Pacified Dreams – 01

By: Moments of Insanity

Date : 24 June 2005

Revised Date : --

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Here's a side fic that's been jumping around in my head for quite a while that kinda follow Pacified Dreams but can be read as an one shot

And one more side note, the relationship between Cagalli and Kira here is open to interpretation.

Kira woke up with an uneasy feeling, of someone's glare on him. His amethyst eyes reluctantly opened to find a pair of resigned yet angry forest green eyes glaring daggers at him.

"Athrun?" His voice still hoarse with sleep, his chest felt slightly heavy. He frowned in puzzle, what would make his friend upset.

"What exactly are you thinking of doing? Kira Yamato," Athrun asked in a flat voice, his arms folded in front of him. To say he was shocked to see Kira in Cagalli's bed was an understatement. And the familiar feeling of possessiveness over Cagalli and an irrational irritation at Kira resurfaced. A feeling that was akin to when he saw Cagalli flew into the embrace of Kira in Kusanagi after the Lord Uzumi's sacrifice, or before the relationship between Kira and Cagalli came to light.

"Where am I?" Kira drowsily answered in return, the warmth of the bed lulling him back to sleep. He thought hard about that question, there was something wrong with the color of the bedcover, wasn't it suppose to be green? He glanced down when the weight on his chest shifted. Seeing Cagalli's arm thrown across his chest and her head on his arm brought the memories back.

Cagalli shifted as if annoyed with the conversation, she rolled over to another side and promptly taking the cover. The chill woke Kira up almost immediately, "stop hogging up the cover." He pulled helplessly at the cover of which Cagalli had effectively wrapped around her, wanting to dive back into the warmth. "Cagalli!" he nearly whined.

Athrun felt his head throb as the twins ignored him. "Kira," Athrun warned, partially because he was annoyed with a certain person for ignoring him, partially because the said person was now sleeping in the bed of someone he had affections for (a privilege he was trying to get without getting dissembled by the said person) and finally because the said person was walking on a thin line of getting skewered by his sister. As being the friend of the said person, he felt it was his duty to inform his friend of the danger he had so effectively placed himself in.

Kira smiled triumphantly when he managed to loosen Cagalli's death grip on the cover and quickly snuggled into the warmth, though he nearly got his breath knocked out when Cagalli gave him a warning jab in the stomach.

Athrun's eyebrow twitched, obviously Kira was in ignore mode and Cagalli was in do not disturb mode. He sighed and started to climb onto the bed. "Shift over Kira," Athrun nudged Kira as he saw he would have little luck that day to get both of them up. He decided to follow the age old adage - if you couldn't beat them, join them.

Kira twisted his head and narrowed his eyes at Athrun. Athrun had effectively cleared his mind with his incessant bugging. The reason' "No." No way would he allow Athrun stay in the same bed as his sister; that would be highly inappropriate, beside he was there first.

"At least I'm not diving between you and Cagalli," Athrun muttered under his breath. "Shift, Kira."

Kira turned around to face Athrun, effectively tucking the cover beneath his body. His eyebrow arched as if to issue to a challenge to his friend while his hands clutched the edge of the cover under his chin. "No."

Athrun shifted onto his knee on the bed, caused the bed to groan slightly. Cagalli muttered softly as she shifted slightly more restlessly. "Don't think you have much choice," forest green eyes sparkled mischievously at the lump of blanket as he remembered something from their childhood, "let the cover go unless you want something bad to happen."

"No again, and I don't want to share a bed with you. That's disgusting," Amethyst eyes glared daggers at the boy, though he shifted back so his back lightly touches Cagalli's. She shifted as well and pulled her legs against her chest a bit more, her fingers digging into the cover. Kira eyed his best friend warily; he recognized that look, often receiving the blunt of whatever prank Athrun seems to cook up when they were at the same school.

"I don't want to share one with you either," Athrun snorted under his breath which unfortunately was heard by Kira's sharp hearing. Amethyst eyes narrowed slightly as he shifted more toward Cagalli as if to protect his sister. Athrun had hands on his hip as he eyed that lump of bed, while thinking a way to execute his plan, "by the way, are you cowering in the blankets?" he added the insulting comment with the most flippant attitude.

Amethyst eyes glared daggers at the blue hair boy as Kira thought about leaping out and strangling his best friend. Wimp? Why was everyone saying that to him? He just needed some emotional support, which he needed right now.

Athrun smirked, nearly there. Then Kira did something that nearly burst Athrun's blood vessels. Kira turned so that his back faced Athrun, purposely let his arm creep out of the cover before wrapping it around Cagalli's sleeping form. With a light smirk on his face, he tucked Cagalli under his crook of his neck.

Athrun reacted before he could think about the consequences. His hand shot out and hoisted the back of Kira's shirt. With a great heaved and a startle yelp from Kira, Athrun effectively loosen Kira's hold on Cagalli.

"Hey!" Kira protested loudly, his arm thrashed about, "why did you do that?" Athrun glared at Kira and began to tickle him earnestly. Kira squirmed with his arms and legs thrashing about, trying to fight Athrun back and buy enough time to dive back into the cover where it was a safe haven. With an accidental kick, he sent Athrun over the edge of the bed before scrambling into the warm cover.

Emerald eyes blazed with righteous fury. "Kira!" Athrun roared.

"This is IT," Cagalli bolted up, throwing the cover off Kira, her hand grabbed Kira's pillow and smacked it in Athrun's face, muffling his shout. Her blond hair was a complete mess; it made her somehow like a lioness with its fur standing. "Get out," she snarled, golden eyes flashing dangerously at the boys.

"Cagalli," Kira whimpered because of the cold, his hand stealthily reached for the cover, only to find another pillow stuffed in his face.

"But Cagalli…" Athrun gulped down the rest of the sentence when her furious eyes focused on him.

"Out. Out. Out." Cagalli repeated her voice shrilled. Armed with her pillows, she began to thoroughly beat the boys with them. "It's Sunday," wack, "and I don't need to go back to the office", beat "it's the only day I can sleep in." she huffed.

When the boys were chased out, clock, clothes, slippers and, gasp, a gun flew out with them, hitting the wall opposite her door with a resounding thud. Both quickly slammed the door shut, leaning their weight against the door to stop Cagalli's stampede. Both looked as if they weathered a hurricane, eyes wide and hair messed up.

"Someone should tell her it is dangerous to throw a gun around," Athrun eyed the gun on the floor nervously and the dent in the wall made by the gun. "Correction, someone should take the guns away from her," so that he could be the one to protect her; a bit difficult job to get if she could protect herself perfectly.

Kira eyed his friend curiously. It was obviously that the comment on guns went over his head. Athrun was somewhat thankful that Cagalli did not enlightened Kira how they met; he did not want to make the situation even more difficult.

"Anyway, seems like I won," Kira smirked, eyeing the boy who still had his hand pressed against his chest.

"The battle, not the war," Athrun glared. He always thought that helping to get the girl was an unspoken responsibility of a best friend.

Kira shrugged and smiled innocently, amethyst eyes crinkled up with unspoken glee. "Anyway that was a nice sleep." He snickered to himself when he saw forest green eyes darkened dangerously. "I doubt if you can do anything to Cagalli now since she's all riled up." He smirked, and if his arms were long enough, he would had pet himself at the back. He sauntered off, humming a song.

Athrun glared at him disgustedly, noticing the little skips that Kira had when he walked off. Turning his attentions away from Kira, he slumped against the wall. Glaring holes into the doorknob, he seriously considered the prospect of installing a smart lock on Cagalli's door that would only be opened by him.


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