Soundwave instantly began a jamming signal to block anything that Blaster might put out. Megatron held the Autobot off the floor squeezing his throat with one hand.

"I have always despised you. You are nothing but a cheap replica of one of my best officers." Megatron squeezed harder.

Blaster tried to get air to his quickly heating systems, but the bent tubs only made an odd whistle. Heat began to over take him as Soundwave opened the vent.

"Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, return." His harmonic voice spoke. The three cassettes came in name order, transforming and landing within him in turn.

Megatron hit Blaster in the face and the whistling grew louder. Ramhorn had turned around and was galloping at Megatron.

Soundwave transformed and was caught, by Laserbeak who then flew up and in the vent. Megatron took hold of Blaster and hit the on coming Ramhorn in to the wall with him. The two then Autobots lay motionless on the ground. As Buzzsaw flew closer Megatron transformed as well. Catching Megatron mid air Buzzsaw made in to the vent as more Autobots started to come to the corridor.

"They are gone." Prowl noted as Optimus Prime made his way though the forming crowd.

"This not good." The leader said softly.

"I wander what Megatron is going to do to Starscream when he finds out what the Screamer's been doing." Bumblebee asked. Everyone looked at the little 'bot.

"What ever it is its not going to be pretty." Prowl answered.