Chapter 11

Harry opened the door a little and was horrified to see the shadowed face of the man Lily had tried to force upon him, Severus.

"What do you want?" Harry asked politely but with an obvious tone of irritation.

"Where is your mother?" He asked in a superior tone of voice that made Harry hate him even more.

"Gone" He replied simply and truthfully

"Where?" The older man demanded in a dangerous tone.

"Obviously, away from you" Harry said in a tone that he wouldn't have dared use without a door and a lock in front of him.

"Don't be smart with me boy, where is she?"

"What's wrong, did she run off with your money?" Harry said mockingly.

"How did you know?" Severus growled if Harry could have seen his eyes he would have noticed that they were narrowed in dislike and hatred.

"Because" Harry said matter-of-factly "That, is exactly what my mother would do."

"You had better watch your back boy, or maybe one day I'll get what I paid for."

"I don't care how much you paid my mother, it wasn't hers to sell, something like that can't be bought anyway." In Harry's mind what Severus had paid to take was Draco's and Draco's alone when the time was right. "You must be a very lonely, rich old man." He added as an after thought to piss the older man off as much as possible.

At that moment Harry's mobile began to rang and suddenly the conversation he was having seemed very unimportant and answering his phone shot up on his list of priorities. "Now if you'll excuse me I REALLY don't want to talk to you all night."

Harry slammed the door in his face and went off to get his phone. Once he had found it and answered it. He practically leapt into the air in happiness when he heard Draco's voice on the other end.

"Hey Dray." Harry said cheerfully.

"Hi Har, sorry to call you so late but I missed you,." Came the voice on the other end.

"Really, it's only been a few hours Draco."

"It seems so much longer, I can't wait to have you all to myself."

"You can do tomorrow, James will be out at work so we'll have the place to ourselves and in the evening Ron's having a house party, you could stay at mine afterwards if you'd like." Harry said this in such a hurry he feared he'd have to repeat it because Draco wouldn't have understood.

"Mmmm, alcohol, loud music and dancing with you, couldn't think of anything better."

"So what time do you want to come over in the morning?"

"I'll surprise you, maybe I'll catch you in the shower."

"How come I can't try and catch you in the shower."

"Maybe one day you will be able to...shit my dads coming, see you tomorrow."

"Bye, sleep well."

"Night babe."

Then the line went dead, Harry sighed putting his phone down. The silence in the flat was awful and now with nothing to occupy him or fill that silence Harry understood what Draco had meant, he missed the other teen greatly.

He could never remember missing his mother, father or brother in this way before, he couldn't even say he'd felt this strongly toward Remus and Sirius.

Before going to bed with thoughts only of Draco Harry took the chain off of the door so James could let himself in when he decided to stagger home at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Meanwhile at Malfoy Manor Lucius had cornered Draco in his room and sat him down so they could had a man to man chat.

"I have found you a suitable bride Draco, a respectable woman so you may continue the Malfoy line, her name is Pansy Parkinson."

Draco was horrified, he had to get out of this and to do so he was going to have to pick and chose his words with extreme care.

"But father, I am only seventeen, I am not yet ready to marry, do not mistake my response as a rejection, I am honoured that you took the time to find me a suitable bride and I will gladly bond with her when I feel that I am ready to, however that will most properly be in a few years time."

"At your age I was already bonded and trying for a child, your grandfather, my father, would be turning in his grave if he knew you were not already engaged." Lucius said sternly. "However, I realise that times are changing and I will therefore offer you a compromise." Draco's insides were wriggling around with anticipation, his father didn't make deals. "You will announce your engagement at our annual Christmas Ball then on your nineteenth birthday we shall begin plans for the wedding."

Draco bit his lip and nodded, Harry was going to kill him for agreeing to this. However the blonde did not have the strength or will power to fight his father on this one, though he did wonder what had brought this on.

"Father, tell me, why did you decide now?" Draco prayed that it was not because his and Harry's relationship had been discovered.

"There was no particular reason, I will arrange a meeting between you and Miss Parkinson tomorrow."

"I am sorry father, but that is not possible, I have already arranged to meet friends and in the evening I will be attending a party, I was going to ask your permission to sleep at a friends house tomorrow night."

Lucius frowned but looked thoughtful. "Then once again I offer you a compromise, you may follow through with your plans and sleep at your friends house, but you will take Pansy out with your friends and along to the party."

Regretfully Draco nodded, this was the second time that he had bowed down to his fathers wishes that night but in all honesty there wasn't much he could do about it, Harry wasn't going to be happy about this, they had wanted to spend the day together.

The following morning it was just as Harry was getting out of the shower when the doorbell rang, James was still asleep in his bedroom,. Harry hurriedly wrapped a towel round his waist and opened the door with the lock on. Upon seeing it was Draco Harry took the chain off and flung the door open.

"You really did catch me in the..." Upon seeing Pansy Harry stopped dead. "Who's she?"

"Harry, meet Pansy Parkinson, apparently my wife to be."


"Jesus, could you have picked a lower life form to me involved with." Pansy said in disgust as Harry allowed them access to his home.

"Pansy, that isn't fair and you know it, Harry is a lovely person."

"I'm sure he is. At least my girlfriend has class."

"Wait, your gay too, my god, what kind of marriage would that have been, I still don't understand why you can't just tell your parents who you are."

Both Draco and Pansy gave him despairing looks and sat down on the wrecked sofa.

"Harry baby, you go and get dressed, we'll still be here when you get back."

Harry did so, he could hear the other two bickering all the while. When Harry remerged he had made a decision.

"Listen guys, here's what we do, Pansy, you said you had a girlfriend, call her, get her here, then we can work something out together and then later on we'll all go to the party together, and if your parents have any problems or require proof I shall enter with pansy's girlfriend and you two go in together ok."

"You came up with all of that in the ten minutes it took you to get dressed...that's amazing."

"I'm not just a pretty face." Harry said as Draco stood up encircling his arms around the others waist and kissing him passionately.

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