A/N: For Tiffany, who has always been there for me when I needed someone. I'm sorry if this is confusing, it changes POV from Jess to Rory a lot.

A Day in The Park

He sat on the bench watching her. He watched her smile and laugh at someone else jokes. He watched as she held the other persons hand and touched the other persons face. His heart broke every time a smile broke her lips. His heart broke as he watched her be with someone else. His heart broke. Period.

He didn't want it to break. He had never really honestly cared before, but seeing her with him, it looked like she didn't care now. And that was what mattered.

So he did what he always did. He turned to the blonde next to him and grabbed her head pulling her into an aggressive kiss. He closed his eyes and kissed. He kissed, pretending it was her.

She turned away and watched as he kissed another girl. She watched as he ran his fingers through another girl's hair. Her heart broke as he ran his fingers across someone else's cheek. Her heart broke as he continued to kiss her. Her heart broke. Period.

She fought back tears and bit her lip. She knew this wasn't what was right, what was meant to be. It hurt but she did what she always did.

She turned to the boy next to her and pulled him into a gentle, soft kiss. She closed her eyes and kissed. She kissed, pretending it was him.

He pulled out of the kiss and sighed, leaning back across the bench. He looked across the center of town, back at the girl and he was surprised to see her staring back. She had a foreign look on her face and she was staring right back at him.

She pulled out of the kiss early and turned in her seat. She watched as he finished kissing her and turned in her direction. He looked directly at her. He seemed sad somehow.

He stared at her for a few more moments and she didn't turn away. Their eyes were locked, brown on blue. He knew then. He knew how she felt, how she had been feeling. Even from fifty feet away, he could see it in her eyes. He stood up and ignored the protest coming from next to him. He began to walk towards the girl, never losing eye contact.

She looked at him and he looked back. She watched as he stood up and walked towards her. Her heart jumped up into her throat and there was no denying the direction he was coming.

She swallowed her heart back down as he stepped in front of her. She heard the boy next to her say something but she really didn't care, and apparently neither did the boy standing in front of her for he continued to stare in her eyes. A slight smile lightened his features and he held out his hand. They both knew.

She smiled. A real smile, not the fake on she had been parading around for weeks. And it felt good. She smiled and took his hand.