"Decisions of the heart are always the hardest to see;
but when you take a close look don't expect to find exactly what
you want."


He knew who she was from the start. Her power filled the room, changing the world around her. He felt it pull at even him, but he would have none of it. He remains on the edge, a dark pool of water, strong and solitary.

She doesn't know, and isn't aware of it. She is curious nonetheless, and smiles, her wide eyes the colour of green, growing things. Her smile is dizzy, intoxicating, warmer than the sunshine, but it doesn't touch him. How could it?

And later on, to prove it, he shows her that he doesn't need smiles. The Cards should be his, and he will make them so. Her eyes are wide then, surprise and shock.

He scorns the weakness, pities the inexperience (envies the innocence) and turns away.

She says that she will beat him, because she has strength too. He scoffs.

She smiles at him -come to the edge- she says, daring him to fall.

He won't fall.

She fights beside him, but he jumps ahead, she will not win because he has always been alone, and he does it better than her. But she keeps on, and he admires her persistence, even as he despises her.

The card dances ahead of him, teasingly close. He is focused on it. Nothing else is important. He will not fail (he will not fall!)

Then suddenly she slips, and he reacts. The surface of the water trembles, something has shifted beneath. She falls, but he catches her in a cushion of air that somehow supports more than her weight. He grabs her hand at the bottom, and abruptly the magic dances through them.

He jerks back and turns away, but the balance has shifted.

She smiles at him -come to the edge- she says, daring him to fall

He won't fall, but her smile lingers in his head.

They fight together, moving in unpracticed harmony. The magic dances between them, unacknowledged support. He will not lean on it, but she can, because she needs it. He doesn't, he never has (and yet, and yet…)

She turns to him, eyes wide and green like the oceans crashing in his head. He is bewildered, attacked on a front he didn't even think to protect (the worst of it all is she doesn't even know) Would she care?

He is stumbling, dangerously close now. She is pulling him forward. Why can't he stop her? Does he even want to? He is scared for the first time in his life, but cannot pull away.

She smiles at him -come to the edge- she says, daring him to fall

He hesitates…

He stands on a bridge, water rushing under, pulling his old life away. She stands with him, tender and confused. This is all the time he has left, but cold fingers pry at his mouth, choking the words in his head. He is afraid, still afraid, and why shouldn't he be? Nothing good could come of this. It is safer to stay, and he almost does…

…but then she smiles at him -come to the edge- she says, daring him to fall

He reaches out, trembling fingers covering hers.

and he came to the edge, and she pushed him, and he flew.