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It started out as a normal-enough day for Catherine Hunter as she got ready to go for a morning walk. She called her dog, Quest, who immediately went to her side so she could put her harness on. Then she took hold of the handle and ordered Quest to go on the normal route. This was the normal routine for Catherine; she was blind. She had been from birth.

Normally when she went anywhere she had her two body guards, Teddy and Ben. But no one knew about her walks because she always went before anyone had wakened in the morning. Her father was part of the mob and was afraid for her safety. She was his only child and he loved her very much.

After she had been walking for about fifteen minutes, she sensed someone was following her. "Halt, Quest," she said quietly.

Quest stopped and waited for the signal to keep going. She was slightly wary, but the person had not tried to harm her mistress, so she did not give out a warning.

Catherine listened for five minutes before she resumed walking. Suddenly, Quest started barking furiously and growling. Catherine knew there was danger, so she told Quest to take her home. But the man who had been following them ran up, pushed Catherine to the ground, and took Quest with him.

"QUEST!" Catherine screamed at the top of her lungs. "Please! Give her back to me! My father will hunt you down and when he finds you, you'll be what my dog eats!" Catherine did not realize what she was saying until after she said it. She was hysterical by now, and started crying for help. "Someone please help me! My dog has been stolen! I need my dog for my eyes!"

A man nearby heard the cry for help and looked around. He saw a young girl on the ground feeling around her. He ran up to her and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Can you get the man who took my dog? Is he still here?"

"I'm sorry; I don't see anyone with a dog."

"No! Please!" She started crying.

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