3rd May 05


I have the strangest feeling that Gina doesn't feel that a date with Super Sarge is the thing that would require taking time off to prepare, or she doesn't understand that it takes priority over filing.

What is it with these people?


"So. Smithy. What's it like rescuing small orphans and puppies from burning buildings?"

…That's not going to work.


Just an awful thought, what if other people turn up? What if it was just an offer of a lift, and that there will be other people there?


But if that was right… there'd be a mention surely. "Just me –paaaause- and you." And a few of the others will pop down later."



Think Gina's on the warpath, she always seems to walk by when I'm scribbling in here… woman must have 'she's-not-working!' radar, or do I have a flashing neon light over my head.


Note to self: Don't check for flashing neon light. You will bang your head on the filing cabinet, and Gina will smirk.


That woman has strange ways of keeping people occupied, what is this thing you call 'work'? Pfft. I wonder if you can sue for paper cuts… must catch one of the duty solicitors before they go through to custody…


Home. An hour and half to get ready.

It's never gonna be anywhere near enough!


Mickey has stolen the hairdryer. He has to have done. I've checked under the bed, and in the bathroom, and in the airing cupboard, and behind the settee….

I'd check under Mickey's bed but I haven't got time to divert to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Last time I 'offered' (read 'was bribed') we found a plate of month old spaghetti and various forms of mould trying to breed and cross-contaminate each other.


Who on earth put the hairdryer in the vegetable rack? I dread to think where those missing potatoes ended up….


After several dress changes and general glaring into the mirror to find things that work together we may have something. This whole - 'This old thing? First thing I threw on. Yes, it does flatter the curves, doesn't it?' - is harder than it looks. Sadly it doesn't leave time for much to do much with the hair and make up, so it's sort of… natural waves, helped with a tiny smidge of mousse, and not half the can like last time. Now. The natural make up look…


Don't want anything that might rub off on sheets.

How presumptuous is that! Not that I'm expecting to fall into his arms (...ahem) or that I'm that sort of girl it's just… It's Smithy. I've waited so long for this! It anything was to happen, I don't want him to think he's slept with a clown!


But… then I don't want to sleep in a load of make up and wake up with panda eyes and look like Dan after his latest boxing match. But I don't want to seem like I'm being easy by taking everything.


…Possibly need to rethink amount of make up one owns.

Hopefully the cleansing wipes will do the trick.

Damn you Smith!


Ready with 15 minutes free. That has to be a record, especially considering who it's for. He'll be here in 15, time to move Mickey to the kitchen and hide him out the way and then leg it round with the air freshener.


Mickey didn't take too well to being hidden away; he thinks I'm embarrassed by him. Poor love. I just don't think him seeing Smithy outside of work would be a great idea, especially not if he's sulking at me. God knows what he might say, or what even it might imply!


Awww, a cuddle and he was okay. I love my…. ARGH! DOORBELL! He's early! HOW INCONSIDERATE IS THAT!? You don't DO early to a girl! Pfft. Men.