Summary: AU- Richard is a popular, high-society, rich snob. Until Kori arrives. Everything changes then. Life, friends, love… Rob/Star, BB/Rae, Cy/Bee.

A.N.—My new story! An AU!

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The Girl Of My Dreams

Chapter One—Noticing The New

It was early morning, Richard Grayson was preparing for school. His jet-black hair was spiked but now at the time was mussed; his eyes were closed has he was rubbing them sleepily; he was scratching his back lazily like a chimp. The results were resolved and the conclusion was: Richard Grayson is not a morning person.

He flipped out his cool black shades and placed them on his eyes, which he never revealed. Even after he carelessly put on a pair of sagged denim jeans and a half-white, half-red long T-shirt he still looked like the perfect boyfriend a girl could every want.

He smiled narcissistically at his reflexion above his desk, and thought, 'Looking smooth, Rich.' And grabbed his backpack off his desk and 'coolly' hung it loosely and carelessly on the edge of his left shoulder.

He climbed down the stairs that lead to the kitchen since his room was on the second story. He picked up a peanut butter chewy, an apple, and a water bottle and stuffed it in his bag since he was already late for school and didn't have enough time to eat here.

He checked his watch: eight-twenty a.m. There was still ten whole precious minutes to actually make it on time, a new record in his case. Otherwise, he might as well eat the pink slip as breakfast he would receive if he didn't make it there on time.

He ran to his motorcycle, which he called the 'Rich-Cycle' and hopped on. He strapped on the Velcro laces and straightened on the red helmet and zoomed off.

When he arrived at school, it was two minutes to the bell. "Yes! Score!" Richard yelled.

"Yo, Rich, dwag, you're actually on time?"

His best friend Victor, who everyone called Vic, stood there with a brood grin spread across his face. He was a tall, African-American, and beefy guy. He was a football star at their school and was popular. Rich, Vic, and Roy who everyone called "Speedy" ruled the school, along with their preppy, brainless, and popular girlfriends: Babs, Jessica, and more.

"Yeah, managed to actually hear the alarm clock this time, sweet, huh?"

"Nice, dude!"

They both did their own secret handshake, and bounced off each other's chest barbarically. (Not gay, but you know when guys bounce off each other in sports when they win or something?)

The bell rang.

"Man, I hate that thing!" Spat Victor. (One thing we have in common.)

"I know, I just wish I could take it off and we'd never have," Agreed Rich, "Hey, where's Speedy?"

Victor looked around; "Dunno, absent today or something?"

"Yeah, maybe-Uh-oh! C'mon, Vic, we'll be late!"

"Right behind ya'!" Vic yelled.

When they got to class, everyone was still getting settled.

"Phew, made it on time."

They sat down in their seats, next to an unpopular guy every teased and the nickname "Grass-ass." But his real name was Garfield, and his friends called him "Gar".

Garfield got that nickname because of his liking for the color green. He knew everything about green. Everything he owned was green. His shirt was green and had long-sleeves, his jeans were meant to blue, but he dyed it with so green, and now they look like mint-shaded with little hints of green, he also wore a bright green: watch, beanie hat, etc. His eyes were shaded dark grass green, but everyone said they were fake and contacts, but his family has green eyes on his mom's side. The only thing really fake green was his green gel he used to dye his hair. Garfield was a green freak.

"Don't look now, but Grass-ass is at least inches near us." Whispered Vic to Rich.

Rich grew a devilish smile. "You don't say?"

"I daresay." Vic imitated the teacher Mrs. Applebee.

"Indeed." Rich continued this imitation, as he pulled out a pink water balloon secretly filtered with green paste/glue, and attached a toy playful bomb Bruce bought him from Toy 'R' Us, and taped underneath his wooden chair when he left to sharpen his green pencil. Rich had also added a note that said: Now you've finally accomplished your goal in life…a green ass! Hoo-ray! You own everything green in life!

Vic and Rich were intensely trying to hold in all the laughter; first he would be so humiliated; then Mrs. Applebee would believe their word; and Grass-ass would then get a detention! What more could you ask for? (A life, jerks!)

Mrs. Applebee walked in; and spotted Rich. "Ah, Mr. Grayson, on time? That's a start. Everyone clap for Mr. Grayson." She said, and added, "You deserve a homework pass!"

Everyone clapped, Rich gave a charming smile, but Garfield, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. Mrs. Applebee never gave those even when he got five A's in a row one time!

A girl stepped in at the door of the classroom.

Mrs. Applebee glanced at her, "Oh, you must be Kory, I'm Mrs. Applebee, class, Kory Andrews is a new student, so everyone welcome her."

Every clapped their hands; but inside, they were all amazed! The girls were amazed because they were so surprised anyone of their gender could actually look like that, they all wished they had green eyes all of the sudden.

The boys were drooling, especially rich, who had a lake of saliva.

Kori Andrews had long, flowing scarlet hair; and matching emerald eyes. She wore a simple jean skirt and a purple t-shirt.

Rich took everything he ever said about green eyes being ugly; her were like everlasting green orbs!

"Garfield, would it be alright if Kory and you transfer seats? Garfield, you'll sit next to Matthew, Kory, you sit here."

Kory sat next to Rich, who sat to Vic, who whispered, "Rich, that Kory chick's gonna get what Grass-ass was supposed to get!"

Rich zapped back into reality, snd the hearts around him popped. "You're right!"

"Don't! She's no t worth it!" hissed Vic. "Unless you like her..."

Rich blushed, "You know it, Vic."

Twenty seconds left until it goes off.

"Oh god..."

Ten seconds.


"NNNNOOOO!" Rich yelled, pushed Kory aside, and took the blow.

Rich was enclosed with green glue everywhere.

"Mr. Grayson! Just what is going on here!"

"Heh...I can explain...?"

"Explain whom you were trying to aim for Kory or Garfield!"

"Mrs. Applebee, I can explain-"

"-Save your excuses. Why would Mr. Logan address himself for having the accomplishment of a green posterior?"



Meanwhile, Kory was confused. Why did this boy just save her?