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Setting (Time) - About a two weeks before "Date With Destiny".


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The Girl Of My Dreams

Chapter Seven—Barbara

The exclusive bad-boy slowly rendered his eyes open and tilted his head towards the light. It came from the nurse office spotlights, but to him, it looked like aliens were abducting him. He didn't remember anything from the previous day. Realizing the light was now blinding him; he turned towards the more shaded side of the room. A redhead figure was holding his right hand, her head buried in his palm.

On the side of him was a laden breakfast tray, but he assumed lunch made acceptations. There were many letters clattered on his left, on the footstool. At least thirteen or fourteen, but that was only counting the pink ones.

The redheaded figure's green eyes beamed at him when he finally made eye contact with 'it'. Then, the figure whispered, "He's awake", gratefully. The figure stood up, after conversing with one of the doctors, and squealed. Then he recognized who the redhead was. Definitely not Kori.

"Dick! You're okay!" Barbara Gordon, or more commonly known as Babs, latched on to him. Her right leg sprung in the air as if she was lovestruck. Normally three words were described for this. Phony. Fake. False.

Babs' now sparkling ivy green eyes were dancing, as she was. His disenchanted expression didn't phase her, either that, or wasn't seen by her. "Dick? Dick, what's wrong?"

His unforeseen facial expression might have hurt her…but she didn't show it. She had red hair, almost scarlet, and big beautiful green eyes. She was tall and slender. She was wearing a baby blue valor skirt and a form fitting white T-shirt. In her arms, other than Robin, was a valor hoodie that matched her skirt. Her hair was in a dirty bun and she had a pair of brown sunglasses resting on her head. She looked more like she was in a model competition than hurt.

"Uh, Babs? Mind explaining this all to moi?" Robin practically implored.

Babs leaned back, detaching herself from him, and folded her right leg over her left sophisticatedly. "Don't you remember? You had a fight with Xavier." It all came back to him then. "But you collapsed, that girl, Courtney or whatever her fugly-ass name is, caught you and brought you here. Apparently Xavier had some sort of chemical drug-like substance called 'Red X' that he implanted in your digestion system. He's currently going to juvenile hall. Anyway, this took place Monday."

"What do you mean 'took place Monday'? Oh, no, don't tell me…that I…" A look of pure dread was on Robin's face.

"…Was unconscious, for two days. Today is Wednesday, and it's eight now. I think you have to go back to class now." Babs finished.

"What! Then what's happened in the last few days!"

"The whole school was gone wild. The gossiping girls started rumors that you have some sort of south American disease, the Freshman aren't being, shall we say, 'kept under control' by the seniors and jocks, and it's been hectic. But now that you're back, I'd assume things will shimmer down." Babs hypothetically said.

"And…Kori…?" He dared not ask. What if Kori had also gone hectic under the influence of his not being there in a drastic way? He needed details.

"Who?" Babs began scraping her nail file rapidly, at the mention of the foreign redhead. "Oh, her. I think Courtney's been a little—"

"—A little what?" Robin asked, anticipated.

"A little…devious, hasn't she?"

"Devious?" Imagining Kori, the most innocent, sweet, and naïve girl to possibly face America 'devious' was unimaginable.

"To be honest, yes," Babs reclined, and it was so strange to believe how much she looked similar and similar as he listened to her story. "I mean, her and that Goth friend of her's; they nearly scared heraway."


"Don't you remember? Oh, wait, that's right…you didn't know she was coming. By the way, she's nice and all, but total bitch if she steps near you, so tell if she does." Babs instructed, loving Robin's face await her finish the secret.

"WHO is she!" Robin demanded.

"Your girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend." Babs replied unspecifically.

"Be more specific, Barbara Gordon!" Robin sipped the forbidden full name of Babs. "Now you, of all should know I've had more than one! Now quit playing or you'll be one!"

"Fine," Babs giggled, loving the reaction, "Catrina Spiderwack."

At that very instant, Robin literally sprung out of the bed. "WHAT!"

"I really don't know why, but she came back because her father, the one they said was a mad scientist, miraculously got a job occupation at a science center…or museum. Evidently, she's the daughter of a mad scientist. Theoretically, she'd be just as insane as her father, so I forbid you to associate with her. But I know for a fact you don't…well…feel vice versa head-over-heels for her, do you?" Babs derided.

But Robin wasn't listening to a single word coming out of her mouth. Instead, he was wondering why in the world his oh-so-familiar blonde ex was returning, possibly with vengeance. Then his thoughts drifted into a non-related subject. How come anyone, who was supposed to be ingenious enough to create mutation; such a scientist like her own father, be dumb enough to nickname their daughter 'Kitten'? But her real name was Catrina, and it spoke for itself, you had to admit.

"I think I should leave you so you can get dressed for school. Your butt's already made breakfast." Babs added, almost seductively, "Goodbye, Dick."

"Yeah, bye, whatever!" Robin frowned.

He didn't like three things Babs just did. One, who was she to shorten the word 'butler' and call his grandfather-figure butler Alfred 'butt'? Second, the seductive tone she had to use…yuck. Third, was it necessary to him the name he loathed with passion 'Dick'?

But he rummaged threw his drawer and assorted threw his cloths, finally finding the outfit for a typical school day. He speculated if, could it be, that Kori had really faced off Kitten? 'Crap…' Robin thought, praying the answer was no.

Once he completed his usual morning routine he ran down the staircase, to discover, just as Babs said, Alfred cooking bacon and eggs.

"Hey, Alfred." Robin greeted.

"Master Richard, miss Barbara left momentarily ago. She specifically give this to you." Alfred handed him a lime-green sticky note, it read:

Robin, if you're wondering how to avoid Kitten, she's only in your science class, if that helps.

Robin smiled. 'Thanks, Babs, you're a life savor.' He thanked silently.

"And I trust you are feeling better?" Alfred questioned, raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah, thanks." Robin said.

"And that scoundrel you encountered I expect to be in a juvenile hall as we speak. Why, I cannot comprehend a mere seventeen-year-old containing such an illegal drug!" Alfred ranted.

"Yeah," Robin said quietly, "I still can't believe it, myself."

Have you ever gone somewhere, somewhere were people were talking about you and you knew it? Robin has. Everyday. If he walked down the freshman hall, sure enough, a couple of ninth-grade girls would be whispering; an occasional, "That's him", detected from their catty giggles.

As he pulled his motorcycle to a halt, a group of sophomores, two girls and three boys, paused and observed Robin. A girl with sandy hair snapped and scolded them.

"Shh, you dumbasses! He'll hear you!" She beckoned. The three words always said when he passed by strangers.

The girl nearly shrunk when Robin gave her an icy glare.

"Um, c-c'mon, guys, let's go." She weakened, the five scurried away, and she obviously held a position as "the leader" of the gang.

One might think why he was complaining about such control he had. But there was a difference between influential advantages and annoyance. True, the fame was complimenting and flattering; but how 'flattering' can something be after you're constantly being gossiped about through some ridiculous rumor? Exactly. His peers, colleagues, and fellow students didn't respect him, they feared him. Big difference.

He reached into his locker, various personal belongings, papers, expired food, and trash collaged together fell out. His locker could really use a maid or two. He collected his textbooks and wallet quickly when the intercom broadcasted by Mr. Strokes said that due to a sudden misunderstanding, the 'Valentines Day' dance was to be postponed to the twentieth of February, instead of the twelfth. That gave everyone extra preparation time before the awaited dance date. A flicker of scarlet hair appeared in his side-mirror. Then a soft, sun-kissed skin color and big emerald eyes. Kori.

"Good morning, Robin!" The foreigner greeted cheerfully. "I trust you are feeling better?"

"Never better," Robin replied briskly.

"Things have not been the same without your attendance."

Hmm, that sounded familiar.

"Say, you haven't been…squabbling with a blonde girl yesterday, have you?" Robin investigated.

Before she could ask what he meant, the bell rang. Class had began and they only had a couple of minutes to get to their first class, which happened to be on the second-story on their right. They made their way threw the stampede of raging teenagers and rushed up the stairs.

Period one had already ended, and to say the least, was a complete and total snore fest. But, then again, what did you expect from Applebee? Kori matched his hurried pace as she caught up with him during passing period before their next class, honors biology. Miraculously to Kori, both Garfield and Victor were in that class, which she did not recall them being in before.

"Garfield? Victor?" Kori said incredulously. "You are both in honors biology? Oh, um, what a pleasant surprise!"

A monotonous voice remarked from behind. "What she really meant though was: 'I'm sorry, I didn't you guys didn't have the mental capacity if a grapefruit'." Another voice laughed.

All four turned to see their two other female companions, one 'Gothic' and the other 'Ghetto', both having unique attitudes in their own way.

"Hi, Raven!" Gar greeted, waving his arms up and down, gesturing for her to sit down next to him in an empty seat across from Robin. She rolled her amethyst eyes, but took the offer nonetheless.

"Yo, Bee!"

Victor grinned, pulling out a chair that a nerdy freshman they called 'Gizmo' because he, well, specialized in designing gizmos. His real name was Gilbert, because Gizmo was a nickname. Victor and Gizmo disliked each other, and why? Because Gizmo was an annoying, whiney brat who thought he was too smart for everyone. Gizmo had left to go sharpen his pencil and came back, to find a sneering Victor at him. Consider that a death threat. So Gizmo left obediently.

Bee snorted, but sat in the chair.

Robin and Kori mused, it was adorable to see their friends like that. Acting like lovesick fools and not even realizing it, blinded by love. The popping hearts floating around Garfield and Victor ceased when both girls snapped at 'their boys':

"What are you looking at?"

The teacher, Mrs. Sharp, silenced all the chitchatting students. "Alright, class, students. Today we have an…interesting project I will be introducing, and a new student. Everyone, this is Catrina Spiderwack."

Out stepped a girl. She had shoulder-length incredibly glossy blonde hair, and a pair of baby blue eyes to go with it. She wore mainly girly-girl colors. Such as pink, purple, white, and sometimes blue. The thing that really scared everyone was the pink headband attached to her head that read the words in fake rhinestones: Kitten.

"Where do you come from?"

"Do you have naturally blonde hair?"

"You seem nice. Are you nice?"…obviously, she would answer that question with affirmiration.

Catrina processed all three questions and thought an answer to each one after what seemed like five-seven seconds. "I went to Beverley hills high and lived in the Bel-air of Los Angeles. Yes, isn't it pretty? And duh."

All six gaped at the spoiled girl, gaping at her.

"Miss…er…Spiderwack," Mrs. Sharp pronounced, wincing, "You will sit next to miss Helen."

'Miss Helen' was Jinx. Jinx was located near Victor, in fact, her desk was behind him diagonally. Jinx raised her hand to show where the un-used desk was in behind her. Now Catrina sat across from Robin on his left.

Robin was flabbergasted that she did not say a word to him. No 'Oh, Richard…' coos, suggestive moments, or flirtious winks. This was new. And improved.

"Now, class, as I was saying; we are starting a new unit today. It is the reproductive system." Mrs. Sharp explained. A sprinkle of "noooo!"'s followed after that.

"Re…what?" Kori bewilderedly said.

"I'll explain it to you later, Kori," Robin promised, and everyone laughed. Kori endearingly cocked her head like a cat to her right side.

"The project is you and a member of the opposite gender. You must take care of this inadequate plastic baby doll. This will be for two weeks, until the nineteenth. Please do not argue about whomever you are paired with." She implored. Then scanning the list of partners of the computer database, she read:

"The partners are Victor and Jinx, Massie and David, Paul and Gloria, Garfield and Terra, Kori and Xavier, Raven and Malchoir, Richard and Barbara, Betty and Roy, Catrina and…"

But all twelve whose names had been highlighted in bold italics froze. Each assigned to a polar opposite. Everyone was paired with whom they least expected, or wanted. All of them scrutinized one and another. Robin did at Catrina, contemptuously; and Catrina in response, just like Babs had done to him in the morning, was not phased by his iciness directed at her. Damn, was that ever a thing he hated about girls like Catrina and Babs. They nevercared how he felt, no matter how many times he rejected them politely, they would still cling on to him.

"Dick!" She exclaimed contentedly.

"Catrina." He said indifferently.

"This'll be just like the old days back in eighth-grade!" Catrina expected.

Robin winced. He resisted the urge to spit: 'It's Robin now. I have a girlfriend and if we're lucky, you're wrong. So crawl on back to your kitty box!' But, alas, Bruce trained him to be diplomatic when it came to ladies. "Listen, Cat—"

The blonde interpolated him. "—It's Kitten now, Dick."

"Ca—Kitten, I'm never called Dick anymore. I'm actually called Robin by my friends only." Robin informed her 'civilly'.

But the emphasis didn't collision her. "Are you still with Red?" 'Red' was her nickname for Babs.

Oh, how he wished not. But Bruce made him date Babs, because commissioner Gordon was a college buddy of his. And in case you forgot, Babs' last name was Gordon. So you can guess how commissioner Gordon had a relation to her. "Sorry to disappoint me—you, but yes, I date her still."

"Robin, you know this girl?" Kori asked.

"Yeah, Kor, she's my ex-girlfriend,"

Kori was somewhat relieved from Robin's answer, but unsatisfied with the way Robin and this 'Kitten' girl conversed.

"See, we went out back in the eighth-grade," Kitten continued the conversation. "We held hands, hugged, kissed…we were the hottest couple around. Then I had to move to Los Angeles because daddy is an important scientist who needed to research at these labs in a research center there. The whole long-distance relationships failed, because Robin is so gorgeous, and all the girls envied me for having him. They all swooned over him once I left, but apparently, only one won him over. Barbara Gordon."

"You are breaking up with the Babs girl for her?" Kori questioned.



Both Robin and Kitten simultaneously had answered, and looked incredulously at one and another: "What!"

"I thought you said our love was indestructible and everlasting!" whined Kitten, crossing her arms. "I thought you said you'd never let me go! I thought you said you loved me!"

"Um, I said that when?"

"Excuse me," a nasal voice began, "But I think your partner is over there."

All seven heads turned to see none other than Babs, hands on her hips, looking down at Kitten superciliously. "You see him? That's Fredrick, Fang for short; he's your partner. Not my boyfriend."

"Oh…I'm so sorry." Kitten apologized scathingly. She raised her head and nose, and walked over to the daredevil, 'Fang'.

Fang was called that because of his two front, sharp teeth that looked like fangs. His eyes were stunningly sea blue, and had dark brown hair. Kitten couldn't wait to claw her paws into that.

"Hello, there. I'm Catrina Spiderwack, but please, call me Kitten." She prefaced.

"Fang," he replied suavely, and in an extra comment, whispering: "Spiderwack? Wicked. I already like this one."

The five friends, plus Babs, observed the already lovebirds. In unison, they all laughed. Victor said mockingly, and stretched out Robin's cheeks like elastic. "Awe, poor little Dick. So easily forgotten and replaced."

"Shut. Up."

"Friends, might we please get started on the reproductive system project? I am eager to known what it defines." Kori implored.

Babs detained, "You don't know what that is, Kor?" She used the nickname 'Kor' as if she was her friend and to impress Robin to demonstrate she was as sweet as Kori was, maybe even sweeter. Plus, as a bonus, she got to patronize 'the enemy' or 'the threat' as Babs' mind entitled Kori. She draped Robin's arm with her's, "You're not that stupid, are you?"

Kori, speechless, gawked at her. A faint 'oh' coming out of her mouth. The sentence, 'Uhn-uh! This bitch ain't bitching on me!'…Was paraphrased by Kori.

"Excuse me, but I believe you did not!" snapped Kori, burning with flames.

"Oh, too bad, I did," Babs rotated her green eyes. "And you just got burned, Andrews."

"I do not wish to insult anyone, predominantly anyone with the street slang, but you make acceptations for once!" Kori hurled at the fellow redhead.

"Hun, I don't even know what 'predominantly' is," Babs said, thinking that as a way to advance herself. "But 'predominantly' or no 'predominantly', I assure you, you'll be sorry if you don't get a clue. I'm Dick's girlfriend!"

Kori just stared at her.

"What now, freak?"

"I was just carefully examining to verify if you really were that arrogantly egotistical. It appears when you say the most remarkably idiotic comments you consider yourself superior. I eye you with great distaste instead of wasting the time of replying to such foolishness."

"In other words," Raven reinforced, "You b—"

"Beautiful as usual, Kori." Xavier praised. "Ready to be my partner?"

"Oh, of course she is." Robin capriciously said. "By the way, Kori doesn't know what reproduction is, why don't you tell her?"

Everyone began having laughing seizures as Xavier's face went from keenly to halfheartedly. When Kori spoke, "Oh, yes! Although you have not been this most polite or respectable I am inclined to exonerate your offensive behavior in exchange for your information of this 'reproductive system'!"

Xavier looked seasick.

Without warning, Kori dragged a desperate-to-escape Xavier to another table. "Now, please, initiate your classification of the 'reproductive system'!" Every time Kori said, "reproductive" he recoiled.


"Yes? Go on." Kori insisted.

"I guess it's like…you know…when a certain boy or girl becomes a certain age…" Xavier tastelessly said.

Robin was leering smugly and, heck, even Raven cracked a smile. Garfield and Victor were another story, for as they irritated Bee with their constant laughter, they were in hysterics.

Kori nodded encouragingly, getting the concept. "But—?"

Xavier dismissively cut her off rather quickly, "I think you have it now. You're a fast leaner, okay? We're done with that."

"Just as the old saying, 'time flys when we're having fun' goes, second period is over. You are dismissed." Mrs. Sharp heralded.

"Although I am foreign to your culture, I believe science class was…just plain freaky?" Kori suggested. Robin bobbed his head up and down.

"Yeah, I guess it was pretty intense for a fifty or less minute class." Gar agreed.

"Speak for yourself," Raven said frankly, "I'm paired up with the famous Malchoir. Oh, joy. Our partners suck."

"Really? They weren't so bad, Rae. I thought mine was— " Victor stopped dead short when he realized Bee was standing there in a huffy pout.

"—You thought yours was...let me guess…fine?" Bee retorted.

"Well, you have to admit! Ivory skin, pink hair, the cloths, and the body! She's a—" Victor admired Jinx.

"—FREAK OF NATURE!" Raven and Bee concurrently snapped.

"Okay, okay! Geez, can't I guy hope? Anyway, heard Roy was your partner, Bee. How're things going?" Victor queried, eagerly hoping she didn't enjoy it.

Bee knew Roy was a perverted, jerk-y, and jockey type of a guy, but she wouldn't let Victor know she thought that. "Oh, us? We're fine, in fact, we're so fine we're…" 'Think of something!' "Considering meeting each other after school at a café and we've already got a schedule on who takes care of baby Jr. Roy on which day of the week!" Bee stretched the truth.

"Baby jr. Roy!" exclaimed Victor disgustedly.

"Uh-huh. Well, I better go, Roy's waiting for me at the locker." Bee pumped the jealousy in Victor.

"'The locker'?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? Me and Roy now officially share a locker! Isn't it wonderful?"

"No!" Victor said odiously.

"Well, to his and his own. See ya'!" Bee waved, shifting hallways as she swayed away.

"WHAT!" Victor corrupted. Gar and Robin held him back.

"Dude, chill, she was trying to get you jealous. She was lying obviously, so don't fret. After you said about Jinx's, well, you know…"

"No, I don't. Her what?"

"Um, dude, her betrayal…remember in Drama?" Gar reminisced.

"Shit, I almost forgot that. It's, just, something about Jinx that's mystical and enchanting. Her mauve eyes, even though they're contacts lenses, and its look they're so real; because at the same time, I'm looking at her naturally brown ones. And they're deep, beautifully deep…like a swirl of chocolate." Victor captivated.

"Dude! You cannot be serious. That's just scary, and trust me, the girl is like Goth and prep; that doesn't really mix, now, does it? The girl is a two-face." Gar presaged.

"I know, I know. But, still…" Victor's eyes did not meet Gar's. Gar immediately knew why and what Victor meant, so he did not further probe the love triangle situation. He realized that his small crush on Terra and Terra's betrayal to Raven would annoy Raven, too. He was being a hypocrite about it all. He silently parted from Victor, as the hallways become hushed.

Lunch. Garfield seldom appreciate the L-word, but now he had friends. Someone to communicate, fool, and depend with. He wasn't alone anymore. He wasn't Grass-ass whom had 'FREAK' spray painted in green graphite. He was Garfield Logan. And he owed it all to Kori Andrews.

'I guess it was because of her I met Raven…' Garfield chuckled, remembering how he met all of them in detention. The least place he liked or expected to make friends. 'I guess…things work out like that, huh?'


He turned around to see who his caller was with hopeful eyes. But it wasn't the person he expected, Raven. Instead, it was Terra Markov!

The blonde slowed her pace as she approached him. He couldn't help but notice her shirt, 'Talk to me? Talk to the strong, muscular boyfriend, so think twice!' and unease. This girl…was a little crazy-hyper-excited-happy-go-lucky-ditz-type. "Hi, Garfield." she welcomed amiably.


"Do you have a minute?" she requested. Gar looked over her shoulder to see Raven staring his way, and then she pretended she dropped her book to act like she didn't see him.

"Umm, I guess a minute would be okay." He highlighted "a" with a different, loud tone.

A façade flickered in her smile, but nonetheless, the cheeriness was ninety-nine percent authentic. "Oh, that's cool. I was just wondering if you could give this to Rich—Robin, it's from Babs, and me and its very, very crucial. So, please, don't read it." She handed him a white envelope with a pinkish—red heart taped to seal it.

"Yeah, I'm his friend, so I'll give it to 'em." Gar promised, but inwardly he was baffled why Terra elected him to deliver it.

"Perfect. Well, I'll be seeing you around, Gar!" With a more or less flirtious wink, she waved good-bye, leaving a bewildered boy as she went to 'the popular table'.

"Gar? Gar? What was that all about?" Raven's concern interrupted his thoughts.

"Ack! Sorry! Terra just came out of nowhere and told me to give this to Robin. Why? Don't ask, 'cause I'm still trying to figure that out. So what's for lunch?" Gar changed the subject.

"Not edible."

"How appetizing." Gar remarked, sarcastically.

"Since when are you sarcastic?" Raven inquired.

"I guess since I met you, and now I'm so used to you—hey, look! I "accidentally" dropped the letter that Terra specifically told me not to open! Oopsies-daisies! What shall I ever do?" Gar smirked as Raven's lips did so (Just so you know, Gar changed the subject because he was embarrassed to say he felt used to her).

"Give me it," when he didn't, Raven decided to take matters into her own hands and snatching it from his hands. "It says…OhmyGod…"

"WHAT!" Gar jumped up and down. "WHAT DOES IT SAY!"

"Well, statistically, I can't let you know, seeing as she ordered you not to."


"No but's about it. Besides, she didn't tell me to read it, did she? So, if you don't want Terra knowing you read her letter and breaking her trust in the process, you'll shut up. And let me finish reading this." Raven said.

Raven thought, 'No wonder she choose Gar, obviously being who he was, he'd read it. And she knew it. So this is her way of revenge? Oh, Terra, you know me better than this.'

Whilst Raven was pondering, Gar took advantage of it and grabbed the letter out of her hands; it wasn't before long Gar was laughing tensely. He detonated: "I can't believe she said that about me!"

Across from them, about four tables on their left, Terra observed them. Raven blinked and felt them somehow being watched; she had a weird, "sixth sense" feeling ever since she was born. Somehow, she could predict and foretell things through visions in her sleep. Why? As Gar would say: "Don't ask me. I'm still trying to figure it out." But aside the point, Raven glanced over at Terra. Eye contact in position. It was like a war between blue vs. amethyst eyes. Terra just flipped some blonde hair falling on her shoulders, then her right eye was looking at Raven, too. She gave a self-reliant smirk and absented herself from Raven. Fuming, Raven tore the letter in 1/2.

"Hey! That was the first proof of a girl ever noticing—liking me!" Gar whined. Raven secretly adored his behavior like he was a three-year-old when he was fussy.

"Ahh, too bad it's gone now, huh?" Raven rolled her eyes.

"Damn, I wish I had xeroxed it in a copy machine first…" Gar said semi-jokingly. "So much for giving it to Robin. And I wonder why she wanted to give it to Robin, anyway? It had nothing to do with him or Babs."

"Even a half—mind doesn't need to speculate it, Gar." Raven said matter—of—factly.

Gar wasn't paying attention. Again. He was absentmindedly watching the lunch line along with today's 'special', and said raptly engrossed, "I think I'd rather eat meat…no, wait! I take it back! But, man, still…yuck!"

"Are you even paying attention, Grass—ass?"

Gar's head spun around.

"DON'T. EVER. CALL. ME. THAT!" he surprisingly was red in the face.

"Who's calling you 'that'? I'm calling you Grass—ass!" Raven circulated her amethyst eyes.

"Stop doing that, too!" Gar protested, referring to Raven's sarcastically rolling her eyes. "It's annoying!"

"Try being a little more specific! I'm not doing 'that', nor is," she used air quotes when she said 'that', " 'It' annoying. What is 'it'?"

"Oh, shut up," Gar said temperately.

"Going to have a temper tantrum, are we?" Raven snorted.

"Nah—ah! Just—you—QUIET!" Gar sputtered.

"Maybe if you spoke in complete sentences I'd understand you," Raven said dryly.

"Yeah…well…you're, uh—you a big fat Meanie!"

"…Fatter than me." Raven muttered, tauntingly.

"WHAT!" Gar exploded. Again. He flexed out his muscles, "Look at this! How can you call that 'fat'? This…this is non—fat! This is muscle, and I'm proud of these babies; thank you very much!"

"You're welcome."

"You're impossible!"

"You're fat!"

"You're a big fat Meanie!"

"You're a Grass-ass!"

"You're creepy!"




"GGGGRRR!" Gar exclaimed angrily/playfully.

Surprisingly, Raven found herself...laughing.

And smiling.

Should I have a Beast Boy-Raven-Malchoir love triangle or Terra/Beast Boy/Raven? And for Rob/Star, Babs/Rob/Star or Rob/Star/Red X? Each pairing-Robin/Star and BB/Rae-has to be a love triangle of the opposite sex. Meaning to say, it can't be Terra/BB/Rae and Babs/Rob/Star. It could only be for instance BB/Rae/Malchoir and Babs/Rob/Star. Or vice-versa.

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