Rain-swollen clouds were draped across the sky,

Underneath that scenery, I feel like I wanna cry.

I sit under a tree, pondering,

Too tired of wandering.

Fluffy-sama sat next to me,

I leaned my head against his knee.

Being close to him always gives my heart joy,

I played with the leaf at my feet like it was a brand-new toy.

To him, right then and there I said: "milord?"

"Yes, Rin?" he said; just a little bored.

He looked at me with his adorable, cold, emotionless eyes,

Seeing this, my tongue got in ties.


Boy, did I sound dumb.

"Yes, Rin?"

He said again.

Is it just me, or is he getting closer?

The stumble over my words only got grosser.

Closer, closer……….

Grosser, grosser…….

His lips brushed my cheek, and in my ear he said yet again;

"Yes, Rin?"

I bit my lip until the blood came.

he licked it away, and my heart burst into flame.

"Yes, Rin?"


"Yes, Rin?"

He lifted my chin.


I grabbed his middle in a hug.

His pelt made me feel nice and snug.

"Yes, Rin?"

The wind picked up, and I looked to his eyes once again.

"I love…..you."

I've always seen a flicker of emotion on his face, now and then.

But now even a fool could see;

We were meant to be.

Hey, guys! Lemme guess, it sucked?

Don't worry! All I did was pick up a rhyming dictionary and thought up a bunch o' cheezie crap! Any ways, R&R!