Hector couldn't help but smile at Andi, and then a thought occurred to him, causing his expression to change into one of annoyance. "Damn it!" His tone conveyed his emotion.

"What?" Obsidia raised an eyebrow looking up at him, wondering what could have killed his mood. Now was not the time for pause as far as she was concerned, and she knew he didn't want to stop. That much was evident.

"Afraid that's as good as it gets for right now. Wasn't expecting this, didn't bring any condoms."

Andi couldn't help but laugh at her lover, before rolling them over with a wink. "There are other ways you know."

"Wanted my ride." Delgado pouted, looking like a little boy who was told he couldn't have any candy.

"Well..." The female ninja couldn't help but play with him a little by walking her fingers up his chest, smirking a bit. "Still possible."

Hector raised his own eyebrow to mirror his lover's earlier expression. "Really?" Wondering if she meant what he thought she meant.

"Yes." He had given her more pleasure than Andi had in a very long time; she wished to return the favor.

Shipwreck couldn't help but smirk at her as he placed his hands behind his head, looking every bit relaxed. Andi leaned forward to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, which was happily returned as he started to re-harden.

"I could get addicted to you, Hector Delgado."

"I like that idea." Delgado smirked up at her not having moved his hands from behind his head as they kissed.

Reaching back Andi began to massage Hector's erection using his natural juices to lubricate the hard shaft before sliding him into the tighter of her two entrances, biting down on her lip as the head of his erection pushed past the tight ring of muscles, filling her completely. Shipwreck's eyes opened wide at how tight his lover felt around him. No woman had ever let him take them like this before. Placing her hands on Delgado's chest, Andi couldn't help but smile as he hissed in pleasure when she started to ride him slowly, lifting herself almost all the way off his weeping shaft before sliding back to it's base. She balanced herself with her hands above him, watching his face closely. Hector could do nothing but watch the woman above him, his mind lost in the pleasure of her hot tight ass. It took everything the navy man had to keep from grabbing her hips and rutting into her like some randy teenage boy in his first sexual encounter.

As if reading her lover's mind, Andi soon began to quicken her pace, getting almost as much pleasure from her actions as her lover was. Finally, coming back to himself, Delgado finally began to meet her thrusts. His hand strayed to her clit, thumb stroking her lightly as his fore and index finger teased at her very wet, unoccupied entrance.

"Oh god…So tight…" He barely groaned out as he moved closer to his release. "No one's ever…."

"mmmm…. Happy to oblige you." Obsidia groaned out, leaning over to kiss him deeply. His fingers pulling her closer to her own release.

Pumping his fingers in time with his thrusts, Hector's eyes locked on Andi's as she bit her lip in pleasure. Sensing how close his lover was to completion, Shipwreck's free hand want to stroke at one of her breasts, thumb massaging the pert nipple as the thumb on his other hand increased pressure on her clit. Obsidia's eyes rolled back on their own accord as her pace increased, yet again, striving for her release. Unable to last any longer, Hector spilled his seed deep within her tight ass, calling her name. Thrusting a few more times on her lover, Andi soon followed him over the edge, ending up laying atop him as her breathing and heartbeat slowed to normal. Trying to get a hold of his own breathing as well, Hector wrapped his arms around the woman he loved, holding her tight, kissing her temple lightly.

"Really happy to oblige." Obsidian looked up at her lover, smiling.

"Happy to be on the receiving end." Delgado smiled back, feeling way more relaxed than he had in a very long time.

Watching the man she was quickly realizing she loved, a thought occurred to the dark haired woman. "Didn't ask. Why the new style of beard?" Andi couldn't help herself as she stroked his clean shaven cheek.

"Seemed like a good idea at the time." Hector shrugged, not having thought about it in some time.

"I like it." Obsidia began kissing at his jaw line.

"Have to keep it that way." Hector smiled as she put her forehead to his looking into his eyes before leaning back and yawning. "Nap time." Delgado watched her.

"Sorry." Andi looked at him sheepishly as she snuggled back into him, with the full intention of using Hector as her bed. It wasn't long before said mattress followed her into a sound sleep.

The two lovers were still sound asleep the next morning when shipwreck's parrot came to call. Wanting into the room, the feathered menace began to peck and squawk at the door, rousing the inhabitants.

"What the hell?" Andi mumbled into Hector's chest, not having moved from the night before.

"Stupid bird… Go away!" Delgado, not opening his eyes, yelled.

Obsidia did not want to move from her bed. "Got a gun." She groaned as way of an offer.

"He's to fast. Tried it before." Shipwreck still didn't open his eyes.

"Time's it?" Andi slurred, giving a big yawn.

"0900." Hector glanced at the alarm clock on his night stand. Though they were both late, Shipwreck made no move to get up.

"What?" Obsidia sat up quickly, causing Hector to moan.


"Damn it!" The dark haired woman quickly climbed from the bed, grabbing her clothes, before rushing for the shower. Hector deciding it would be best to do so as well, thought be it at a slower pace. As he stepped into the shower, Andi was quickly washing up. Rinsing off, she then dressed. Seeing the state her clothing was in, she cursed. A perfectly good uniform ruined. It was as she was tucking in her T-shirt heading for the door when Delgado emerged from the shower.

"Late. Me! I'm never late! What kind of impression does that make?"

"The kind that you had fun last night." Hector grinned following her to the course after dressing.

Andi shook her head. "Yes…I mean…" her statement was cut off by a groan as she saw Hector's pesky parrot fly overhead with a squawk. "Shut up before I have a small feather pillow." She spoke to the bird.

"Be my guest." Hector shrugged knowing full well she would never be able to catch the flying feather duster.

"Fun in Obsidia's quarters." Polly squawked as she flew in circles around the lovers.

"First chance I get…" The female ninja rubbed her face.

"Be my guest." Delgado glared at Polly. With another squawk the little green loud mouth flew off to where Leatherneck, Gung Ho, and Hard Core were standing.

"Zero Six hundred, huh?" Leatherneck looked Obsidia over.

"What are you doin' here, Wreck?" Gung Ho looked the sailor over much the way Leatherneck had Andi.

"Fun last night." Polly called still circling the group. Hector shrugged at the Cajun as he glared at the parrot.

"Fun?" Leatherneck asked as he looked between the two Joes.

"In Obsidia's quarters." The feather duster supplied.

Neither Shipwreck nor Andi could keep the blush down at being outted by the bird. It took only a moment for the female ninja to regain herself, finally making a jump for the parrot. Polly being quicker flew a bit higher, staying just out of reach. Sabre, who had time before her classes started, had come out to watch the course being run, and to see how the other Joes interacted with each other was drawn to the commotion.

"What's going on?" The young woman asked as she joined the group. Her voice was naturally soft. Shorter than most of her fellow Joes, Mackenzie Richmond came to only five feet four inches, her curly red hair hung to her chin. Her warm brown eyes took in her team mates, studying them closely. She was fair skinned with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and though you could not see it with her T -shirt on, her shoulders shared the trait. The young woman also wore a light scar from the cheek to the corner of her mouth. A gift from an over zealous competitor after a winning a fencing match.

"Going to have a stuffed parrot to sit on the flag pole." Obsidia's full attention was on the bird.

"Why? He's a little cutie." Mackenzie smiled at Polly.

"No he isn't." Hector gave Sabre a look that clearly stated he thought she was nuts.

"Fun last night in Obsidia's quarters." Polly sensing she had a friend in the group flew over to where Sabre stood.

"He's a menace." Andi chimed in eyeing the bird.

"Pain in the ass." Leatherneck agreed.

"Parrot Gumbo sounds good." Gung Ho gave a nod.

Sabre could not believe that such a cute little thing could be such a problem. Smiling at the bird, she held out a hand for it to perch on. "You're a pretty bird, aren't you?" She cooed down at him.

"Pretty. Polly wants a cracker." The little green feather duster landed on her arm. "Pretty lady."

"I don't have a cracker right now, but we could get you some." Mackenzie stroked at Polly's head with her free hand, ignoring the jibes from the other Joes. "Pretty Polly."

The little bird rubbed against Sabre's hand enjoying the attention, also ignoring the others around them.

"Well I believe you owe us a run." Leatherneck spoke to Obsidia as Hector spoke to Mackenzie. "You can keep him."

Both men received nods from the females. Polly, choosing that moment to make up with Shipwreck, rubbed against Sabre one last time before giving a squawk and flying over to land on his shoulder, rubbing against his cheek.

"What do you want, feather face?" The sailor eyed his bird suspiciously.

"Handsome." The Parrot nipped at his ear affectionately. "Good sailor."

"You better behave yourself or I'll let Gung Ho make a gumbo out of you." He couldn't help but soften, though, petting the bird. Polly cooed contentedly, flying off to cause havoc with someone else.

"You're a softy." Obsidia smirked at her lover.

"Had him for years." The sailor shrugged.

"I know." Andi gave a short nod. "Damn pain in the ass has helped you pull enough pranks on me."

Shipwreck couldn't help but smile. "Guess those days are over now."

"Where would the fun in that be?" Obsidia gave him a wink before turning to Leatherneck. "Okay time to kick some marine butt."

Shipwreck checked out Andi's ass due to her words. "Yours is much sexier."

Obsidia rolled her eyes at him. "Thanks, considering." She motioned to the three well built male marines.

Hector gave the female ninja a grin patting her firm ass. Catching said hand quickly, she turned slightly to him. "Be good."

"I am or you would be de-panted." He shot back quickly.

Shaking her head with a sigh, the female ninja turned towards the marines. "Alright, Jarheads, lets get this done."

Taking their place at the start of the obstacle course, the three men gave slight nods. Sabre watched from the sidelines, as she had nothing better to do until her classes started. Having been an eyewitness to the sword fight between the two ninjas the day before, she was not shocked in the least when the only woman in the group came out way ahead of her companions.

Shipwreck couldn't keep the proud smile form his lips as his lover made her way back to where he, Beachhead and Saber stood, the three Marines coming up behind her.

"Pretty bad when a lady shows you two up." Beachhead sneered under his mask at Leatherneck and Gung Ho, earning him heated glares in return.

"Think you could do better? Be our guest." Gung Ho motioned to the course.

Obsidia smiled, which was more a smirk, at the ranger. "Be a pleasure."

"Fine." Sneeden had every intention of showing the marines and the ninja how it was done.

"This is too easy." Obsidia gave a devilish smile worthy of her old tutor.

"Just wait." Beachhead warned having no intention of losing on HIS course.

Hector shook his head as the two competitors walked to the starting point. Obsidia again finished first, with the Ranger coming in close behind. His time was better than both Leatherneck and Gung Ho but he was not pleased about being bested.

"That's my girl." Shipwreck called to Andi with a big smile, happy to see someone beat the one man that made his life hell more than anyone.

"Not another pair." Beachhead could not hide the exasperation in his voice.

"Pair?" Andi couldn't hide the confusion as she gave Wayne a questioning look.

"You don't approve?" Sabre queried, seeing nothing wrong with two people being in love.

"Fraternization. It's against the rules." The ranger crosses his arms, growling slightly.

"Thought that was between officers and enlisted personnel." Obsidia stated with a shrug.

"If it's love, who's to say it's wrong?" Mackenzie looked at Sneeden intently.

"They want a relationship, find another job." The ranger snorted. They were here to do a job. A member of their team falling in love with another could cost lives. Of course, a part of him thought of a certain ex-model.

"What happens if you fall." The gruff man now had the full attention of the young sergeant.

"Falling is for those out of control." Though a voice in the back of Wayne's mind asked exactly how in control he was.

"You've never been out of control?" Mackenzie couldn't understand how he could be so against two people finding happiness with each other.


"Perhaps you're missing out then." That proved it, the man needed laid.

"My life is fine." The young Sergeant was beginning to get on his nerves, he decided in that instant, that one misstep and she was going to be running the course from morning to night.

"But you seem so…unhappy."

"I'm perfectly happy." The ranger's statement earned him snorts form Gung Ho and Leatherneck.

"Then way are you so…." She searched for the right word. "Cranky all the time?" She had seen him more than a little gruff with the rest of his teammates.

"I like being cranky." Sneeden turned up his glare just a little.

"Perhaps you need a woman or man in your bed." At Mackenzie's statement Hector had a hard time holding in his laughter.

Beachhead narrowed his eyes at the Sergeant "Yer pushin' it girl."

"Did I offend you?" Sabre was the picture of innocence, almost making Wayne believe an apology was forth coming until she finished her statement. "I take it back. Instead of maybe you need a woman or man, I should have said man." Her mask fell away as a wide grin broke over her lips.

Shipwreck was holding his side, trying not to let the laughter burst out. The last thing the naval officer wanted was to end up running Wayne's beloved course over and over.

Wayne looked fit to kill. Seeing his murderous expression Andi stepped in. "Sergeant, I believe this topic should be reserved for later. Once Beachhead has had some time to cool down."

"I'm fine. Wouldn't hit a woman." The ranger grumbled.

Not listening to Obsidia's suggestion, Sabre continued innocently. "It's really nothing to be ashamed of. You're attracted to whom you're attracted too. You can't change it. I know some men, I could hook you up."

"I'm not interested in men. I spend too much time with them as is." The sergeant's tone clearly said for Sabre to drop it.

The young woman planned on doing just that after one last jibe. "When you're ready to come out, let me know. I'll make sure you meet a nice guy."

To stop himself from actually hitting a woman Beachhead, stalked off growling about women having big mouths needing stuffed. He could not wait until Saber messed up and landed at his feet.

"Denial." Mackenzie sighed.

"I like her." Shipwreck spoke to his lover as he pointed to Saber.

"You would." Andi smiled in amusement. She had a feeling if the young woman and Hector became friends they would create havoc on base.

"He's got the hots for one of the ladies on base." Gung Ho supplied after Wayne was out of ear shot.

"Who?" The redhead's interest was piqued.

"Cover girl." Shipwreck, Leatherneck, and Gung Ho all supplied at the same time.

"Cool." Mackenzie sidled up to the Cajun. "You look like the kind of guy who would buy a lady a drink." Saber gave him her sexiest smile.

"Huh? Me?" Gung Ho pointed to himself in disbelief. Leatherneck's expression clearly stated as well he could not believe his ears. "Yeah him?"

"Yes you." Sabre's smile grew wider her focus on the man before her.

"I… uh… could…" The Cajun scratched at the back of his head, more than a little shocked at her forwardness.

Taking his free arm the tiny redhead leaned into him. "Looks like you know your way around as well."

"Almost as well as the bayou." There was a pride in his voice at the mention of his home.

"So would you mind showing little ole' me around?" She turned up the charm just a bit.

"I can do that." The big man gave a nod before turning to his gaping companion. "Cover for me."

"I can do that." Leatherneck nodded eyes wide unable to believe how forward the new recruit was being and a small part wondering why Gung Ho and not him.

"I'm all yours." There was a twinkle in the young woman's eyes as she was lead off.

"Well I need to go to Hawk's office." Obsidia turned to her lover after watching Saber and Gung Ho head off. "I hate paper work."

Hector gave Andi a kiss to her cheek "Got some stuff to do myself." He couldn't hide the mischievous look in his eyes.

"What are you up too?" Knowing that look well. It usually appeared right before she found something in her room that wasn't supposed to be. Her attention was caught by her brother's approach though.

"Beachhead…" Hector cut off as the other ninja came up to them.

"What are you going to do to him?" Obsidia tried to ignore her brother.

"Not sure yet." Delgado grinned at her as Leatherneck and Hard core, who wanted no more information on it, went back to the other marines.

"Don't do anything that will get you landed in the mess hall with the potatoes or the brig." Andi's rank came out in her statement. It was something Hector tended to forget about her. Obsidia didn't usually throw the fact she out ranked damn near everyone one on base.

"He'll never know it was me." A plan had come to Shipwreck, the new sergeant had given him a great idea. "As a matter of fact, if I do it right, he'll believe it was the new girl."


"Yes?" The sailor looked much like Mackenzie had, all innocence.

"That's not nice or fair." Obsidia shook her head. "Who am I to stop you if I don't know about all this." She gave a wink.

"Never claimed to be nice." Hector gave a shrug.

"Oh, you're nice, sweet even." Andi gave her lover a smile.

"Don't let it get around." Hector gave a wink before heading off to put his plan into action.

"Have fun." Obsidia called to his retreating form, before turning to her brother.