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This is the second of many D-Fusion movie and special fics. Gyrogmon is featured as the main villain of this specific fic. He's just your average digimon alien invader seeking to take the Digital World. This one also should have more action than the Daimaomon movie.

Before we start, I want to say that this specific movie does not fit into the continuity of the D-Fusion. However, if you want to get specific, I'd say this takes place after the Digital Invaders Saga and around the time the Digi-Destined arrive at File Island planet during the mid-Burizalor Saga. War Greymon will have his mach-speed power up and power levels are set to be higher this time around.

Well, that's pretty much sums it up and enough out of me. Enjoy the movie!

Kanius Productions Presents…

01 Digital World. Outer Space View

The Digital World of the Eastern Digi-Galaxy. From far, it looks just as beautiful as the majestic Mother Earth. However, it is not the only Digital World hospital able for life. Unlike the human universe, every planet across this solar system can house any digital life form. Even some have evolved to capacity to survive in outer space without the need of oxygen. As amazing as it sounds, it's no surprise. The Digital Universe is simply too illogical to understand.

Amongst these life forms that have evolved past a normal evolution are the space nomads. These space nomads travel across digi-space in search of new planets to call home… some even invade other home worlds and take them by force. In this case, there was one specific being that has set his sights on the Digital World from the Eastern Digi-Galaxy.

A large moon-sized spaceship was sailing across towards the Digital World in a slow-motion movement. The spaceship itself looked like a moon except that it's exterior was completely metallic. While it looked like a metallic moon on the outside, the inside had a completely different appearance. The interior view looked like a control station with a large crew of control pilots standing at their positions. These men were tiny in stature and concealed themselves under cloaks.

With these tiny men working on the control station, a group of eyes was watching them from the other side. A figure was sitting in a throne and keeping eye on the cloaked figures. Standing by his side was an overweight, winged monster with orange-skin. Black body armor covered his upper chest and his waist was wrapped by a red cloth. His pants are maroon red with black boots tightening around his feet. The tips of his wings were equipped with a sharp, pointy spike. His hands had deadly, talons used for cutting down his prey. Another figure was standing on the other side of the throne. This specific creature has light blue-skin and a muscular physique compared to the overweight creature. This individual's hair was blonde and straightened out across his back. A purple one strapped cloth covered his chest. A black belt tightened around his waist and his pants were white. His boots are yellow.

There were two other monsters standing around the throne figure. One was a short, green monster with orange pants and a black belt. His eyes were large, frog-like and yellow. The fourth creature is a tall figure with a bodybuilder's physique. He wore a dark brown pelt around his waist, leather straps across his chest and long, red-flame hair from his head to across his back. This monster's skin is light orange with tints of yellow.

Each of these four monsters ported a grin once their station crew displayed a view of the Digital World through the monitors. It would be a matter of a few moments before they arrive.

"There it is, my lord," the blue-skinned alien pointed to the monitor. "We should be arriving in the Eastern Digital World soon."

"How soon?" the throne figure asked impatiently.

"Give it a few hours or so. This ship needs to find the perfect landing spot so we don't plummet through the planet, sir. After all, our ship is the size of a moon," the short, green creature stated.

"Actually, our ship looks like an asteroid. So that will generate fear to the inhabitants of this planet," replied the winged alien. "Heh. Won't those idiots be panicking when they really should be worried about us?"

"Generating fear amongst the inhabitants is the idea," the figure snickered. "By spreading fear, they won't even have time to launch a counterattack against us. From what I hear, the inhabitants of this Digital World really don't have very many defenses since the Holy Beasts were sealed away."

"Oh yes. They were sealed away. That presents us the opportunity to launch an attack and force the inhabitants to submit to us," the orange muscular brute laughed. "We'll crush them like little ants!"

"Now, let's not get too hasty. Let's enjoy ourselves," the throne figure smiled. "It'll be amusing to see those fools run around without a prayer. We've didn't come all the way out in his backwater galaxy just to back out."

"But what about the legend of the Chosen?" asked the green monster.

"You mean the Chosen Children called upon to save the Digital World? That's just an old legend passed down by many generations of the old Digital Knight Republic. They just used that old story as a cover-up to spread fear towards us planet conquerors. I'm not buying it. These inhabitants have no hope or future to relish. Now, that's enough out of you about the Digi-Destined. Even if they were real, I'd crush them like they were little insects! Onward my station pilots! Our destiny is at hand!"

"Yes, sir! Lord Gyrgomon!"

"Hail, Lord Gyrogmon!" the four high-ranked monsters raised their fists and bellowed out in unison.

Another view of the Digital World catches Gyrogmon's shadow presence. He could hardly wait to arrive and conquer the planet under his iron fist. However, little does he realizes that the legendary Digi-Destined were on the planet and underestimating them could be a big mistake on his part. Right now it didn't matter to Lord Gyrogmon. All he can think about is one motivation: implement an invasion and claim the planet as his own.

(Play Digimon Adventure opening theme Butterfly)

(End theme)

Gyrogmon's Invasion!

01 Digital World/Sector 3752-SCD/Scorpiomon Desert

The scorching hot desert of the Scorpiomon wasteland toasted the sands of the barren landscape. Only few would even consider this a suitable habitat to take refuge, including the Desert Scorpiomon who claim this land as their own. There were few cacti visible across the desert lands and numerous predatory vulture digimon circling the skies. It was like the Great American Desert in a sense, but only this desert land was inhabited by stranger creatures.

Even amongst the barren landscape, there was a long road stretching across from beyond a mountain range. What could a road be doing out in the middle of a desert landscape? Who would have been crazy enough to construct a road passage in a scorching environment that was enough to fry any living creature's brains? Nonetheless, the road was laid in place and well-constructed one might add.

Just then, several figures were seen walking across the road. There were six humans, children to be precise, and six creatures. The leading member of this group was wearing goggles over his big, brown hair. Strolling next him was an orange reptile with green eyes. This was the leader of the Digi-Destined, Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, with his partner Agumon. He was the first to make a comment after a few moments of silence.

"Um, so did anyone bring an umbrella? The sun is really getting to me!" Tai bragged.

"I don't think an umbrella will help any, Tai," Agumon sighed.

"I agree. Tai, we've been walking for hours now. If we don't find a place to rest soon, we're going to be toasted by this heat," Sora spoke out. "We need water… And the canteens that Scarecrowmon gave us already are out of our water."

"In case you haven't noticed, but we already ran out of water as soon as he arrived at this desert area," Biyomon stated.

"If I don't get anything into my system, I'm going to pass out," Mimi gasped out of exhaustion.

"My roots are already drying up… Need moist water…" Palmon whimpered. "Need water… I'm going to dry up…"

"C'mon, everyone… I know we can keep going… Just a little longer," Joe said while dragging his feet across.

"Way to go for being Mr. Optimistic," Gomamon cynically remarked.

"Well… I haven't seen you find anything worth to find. We could have water by now!" Joe shouted out. "I'm going to die if I don't get some H2o into my system!"

"Now, calm down guys. There's no need to get hostile," Izzy wiped his forehead. "I can calculate that we're standing out at nearly 104 degrees…"

"Brilliant calculation, Izzy my boy. However, what good is that going to do for us in the long run?" Tentomon pointed out. "As you can see, we're roasting out here!"

"Yes… But I just had to let everyone know the climate temperature… It's amazing how it increases and decreases faster than our planet climate."

"That's just the way the Digital World operates. Time goes by rather quicker when it needs to be…" Gatomon answered.

"You feeling all right up there, Patamon?" TK asked his winged partner, who was lying on top of his large Napoleon-sized hat.

"Hot and roasting like a pig!" Patamon cried out and flew off the top of TK's hat.

"No pun intended of course," laughed Tai.

Just then, Gatomon caught a glimpse of one individual who remained silent during the venture across the hot environment. Kari Kamiya was slowly being left behind as she walked slower than her friends. A red blush covered her face and she started to see blurriness in her visions. Something was obviously wrong. Her coughs were becoming louder and hoarser.

"Kari… Are you all right?" Gatomon asked with concern. "You're coughing a lot lately."

"No. I'll be fine. This isn't really anything."

"Are you sure?" the feline looked up at her partner.

"Yeah…" Kari faintly spoke.

However, Tai wasn't very convinced. He turned around and looked towards Kari. If there was anything that scared him more, it was losing his sister. He would never forgive himself if anything had happened to her.

"Kari…? Stick close to the group. We won't want to get separated out here, now do we?" Tai called out to his sister.

"…No, hang on… I'll catch up… Just need to catch my breath," Kari coughed.

"Tai. Maybe we should stop? Your sister's been coughing a lot lately and her face is getting red. I'm worried," Sora whispered in Tai's ear.

"I know… As soon as we find a little place with some shade, we'll stop…"

"Tai! We're in luck! I've found us a little bus stop with some shade just ahead!" Agumon pointed out towards a small bus/rest stop. "Up ahead!"

"That's great! Hear that everyone? Finally some shade and a place to rest!" Tai informed everyone. "Kari! We've found a place to… What!"

Much to his horror, he found Kari lying on the ground and noticed her barely moving. This was certainly not a good sign as her breathing was becoming more intense and heavy.

"KARI!" the Kamiya male exclaimed.

"Kari!" Gatomon cried out as she ran over to her fallen friend.

"Sora! Get everyone to the shade! I'm going to go grab my sister!" Tai instructed the redhead.

"You've got it!" Sora nodded in agreement and called forth for the group.

With that said, Sora nodded towards the group and lead them out across the road. TK, worried for Kari, attempted to run over to help Tai. However, Sora stopped him before he even had a chance and led him towards the shaded bus stop. Tai scooped Kari's body in his arms and runs over to where his friends awaited his arrival. Gatomon and Agumon followed behind the Kamiya boy.

"Kari! Please, hang in there!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"Why didn't you tell me you had this problem earlier?" Tai whispered down to his sister. "I could have done something to help you with your sickness."

However, he wasn't getting much of a response from his sister and starting to worry. If he didn't get help or medication soon, his sister's life could be at jeopardy. The sickness Kari is actually pneumonia and the heat sure didn't help much to reduce her sickness. In fact, it would only make it worse and increase her chances of getting a near fatal illness.

"Stay tough, Kari! I know you'll pull through! But, where can I find a place to get you medicine and proper bed rest! How could I have been so stupid to lead us out here? Now my sister is down with this sickness! I feel like the worst brother in two worlds! There has to be something I can do!"

Once Tai scurried over to lay Kari on the bench in the shade, there was an ominous presence soon about to make its presence felt on the Digital World. The digimon weren't aware of it yet, but an object of gigantic proportions was set to make a collision course with the planet.

Lord Gyrogmon was drawing closer to the Digital World and it would be a matter of moments before he lays any claim to it. The planet would soon be graced with his presence, much to the dismay to the Digi-Destined.

Orbit of the 01 Digital World

Slowly descending towards the Digital World, the spaceship was circling across the planet's orbit. It covered across a large portion of the Digital World and eclipsed half of it with its shadowy presence. Digimon across the planet are already starting to taking notice of this ominous object and warning about a possible collision.

As for Gyrogmon, he watches on through a monitor while keeping a careful eye on the Digital World. It gleamed like a brilliant gem in his eye and he could hardly wait to conquer this 'oyster pearl', so to speak. His insubordinates gathered around him were just as anxious, if not more anxious… Since they will be the ones in charge of the attacks and led their forces in to take whatever territories and resources are available.

"Lord Gyrogmon! We are just moments from meeting our destination," one of the tiny crewmen announced while bowing before the throne figure.

"Splendid! You have all done well for getting us to our destination. I would never believe that I'd actually find the Eastern Digital World once ruled by the great Azulongmon! To think it would be within the backwater regions of this quadrant of the digi-galaxy. Nonetheless, after many digi-cycles of searching, we found what we have been looking for."

"It truly is a wonderful day to behold, my lord," the little green minion spoke.

"Indeed! I'm sure this planet has plenty of resources to take and territories to conquer. I doubt the inhabitants will give us any problems," the blue-skinned man replied.

"You leave those weaklings with me and my armies! I'll crush them with an iron fist!" the muscular creature bellowed.

"Yes and that alone will make it easier for us to conquer their lands," the winged monster laughed.

"Don't get too overconfident, my soldiers," Gyrogmon spoke. "The last time you underestimated your opponents was back during our campaign to capture Planet Quan-Koi. It was a terrible loss for our side, a failed campaign and we've lost a large number of soldier causalities. We can't afford to make that mistake again. We're not even sure what this planet's defense system is capable of."

"Yes, Lord Gyrogmon!" the four subordinated exclaimed out in response.

"Then again, it'll be interesting to know what we'll be dealing with," Gyrogmon chuckled under his breath. "I wonder if the legend of the Digi-Destined is true… If so, then they are a threat to my conquest. No matter. If we happen to confront them, they shall be easily dealt with. Nothing is going to stop me from taking this planet as my own and take away all of their resources! Lord Gyrogmon shall not fail!"

"And we are closing in through orbit, my lord… Protective gel! Engage!"

With that said, the massive spaceship was engulfed by a protective gel as soon as it entered through orbit. This was a defense to protect the ship from being incinerated by the intense heat of entering through the planet's atmosphere. Now the spaceship's shadow was already spread throughout the planet and nearly blanketing every source of sunlight in sight.

01 Digital World/Scorpiomon Desert

Once the children gathered at the bus stop, they were relieved to finally receive shade from the scorching sunlight. Kari was laid on top of a bench inside the Metro bus stop. A white cloth was padded on her sweaty forehead. After coughing more, it was obvious that she was running a deep fever. Only Tai was familiar with Kari's medical history of being ill every so often.

As Joe pulled out another towel from out of his bag, he handed it to Tai. He placed it over the padded cloth and patted her head. Sora and Mimi kneeled over to give Kari comfort as she was stirring a bit. Gatomon looked down at Kari with worry.

"She has to stay out of the sun and get her fever down," Sora said.

"You poor thing," Mimi padded the cloth down on Kari's forehead.

Joe took out the thermometer from out of Kari's mouth and checked it carefully. Her body temperature read 101 degrees Fahrenheit. That was way over the normal body temperature and definitely signified that Kari had a terrible fever.

"My gosh! She has a fever!" Joe gasped out in shock. "This really is serious!

"What does it say, Joe?" Gomamon asked with concern.

"101 degrees Fahrenheit."

"We've got to get her some place where she can get rest, but it's too bad. There aren't any rest stops in the middle of nowhere," replied Gomamon. "Really. I can't joke on this. We have to find some shade and fast!"

"Don't worry. I won't leave you," Gatomon whispered to Kari with a worried look across her face.

The girl nodded her head in reply and smiled. She was happy to know that she had other people other than her brother to stay by her side in times of need. In this case, they watched her as if she were apart of a family.

"Yeah… Thanks, Gatomon…" Kari coughed out hoarsely.

"How come you didn't say anything before now, Kari?" Tai asked worrying for his sickly sister. "If we could have known, we would have found a place to rest."

"Are you mad at me… Tai? I didn't want to slow anyone down," Kari coughed again while speaking.

"No… Of course not…" Tai nodded as he couldn't utter another word to finish his sentence. "Oh Kari. This is my fault."

As soon as he said that, painful memories came back to haunt him. He remembered at least four years ago when his sister was carted into an ambulance after coming down with a case of her constant illnesses. Tai could easily remember being helpless to do anything to help her. It was the most horrifying image in his memories. He had nearly caused his sister to die after taking her out to play soccer even when she was sick.

"Tai…?" Izzy whispered in Tai's ear to gain his attention. "Um, Tai? Earth to Tai."

"Huh? What is it, Izzy?" the goggle head leader turned around to face the red-haired genius.

"Can I have a word with you?"

"Um, sure…"

As Izzy led Tai away from the group, the others remained crowded around the sickly girl. Joe reached into his medical bag and pulls out a small cloth to clean her sweaty face. TK sat down on the bench with Patamon by his side. The boy glared towards Kari and nodded his head.

"We'll be sure to find a place in no time. Just give it time and stay in there, Kari. If your anything like Tai, you're a pretty strong girl," the boy assured her.

"Thanks… for the encouragement, TK. I appreciate it," Kari whispered. "You guys are the… best."

"We'll stay right here if you need us, Kari," Mimi smiled.

"You just rest to get better now, Kari. It's the best way to at least reduce your fever a bit," Agumon patted her forehead. "There now…"

Standing away from the group, Izzy confronted the leader. Both even did their best to ignore the scorching heat radiating on them. Before he uttered a word, the shorter boy cleared his throat to get Tai's complete, undivided attention.

"You were pretty zoned out there for a minute, Tai. What's wrong?" Izzy asked with concern.

"Maybe we shouldn't have brought her along, Izzy," the goggle head replied with a sigh. "This is all my fault. She's sick because of me."

"Huh? What on earth are you talking about? We had to bring her if we have to save the Digi-World," Izzy reminded him about their responsibilities as Digi-Destined. "She is one of the Digi-Destined; she's the bearer of light! She is the enemy of the dark forces! She's just as important as you, myself, Joe, Mimi, Sora and TK. We're all equals. Have you forgotten about that?"

"Not at all, but with her being ill and all. We should have left her some place safe and come back to get her. I'm sure there are digimon out there willing to watch over her while we go off on our journey. Maybe we should have split up…"

Once hearing that, Izzy was in complete shock. Was this the same Tai Kamiya that traveled with the same group in the same Digital World? The genius wondered whether Tai was completely losing his sense of character. Izzy couldn't help but question the goggle head.

"Split up? Have you flipped? This isn't like you!" Izzy exclaimed.

"I'm just worried about her. It's all apart about being a good leader, Izzy," Tai smiled. "I also want to try to become the best big brother she could have. So when she grows up, she can tell her kids all about me."

"Um, aren't you jumping ahead, Tai?"

"Do you see where I'm coming from? I want to become the best leader I can be and a great brother for Kari to look up to," Tai smiled. "Well, don't you agree?"

"Well… Of course! You're the best option for a leader, Tai. I can't argue with that even if you do tend to jump ahead without using your head."

"Yeah, that's just like me," Tai snickered as while scratching his head. "Yikes. If I stay out here too long, my hair might get ignited by the scorching sunlight."

"Izzy! You won't believe your eyes! I've found civilization!" a familiar insect's voice buzzed out from the background.

Izzy quickly turns to find Tentomon flying out from beyond the horizon. The insect had returned after searching for a town or at least a place to rest. It seemed Tentomon had found something worthwhile and in the knick of time.

"We're saved!" Tentomon exclaimed in joy. "I've found what we're looking for!"

"What? You finally found something! You hear that guys? Tentomon's found someplace to take Kari!" Tai announced to the team. "It's about time! Now we don't have to stay in a small shaded spot anymore!"

"All right!" TK cheered and rushed over to Kari's side. "You hear that, Kari?"

"Uh… huh…" the girl whispered.

"That's wonderful," Mimi nodded in agreement. "Not only good for me but for Kari, too. I'm sweating like a pig out here even in this shade. Yuck!"

"Oh, Mimi…" Palmon sighed after hearing what her friend had said.

"Thank the heavens," Tai let out a sigh of relief. "I thought we were going to get fried out here. At least we've found a place for Kari to rest. I… I just don't want to go back and be reminded of those painful memories… I failed Kari then as a big brother… I'm not going to let her down again…"

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his right shoulder. He turns around and saw Sora giving him a friendly nod. If there was anyone who was familiar with Tai and to a lesser extent Kari, it was Sora Takenouchi. She was Tai's childhood friend since competing together on the same soccer league. Kari was like a little sister to the tomboy and Sora wants to make sure the young Kamiya girl gets the best treatment for her illness.

"Don't worry, Tai. We'll get her better. I'm sure whoever lives in that community has medicine to reduce Kari's fever…"

"I hope so. For my sake and…" Tai looks over towards Kari once more. "…for Kari's sake."

"C'mon, everyone! Let's get going!" Izzy reminds everyone within the party. "Tentomon will take us there after he digivolves. All right, Tentomon. You know what to do!"

"You got it!" Tentomon nodded his head in reply before his body started to emit a golden glow.

Marsupial Fertile Village/3780-MFV

Out across many miles from where the Digi-Destined were currently present, there stood a moderate-sized community. Tiny villages and homes scattered across. Market squares were also quite common amongst this community and relied heavily on trade. The most common digimon types were of the desert and marsupial kind. That includes digimon of the kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, wallaby and wombat kind. Echidna digimon took refuge in this community as well as dingoes, emus, ostriches, tortoises, horned lizards, hawks, wild boars and even stag beetles. Every one of them was isolated in this remote fertile community separated from other parts of the Digital World, spoke their own language and was in the stages of creating their own constitution.

This community was founded and built by two elderly digimon. One was a hairy creature with long fur that covered his entire body. Only bare hands and feet were visible. This was Jijimon. The other is an old woman with a green-and-yellow outfit and gray-white hair tied up into a bun. This old female digimon is Babamon. Much to anyone's surprise, these two were mega-level digimon but not much for combat. They were an old married couple that has helped with this community since it's founding fifteen digi-generations ago.

Just as the community was going about their daily lives, a shadowy eclipse covered the sun and the skies. The digimon of the village took notice of the massive spaceship slowly descending onto the land. In a matter of moments, the object coming in generated massive winds to sweep across the landscape.

"Just what the heck is that!" a Dingomon asked out of fear.

"It's… a meteor! We're all going to die!" panicked a Wombatmon.

As soon as he uttered 'meteor', it generated mass hysteria across the community. Jijimon and Babmon both arrived on the scene only to be swept back by the strong winds blowing across. Crowds of digimon were fleeing towards their homes and hiding under any available burrows.

"Whoa! Just what was that!" exclaimed Babmon.

"That nearly blew my fur off!" Jijimon shouted.

"Are you all right, Jijimon and Babmon?" a Wallabymon asked out of worry.

"We'll manage… But just what in digi-world is going on here?" wondered Jijimon. "Babamon. Alert everyone to get back to their homes and remind them to use the emergency tunnels available!"

"I'm on it," Babamon nodded.

Suddenly, Jijimon took notice of another object flying above the village. It was a large, blue beetle with a silver armor-horned helmet. On his back were the six Digi-Destined and five digimon.

"Wow, what is this place?" TK asked.

"This is the Marsupial Fertile Village," Kabuterimon informed the team who rode on top of his backside. "It's an isolated fertile community on the other side of the Scorpiomon Desert."

"You aren't kidding. I'm seeing digimon I've never seen before!" Sora looked down in awe.

"Um, I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but what's THAT coming down?" Mimi screamed as she pointed out towards the skies.

The Digi-Destined looked up in disbelief as they were looking up towards the massive spaceship descending down to meet its destination. Kabuterimon was flabbergasted by the unearthly size of the ship and was dwarfed by the gigantic sphere. Never had they seen anything this large in scale.

"What the heck is that thing?" Joe shouted in panic.

"A meteor!" TK cried out.

"No… Otherwise, it would have slammed into the planet faster and burned up once entering through the atmosphere. I believe it's a spaceship!" Izzy answered. "It's really fascinating that even the Digital World has their share of extraterrestrial life."

"You really think so? Extraterrestrial digi-life?" Tai wondered. "That could be possible, but why is it coming here? I hope the people aboard are friendly. Why am I suddenly getting this bad feeling after watching movies like Independence Day?"

Before he had anything else to say, Kari started coughing out again and lowered her head to rest.

"Izzy! We need to get down on that village right away! Kari's fever is getting worse. I'm sure that digimon down there can help us," Tai pointed down at Jijimon.

"Who is that down there?" Agumon asked.

"Jijimon. One of the founders of this isolated community. He should be able to help us out with Kari's fever," Kabuterimon stated. "Hang on everyone!"

"Hang in there, Kari. We're going to get you better. These villagers should have some medicine," Gatomon assured the child of light. "I promise you with my nine lives."


"First off, I'd like to know what a spaceship is landing here for? I have a bad feeling about this," Sora thought. "Then again, Tai could have a point on the Independence Day reference. Usually, aliens do tend to attack inhabitants. We'll just have to see where the situation goes from here."

Inside the spaceship

"Sire, we're getting closer to landing on our destination," the cloaked digimon crew informed Gyrogmon.

"Superb. We should arrive in a few, short moments. Men, I want the soldiers lined up and be prepared for deployment," Gyrogmon informed his subordinates.

"Yes, sir!"

"Good. Everything is going according to schedule. We'll attack this village first and capture whatever resources they have available. Then, we should cover more ground by the end of several days. My forces will be deployed across the planet and capture any inhabitants if need be. The again, I could always use slaves to build my new empire here."

"Landing eminent in T-Minus… Seven minutes!" the cloaked figures announced.

Gyrogmon smiled in reply to their announcement. He pressed a button to capture a perfect view of the Marsupial Fertile Village community. Just then, he caught glimpse of a Kabuterimon with several human children and digimon. His right brow quirked in interest.

"Well. What do we have here? Humans in this world. Children for that matter. Could these be the legendary Chosen? I'll have to keep a careful eye on this village. If they are indeed the Digi-Destined, then they must be exterminated right away. I will not allow anyone to prevent me from becoming king of this world! Nobody!"

The evil alien digimon overlord, Gyrogmon, has traveled through many digi-galaxies in search of the Digital World once ruled by the great Azulongmon. Now that he has arrived, he sets about to conquer the planet and take its' resources. His first target site is the isolated Marsupial Fertile Village. Coincidentally, the Digi-Destined have arrived with a sickly Kari. She is need for a medicine to reduce her fever, but unbeknownst to them Gyrogmon is on the horizon. There is guaranteed to be conflict once Gyrogmon's men get tangled up with the Digi-Destined.


Max: Hey, everyone! It's me, Max Kamiya! The next segment will feature my aunt Kari finally getting a place to rest. As Sora, Mimi and Joe stay with Kari, Tai and Izzy set about into the village to find the medicine Jijimon prescribed to them.

Keke: Just as they went to get the medicine, the spaceship finally lands. Then we've got unwelcome guests as Gyrogmon's men quickly start to attack the village. That's where Tai and the others spring into action. Then, out comes Gyrogmon…

Gyrogmon: Humph, so you're the Digi-Destined I've heard so much about from legend. You're just little whelps getting in the way of my conquest.

Max: That's when the team defends the village by fending off Gyrogmon's forces. But, things will get ugly when Gyrogmon separates the team! Not looking good for our side just when they had gotten the medicine! The next segment to Gyrogmon's Invasion is entitled…

The Invasion of Gyrogmon Begins! The Race for a Sister's Survival!

Keke: Don't you miss it!

"Lord Vader. Rise."- Darth Sideous, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

This is a quote from the movie if you haven't already seen it. Just decided to add it for no apparent reason. This really a re-edit as I added some more detail in the dialogue.

Ok, basically I took a little from the Machinedramon plot of the canon Digimon Adventure series. Except in this case, Joe, Gomamon, Mimi and Palmon are with them. Matt and Gabumon are absent from this movie but will return for the third movie featuring Mutalior. I want to at least add some drama to this story than keep it all-action. It adds variety if I do say so myself. Plus, I've never had the chance to explore a storyline where Kari gets a relapse from her illness.

Gyrogmon himself is based off of Lord Slug and Turles. Except there's no Forbidden Fruit. His identity will be finally revealed in the next chapter. This story MIGHT have six chapters, thus making it at least one chapter longer than the first movie fic. The second chapter should be out soon. Be sure to check back for updates. Until then, peace!