Secrets Withheld

Chapter one

The beginning -Harry's background

Harry hated his life with a passion. He loathed his mother, his father and his older brother. He despised what they were and what they thought and expected him to end up to be.

They all lived in a flat that would probably only just pass the minimum size requirement to house one person and a dog. It was situated on a trashed estate that was so much worse than it sounded, but that was where his family belonged. His father James was a low life who did nothing but deal a few drugs when they were short of money, where he got them Harry didn't want to know. His mother Lily sold her self and called it a steady source of income that James couldn't supply. His brother William or Will as he liked to be called was a rent boy and that was what they all expected Harry to become, a male prostitute.

Harry however had other plans for his life, bigger plans. He had left school with nine passes at GCSE level, which was more than the rest of his family had managed put together. He planed to go to collage a place no Potter had gone before.

Over the summer he had got a job at his god-fathers restaurant much to his parent's disappointment. Being a rent boy paid more than being a waiter did. Even with Sirius giving him that bit extra. Harry had just entered via the backdoor of the restaurant, called The Marauder's, when Sirius greeted him.

"Hey Har, how are you?"

"You know, the usual."

"How's James?"

"Don't know, he was past out on the sofa when I left."

"And Lily?"

"Getting ready for work."

Harry said this with little emotion and Sirius picked up on it, however he didn't push it, he knew Harry hated living with them and what they did, he could only pity the boy, even he was ashamed of what his friends had become.

"Ok, now you know you're my best waiter right."

"What do you want?" Harry asked, he knew that compliments like that only came from Sirius when he wanted something.

"I have a special client coming into night and since you're the best we have I want you to serve them."

"Alright Siri, when are they coming?"

"Five minutes, so go get ready."

"Sure thing Siri"

Ten minutes later and Harry was showing the Malfoy family to their table. This included Mr and Mrs Malfoy and their son Draco. He handed them the menus and smiled politely at them all before asking them what they wanted to drink.

"The most expensive bottle of wine you have and Draco..."

"I'll have a coke please." He said not taking his eyes off of Harry.

"Thank you, I will be back momentarily with your drinks and to take your order."

Harry smiled one final time and went to fetch the drinks. The youngest Malfoy, who didn't give off arrogance like his father did, had transfixed him; he like his mother seemed bored to be there, just another meal out so they could make appearances and be seen.

One of the waitresses who Harry had been friends with for a long while came over to talk to him as another waiter prepared a tray of glasses and the wine for Harry to take to the Malfoy's. Hermione had seen the Malfoy's come in and was also eyeing the Malfoy's son, Draco.

"He is so cute." She said matter-of-factly, she was a complete book worm; everything that came out of her mouth was usually fact or statistic of some sort.

"Don't I know it."

"I wish I was serving them."

"No you don't Mione, Mr Malfoy keeps giving me looks like he knows he's superior, arrogant prat, I hate people who think they're better than us just because they have money."

Hermione laughed as Ron, Harry's other friend, came back with the bottle of wine, he had had to go down to the wine cellar to fetch it, hardly anyone ever ordered this, it wasn't even kept above the cellar.

"What do you think Ron?" Harry asked subtly motioning over to the Malfoy's table.


"No, the son"

"Why, have a little crush on him do we?" Ron said teasingly.

"Shut it, I'd better get these over to them, see you guys later."

Harry took the tray and carried it carefully over. He placed the wineglasses down and then the coke before he offered Mr Malfoy to try it first. He accepted and Harry poured a small amount of it into his glass. He seemed to like it so Harry filled the glass and then moved on to the woman's. He left the bottle on the table before noting down the food orders and leaving again.

By the end of the evening Harry was sure that he had seen Draco staring at him as he ate his meal. Sirius keen to gain the Malfoy's as regular clients, went over himself with Harry and the bill.

"How did you find your meal Mr Malfoy?" He asked as Harry placed the bill down but Sirius wouldn't let him leave, in fact he subtly but firmly grabbed hold of his arm to prevent it.

"It was satisfactory" came the aristocratic reply.

"I am glad to hear that, and how would you rate my staff?"

"This young man was extremely polite and I saw no mistakes in his work."

"Thank you Sir." Harry said this reply had surprised him completely; he had never expected the Malfoy's to be polite on any level, only snobby.

"In fact I am looking for full time staff to work in the family manor if you are interested. This would mean giving up all commitments you may have but the pay is good and we would of course offer you rooms in the servant quarters."

"Wow, don't get me wrong I am grateful for the offer, really I am, however I plan to go to collage in September, but I am more than honoured to receive your offer."

"Very well, here is my card if you change your mind."

"What collage are you going to?" Draco asked speaking for the first time in front of Harry and receiving a very dirty look from his father.



"Alright Harry, why don't you go and finalise the payment, I am sure that Mr Malfoy doesn't want to be kept waiting." Harry nodded and went away, only to come back a few minutes later with the receipt.

All to soon they were leaving and it wasn't until all the customers had left and Harry was cleaning up with his fellow work colleges that he found a jacket, it was of the highest quality and Harry had no doubt that it belonged to Draco.

As he picked it up a neatly folded piece of paper fell out, Harry reached for it and read through it with curiosity.

I know you do not know me but meet me tomorrow outside this restaurant at about eleven. Draco xx

Harry smiled, he couldn't believe it. And what more he was actually considering it. He knew that they were two completely different people, in fact there was nothing similar about them but he wanted to know more about him.

When Sirius dropped Harry off at home his mother and brother were out, properly at work. It was a little past midnight and his father was snoring loudly on the sofa.

Harry tip-toed quietly into the room he shared with his brother and changed into his pyjamas and climbed into bed, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The following morning he awoke at about half nine, Will was still asleep across the room, he assumed his parents would be as well.

He went out into the living room, it was a complete mess, pizza boxes and beer cans littered every surface and the floor. He set about tidying up a bit. There was no way he could bring Draco back here, mess or no mess, he liked Draco and he wouldn't let his family ruin the potential for a relationship.

He washed the dishes and took out the trash. It was after ten when Will came out of the bed room in his boxers rubbing sleep from his eyes to find the flat tidy and Harry dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt.

"Morning" Harry said, he was in a bit of a hurry as he had only half an hour before he was to meet Draco.

"Where you going?" Will grunted.

"Out" Harry replied simply as his mother came out of her room.

"Hey mum, Harry's going out."

"Where you going my little baby Harry?"

"I'm not your little baby and it's none of your business."

"Oh Harry baby, don't be like that."

"Like what, I'm not being like anything."

"Yes you are, ooooo, are you going to meet a client?"

"Unlike you mother, I am not a complete slut."

"Hey, that was way put of line." Will snapped.

"Well it's true, and you, your just as bad so don't get me started."

As Harry went to leave Will grabbed him and prevented him from going anyway. "Take that back" He hissed.

"No." Harry replied, and Will lost his temper pushing Harry to the ground. Harry had always feared his brother, they had never got on brilliantly but that may have been because Will's father wasn't James. Will picked Harry up and held him close, Lily could do nothing but watch, partly because she was scared and partly because she was too weak to do anything.

"If I ever and I mean EVER hear you speaking to mum like that again..."

"You'll what?"

Will had had enough he back handed his younger brother before storming off into their bed room. Lily went over to Harry as he picked himself up.

"Why do you get him worked up like that?"

"Me, you're the one who implied that I was like you, which, by the way I never will be."

Harry didn't wait around for his mothers reply; he grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the house. He really didn't feel up to meeting Draco, he wanted to but with his bruising cheek he wasn't sure. What would Draco think of him if he turned up on what potentially could be there first date with a great big bruise on his cheek?

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