.

"What's with all the fifty caliber firepower?" Lucy pointed out. "Big scary resilient creatures I can understand, but these are Goblins, scrawny little insects." She hid her holstered side arm into her dress and accepted her automatic rifle.

"The Thief's Downfall ketsueki gaki, the entire labyrinth is riddled with that cursed water. It's the reason why magic doesn't work in the tunnels and the main purpose of the Goblins making you move around in circle till its effect wear off before you exit." Akuno Reiko move towards the Vampire. "It's the reason we require large caliber weapons to punch through any enchanted armor those little green skins can throw at us."

"Oh, unlike you, shikabane yagaru I don't reply on magic at all. Although for you, I'll make an exception." Lucy materialized her Desert Eagle and traced it directly between the Japanese woman's eyes.

"Lucy!" Harry warned. "Stand down." Satisfied when she had lowered the weapon he glared at the other woman. "I request that you please refrain from antagonizing my teammates Akurei."

"Oh! Such a commanding voice, Boya." She moved nearer to her green eyed coworker till she could whisper into his ear. "You may have the rest fooled, but my nose doesn't lie when it comes to smelling your age Boya." She gave his ear a slight nip.

"And your pedophilia knows no bounds, you are like what? Two hundred years and dead, even now, you need a charm to entice me" Harry calmly countered, despite his hands being occupied with his rifle and trapped between himself and her body. "Don't think I can't feel your mental tendrils every time you come near."

Akuno Reiko hissed in annoyance, bones chattering beneath her robes as she pressed herself against him, her fangs elongating and brushing over the nape of his neck. "Your energies are simply delicious Boya, and I won't be denied a sample."

"You're welcome to try. However…" A wand shot into his hand and he pressed its tip against her. "I strongly discourage against such actions."

"My! How forwards, Boya." She shuddered, grinding her hips against the tip of the weapon.

A flash of white light signified the execution of a Stinging Hex on the woman. The female Unspeakable yelped at the sudden pain before collapsing against Harry in shivers. "Oh! Such pleasures you execute, Boya." She backed off, a hand massaging her crotch in pleasure as she left the room.

"That is one seriously disturbed woman." Mary commented as she came up by his side.

"The fact that you resisted only makes her more excited." Price spoke as he came up to them. "I just got it over with by volunteering some of my blood. Better that than what she did to ole Clarence over there."

The silent man grunted in affirmation.

"Ambushed him alone one night and blasted him with the full selection of her charms, poor bastards being quiet ever since." He explained.

Mary stared at the other Captain in horror. "She did this to you?"

"Occupational hazard, besides I can't remember anymore, she ate the memory." Clarence muttered as if in deep thought.

"The Dragon went ape shit after that incident. Chained her up tight and starved her out in the Time Chamber for a whole decade, prevented her from hibernating too." Price informed.

Lucy shuddered at the image conjured up by her mind.

"Heard from the other boys, she went totally nuts on the death row prisoners when she was fed. The bodies were drained till only dust remained. You saw those girls she had with her?"

Harry and his group nodded.

"All Dementor victims. Knowing Dragon, they'd be either death row or Death Eaters from the first war. She keeps and animates them with her soul magic so she can eat. She doesn't get much though, that have not much for her to consume except blood. They have some semblance of awareness, they reply when spoken to, eat when hungry, react when needed, and scream when pained. The last bit, she added, likes to hear them scream." Price whispered as Clarence and one of his members jerked violently.

"The girl's a real piece of work then." Harry summed it up.

"What's to stop her from running then?" Mary pointed out.

"Tracking charms. We track her down and retire her." Clarence spoke. "Gave us one hell of a merry chase the last time we brought her in. Ironically it was Clarence here that got her. Seeing as he was the reason she ran in the first place."

"He's right, the dame's got so many trackers on her that she wouldn't be able to take a piss without us knowing. She runs, we follow and hand her the AK retirement package." Price shrugged and continued.

"Not saying that all of her kind are bad, there's always exceptions to the rule, but that one, she probably the worst." Price added. "And now she's got her eyes on you Pathertrory. What she wants, she gets, or dies trying."

Harry mirrored Lucy's predatory smile. "Let her try, I don't intend to become a meal unless willingly."


Daniel Boon National Forest – Laurel River Lake

"Where's the other team, their pushing the clock?" Harry scanned the skies for the missing team.

"They'll be here on time, maintain communication silence, you never know when the Goblins might be listening in. They have a small outpost way up the river nearer to London." Price assured.

"Used to go fishing here, good fish, Bass." Clarence looked around lake from the shore the thirteen Unspeakables were waiting.

The group had Portkeyed in at the initial rendezvous point thirty clicks South West from London City. The plan was to fly up one of the smaller rivers before navigating a hidden underwater cave system.

"They're here." Clarence droned staring at the cloud cover above.

Harry engaged his thermal vision and caught five figures rapidly descending vertically. All five flew in perfect formation as they dove towards the shore line.

With perfect precision and coordination the group pulled up, cancelled their Disillusionment Charms and landed smoothly before them.

"Captain Silica of the ARIA team, pardon the lateness but we were making sure you were our correct contact." The woman spoke quickly. "Now form up, you lot will fly in the middle. Two and three will take the front, four left flank, five, right, I'll bring up the rear." She ordered. "Maintain communication spell silence, I want everyone disillusioned, we have a localized silencing bubble around us, so feel free to mingle if you wish to crash and burn."

In no time, the group of eighteen was shooting up the river at breakneck speeds hugging the ground beneath them.

"I hear you're quite the flyer, Pathertrory." Silica pulled up beside Harry.

They had been flying for a few minutes in silence and were nearing the second checkpoint.

"Word gets around. I just fly as I feel like it." Harry focused on the terrain.

"It's a talent some have, like riding a bike, some practice, others are naturals." She performed a barrel roll to avoid a large boulder.

"Some do both." Harry pointed out as he jinked size ways to dodge a water logged tree.

"Indeed." The Unspeakable shot ahead of the group and pulled up sideways.

Everyone slowed to a hover over the small body of water that fed the river they had been flying up from.

"End of the line, your show from here, Clarence." Price informed.

"Pleasure flying with you ladies and gents, we look forwards to our next return flight, so if you'll ensure your respiring charms are in order please dive off your brooms. We'll collect them. Just a reminder, the water muddles up long range spell transmissions so feel free to break communication silence underwater else you get lost." Silica gave a small wave.

The ARIA team held the SEAL team's brooms as they leapt off the flying broomsticks into the waters. They collected and docked the spare brooms by a hook like apparatus on their brooms.

"Ready Lucy?" Harry floated near the Vampire who had hitched a ride with his partner. He tapped he head, releasing the Disillusionment Charm and spelled out a Bubblehead Charm in its place. "You have your communicator?"

The Vampire nodded staring wearily at the waters beneath her. "Vampires aren't keen on water. Bathing is fine but this is just disconcerting." She explained.

"Neither do I." Harry smiled. "Dragons hate getting wet."

"I like getting wet." Mary poked in at the two's aversion.

"That sounded so wrong in so many ways." Lucy smirked at her broom companion before diving off head first.

Harry laughed at the blush that worked its way up his partner's face. Mary stammered out half an explanation before giving up and diving off her broom. Harry grabbed it and tossed it to Silica who approached.

"Ready?" She checked.

"As I'll ever be. Never broke into Gringotts, never been cave diving before. First time for everything I guess." He flipped the broom out from under himself, and tossed it at his fellow Unspeakable as he plunged down into the cold English waters.

Author's Note:

Yeah a really late update, been busy, been lazy and been procrastinating. Hope you had fun reading the chapter, been getting tons of requests to update since my last and would like to say thanks. Your reviews and encouragements keep me writing. It's nice to know when your works appreciated.

Below is a list of the Japanese words used and their translations. When this is all done and the epilogue posted I should include a chapter with all my notes. There's over 2000 words of amusing information.

Anyhow, stay tuned, the next chapter, Harry robs Gringotts.


Nunquam Lamiae Morde "Me Ictus"

Japanese Words Used:

Word – Translation

Additional Information

Boya – Little Boy

Used by dominative women to show their superiority over a younger male.

Mesubuta – Slut

Mesu, refers to a female animal, used on humans, it is considered insulting and disgraceful. Buta, translates to pig.

Hai – Yes/Affirmative

Used to show confirmation, acceptance or understanding depending on the tone used.

Buchou-San – Mr. Department Head

Honorific attached to the end of a name to show the person's position and title. Buchou, used for department heads and San, meaning Mr. or Ms.

Hone-Onna – Bone Lady

Hone, meaning bone and Onna, meaning lady or woman. A Hone-Onna is a supernatural creature of Japanese origin and considered as a lesser demon. They appear as fair skinned beautiful women that lure unsuspecting men with the prospect of sex. They then drain and suck the life force out of their victims. Their real form is that of a skeleton with bleached white hair.

Akuno Reiko – Evil Spirit Child

The name can be spit to its base words of Aku, meaning an evil entity, Rei, being the spirit or soul and Ko, use to address a small child, generally female. No, doesn't have a meaning but is used to mark the word before it as the owner of the word after it.

Ketsueki Gaki – Blood Brat

Ketsueki, meaning blood and Gaki, being a term used to address an annoying or disruptive child.

Shikabane-Yagaru – Corpse Bitch

Shikabane, refers to a corpse and Yagaru, is attached to the end of a sentence to convey one's contempt or insult.

The guns used so far

Weapon Type – Name

Ammo Type – Ammo Load – Effective Kill Range


Assault Rifle – M16A4

5.56X45 Nato Shells – 20 To 30 Rounds Fully Automatic – 400m

Anti Personnel

Grenade Launcher – M203

40X46mm Grenade – 1 Round Self Load – 150m

Anti Vehicle

Grenade Launcher – M79

40X46mm Grenade – 1 Round Self Load – 350M

Anti Vehicle

Magazine Pistol – IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

50 Cal. Action Express Shells – 7 Rounds Semi Auto – 200m

Anti Vehicle

Magazine Pistol – Makarov Pistol

9X18mm Makarov Shells – 8 to 12 Rounds Semi Auto – 50m

Anti Personnel

Revolver Pistol – JTL-E .500 S&W Magnum 12

.500 S&W Magnum Shells – 5 Rounds Double Action – 200m

Anti Vehicle

Sniper Rifle – Barrett M82A1

.50 BMG Shells – 10 Rounds Semi Auto – 1000m

Anti Vehicle

Characters Introduced:

Name: Mary Sue (Su Mei Li, Griffin Eight)

Age: 21

Father: Classified

Mother: Classified

Height: 168 Centimeters (Variable)

Weight: 56 Kilograms (Variable)

Hair Color: Black (Variable)

Hair Length: Cheek Length (Variable)

Complexion: Fair Skinned (Variable)

Identifying Features: Unspeakable and Metamorphmagus.

Name: Lucy Annabelle Murray (Lucy Annabelle Tepes)

Age: 15

Father: Vlad Dracula Tepes the Third of Wallachia (Son of the Dragon, Lord Of The Dead, Prince Of Darkness)

Mother: Wilhelmina Murray (Mina Harker, The Bride Of Dracula, Mistress Of The Dead, Queen Of The Damned)

Height: 155 Centimeters (160 Centimeters)

Weight: 50 Kilograms (51 Kilograms)

Eye Color: Light Blue (Bright Red)

Hair Color: Black with silver streaks (Blond)

Hair Length: Shoulder Length (Mid Back Length)

Complexion: Pale (Deathly Pale)

Identifying Features: Silver streaked hair, gothic dress style and choker with jeweled crucifix attached, claws and fangs when in true form

Name: Akuno Reiko (Reiko, Akurei, Akuno, The Corpse Puppeteer)

Age: Classified

Father: Classified

Mother: Classified

Height: 188 Centimeters

Weight: 60 Kilograms (12 Kilograms)

Eye Color: Black (None)

Hair Color: Black (Bleached White)

Hair Length: Beyond Ankle Length

Complexion: Pale (Skeletal)

Identifying Features: Long ankle length hair, usually tied up disheveled, prefers Japanese kimonos worn loosely exposing shoulders, sexual predator by nature, rattling of bones when moving in alternate form, chattering of mandibles when annoyed or enraged, walking skeletal figure.