By Soundwave's Idol

Deep within Iacon in a daunting cell sat the most notorious Decepticon that had ever been created. The compartment was small and no light filtered down to the detention center; only a faint light from the guard's desk illuminated the hall between the cells. The darkness surrounded him, and though the cold and dampness were not and issue, every moment that passed added to his hate.

He had been caught by luck, his systems had been drained by the use of his cannon, when his Air Commander decided to make yet another bid for leadership on the field. Naturally he defended his position and kept his title as leader, but it had drained him further. During the quarrel the Autobots had enclosed them. Starscream lay at his feet in stasis lock; there was obviously no help there. Soundwave had recalled his cassettes then fought until he too had been captured. Megatron fought himself until his systems began to over ride his commands and started shutting down.

When he woke, he found himself in the dim cell. For an instant as his systems had started the shut down sequence, he had considered the possibility of not waking, that the Autobots would just terminate him there on the spot. Now though having had a few moments to himself he silently scoffed. 'It is not the Autobot way.' He turned on his optics, nothing to see but the reflection of his own red optics on the cell wall. He turned them off again as system reports began to scroll through his vision. He tried to move, but found that his wrists had been shackled rather tightly to his ankles, and right now he had not the strength to break them.

A light came on, obviously hearing the noise, a green Autobot triple changer walked up to Megatron's cell. "I see you do function."

Megatron said nothing; he felt no need to acknowledge the low ranking Autobot. In fact he would talk to no one but Prime himself.

Springer looked at the fallen Decepticon leader, there were wounds and other various burn marks covering his entire surface. Many of the abrasions that had been leaking when he was brought in had now been stopped. It pointed out that the 'con's self-repair systems were in very good shape. Springer noted that this Decepticon would soon be getting his strength back.

"If it had been up to me, I would have terminated you on the field." The green Autobot spoke again, and then turned away. Springer walked to another cell, flicking on another light as he crossed. This cell held another very prominent Decepticon. He looked in at the dark indigo robot that was nearly hidden in the shadows; only the white parts of his armor had given him away to being there. This Decepticon worried Springer more; this one was cunning, and extremely devious.

The cassettes could not be removed when he was brought in, Ratchet could only assume that Soundwave had sent them to subspace. That meant it was cause for welding. The red and white medic welded the entire chest door closed, making the communications officer unable to eject any of them. Still Springer had heard many tales of odd situations, which Soundwave seemed to escape from. Of all the Decepticons most of the Autobots feared Soundwave the most, while Megatron was somewhat predictable, Soundwave was not. Even while talking to Megatron, Springer's optics never moved from the communications expert. There was no way to read this robot, possessing a visor and a battle mask made the indigo 'con near expressionless. Springer stood there along moment, thinking and feeling something just didn't seem right.

Megatron's audios picked up the hesitant movement of the Autobot. He relit his optics to see the green robot that stood silently staring at Soundwave. He knew what Soundwave was doing, he had experienced it before, had he not known what his lieutenant what doing he may have been subject to the odd feeling as well. He tried to look across, but could not see without making any noise. He watched, as Springer seemed oddly entranced. Soundwave was emitting some; Primus knows high-pitched ultra sonic sound that seemed to vibrate one's circuits, giving them the illusion of not feeling well.

Suddenly Springer came to his senses, and walked to the control panel then pressed a button that sent a surge through the chains that had bound Soundwave. The static could be heard, yet the communications officer did not move or make a sound. Megatron dared to move, as he slid sideways to rest against the wall to get his optics on Soundwave. Springer came back to Megatron's cell.

"If you try anything I'll zap you too." The Autobot said flatly. Megatron ignored him again. He dimmed his optics and listened for the Autobot to move away. Shift away the Autobot finally did, returning to his spot near Soundwave's cell. Springer started to feel it again, a nervous, uneasy, mind altering feeling. He looked at the Decepticon; there was no way to tell if it was Soundwave or just his own feelings. He turned away disgusted in himself for not being in control.

Megatron cracked a slight grin as he watched the Autobot return to the control desk. Now that Springer was out of sight, he looked over at Soundwave, and saw his lieutenant's visor slowly begin to brighten.