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Gin and Kin approached the village from the forest in their illusionary human forms. Gin lost the fluffy puppy ears and her silvery eyes dulled to dark grey. Kin's hair turned black and lost a few inches, his eyes turned brown, his claws retracted and his tail turned invisible. Both lost the fangs.

By the time the two reached the edge of the village, everyone, young and old, were staring at them. The older people took in what the two were wearing and their eyes shone with hope that their beloved Kagome would return, while the children were curious as to who there queerly dressed people were.

Several minutes later, the two were encircled and the crowd was whispering.

"HEY! What's going on!"

The crowd parted as a male with long white hair, white fluffy puppy ears, golden eyes, claws and a bright red hiori jogged through the crowd, followed by a pale woman who looked like their mother, two teenage boys with black hair, one with gold eyes, and a young teenage girl with white hair.

The twins turned to face the new-comers head on. The hanyou and undead priestess stopped, both because of the familiar clothing style, and additionally for InuYasha was the resemblance Gin had to his mother, Lady Hina, and Kin's resemblance to both Lord InuTaisho and Sesshoumaru, though decidedly human looking.

"Hey! Nice skirt!"

Six heads whipped around to stare at the boy with golden eyes, who, from the description, could only be Kenshin. Both Kikyou and InuYasha looked like they didn't know what to do, Gin was turning a steady seething red, hands clenching and unclenching, face set in lines pronouncing brutal bloody murder, and Kin was edging away at a rapid rate. The siblings of Kenshin appeared to be having the same sentiments.


Gin lunged at Kenshin before being hidden by a convenient ball of dust. The three remaining siblings (though two of them didn't know this), along with the crowd of villagers, stood around while watching the fight, or rather slaughter as Kenshin never got the chance to fight back.

"What's happening?"

InuYasha's head snapped around and he growled. Kin didn't bother turning around, his eyes locked on the ball of dust screaming obscenities and blasphemies against males. "This idiot commented on Gin's skirt."

Pause. "Ah…" Pause. "I'm Shippo."

The part-youkai grunted. "Kin."

"Is she, by any chance, your wife?"


"Not much of a talker, are you?'

Kin grunted.

"…Is she married or, perhaps, betrothed?"

Kin gave an irritated growl, below most human's hearing range. "Do you have a death wish."


"Didn't think so."

"Hey, Kin! You still got that rosary on ya!"

Kin searched his pockets for a second before he pulled out the black and purple beaded rosary he carried around for some reason. He tossed it into the cloud of dust with a "Don't break it."

There was a few moments of chanting, a flash of silvery-blue light and another scream of "PERVERT!", quickly followed by a thud and a long drawn out whine.

The dust settled to reveal Gin standing and dusting off her skirt while Kenshin was curled into a foetal position at her feet, still making that keening noise. Gin looked up and the entire village to a collective step back.

Then she smiled and everyone relaxed. Kin cleared his throat catching his sister's attention. She turned her upper body and blinked coyly.

Kin noticed her eyes flick to Shippo, whom he had yet to look at, her pupils dilated and her face took on the minute details that deviated this look from the "It's-so-cute-and-I-wanna-hug-it-to-death" Look™. This was the "Oh-My-God-He's-Got-A-Tail!-HUG-IT-NOW!" Look™.

Kin knew this Look™ because some of his youkai friends had come over at one point and dropped their glamour. Two of the three had had fluffy tails. Kin considered it a miracle that Gin hadn't glomped Sesshoumaru.

And what is going through the mind of the little black puppy?

Red hair, very nice red hair in fact, pretty turquoise eyes, pointy ears, claws, tail, tall…wait…backtrack…processing…tail…tail…TAIL! HUGGIT!


In the forest to the South, Sesshoumaru was having trouble keeping his sniggers in as he watched his niece crash-glomp Kagome's kistune protégé, Shippo.

This little button down here is tempting, no?