Chapter 9

"Dad, I said I'll sleep down here." Haruka got an extra blanket from the closet.

"Kaida, she's your daughter. You can trust her, when she says she'll sleep down here, she'll sleep down here. Right Haruka?" Aiko looked at the blond.

"Yes. I'll stay down here. I promise." Haruka stretched out on the sofa. It wasn't long before she was uncomfortable.

"Com on honey, Lets let Haruka rest. It's been a long day for us all." Aiko gently took Kaida's hand and led her upstairs.

Haruka had never been as nervous as she had been when she watched her parents walk up the steps. She was starting to have second thoughts about leaving. What if she was wrong about her feelings for Michiru? What if Michiru refused to go with her? What if they were caught?

Three o'clock chimed from the clock in the hall. Haruka looked up. She'd never fallen asleep, there was too much on her mind for her to even try. The blond slowly climbed the steps and walked down the hall. She winced and froze when she stepped on a squeaky board. 'Shit!' She cursed herself for it. Yet she continued on when she heard no noise. Good, nobody woke up.

"Michi, are you awake?" she slowly pushed open their bedroom door. "Mmm. I'll take that as a yes." she chuckled after she was kissed.

"Are you sure we should do this? I mean, what if they tell us tomorrow that we can be together, that Kaida only over-reacted to the situation."

Haruka placed her finger over her love's lips. "Shh. My father hit me, remember? I can't stay here. They won't let us together. We both know that Michi. Dad gave me my trust fund when I turned 16, I've got plenty of money for us to survive off of. At least until I'm able to get a job. You have to trust me." The blond reached down to grab the suitcases.

"I trust you Ruka." Michiru slid her hand tightly into Haruka's as they snuck down the steps…

"Honey, I'm going to work." Haruka leant down and kissed her fiancée.

It had been nearly 4 years since Haruka and Michiru ran from their home. Over that time span, they were able to make up with their parents. They saw each other occasionally, mostly on the holidays.

"Promise you'll be home for dinner sweetheart. Mom and dad are coming. Plus I'm making your favorite. "Michiru stood and fixed her love's tie.

"As long as you're for dessert I'll be here."

Michiru smiled and winked at the blond. "I love you Haruka."

"I love you too Michiru."

-The End

I do have to say, it has been quite a pleasure keeping this story. I have very much enjoyed it. And I hope you all have as well.