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The Siege Ends! The Healing Light is War Greymon's Last Hope!

Siege at the Marsupial Fertile Village/Eastern District

Gyrogmon sat up, stretched out his right arm and caught War Greymon into a tight grip. The warrior found himself in a precautious situation and screamed out in pain with the grip tightening on him.

"No! He has him! War Greymon!" Tai exclaimed.

"Altur Kabuterimon! It's time! Let's move out!" Andromon leaped off the building and took flight across the skylines.

"You be careful, Altur Kabuterimon! We're counting on you and Andromon to aid War Greymon!" Izzy told his beetle partner.

"We got it! Andromon! Lead the way, my friend!" the ultimate-level beetle bellowed out.

"Tai! Don't fret! They're going to get War Greymon out of this mess!" Sora attempted to assure the leader.

"Well, they had better hurry then! I don't think War Greymon is going to last much longer if Gyrogmon continues to put the tight squeeze on him!"

"…If only there was anything I can do to offer my help…" Leomon strained as he struggled to stand up.

"No, you have to lie down, Leomon… You're still badly hurt!" Izzy reminded the brave warrior.

"It… doesn't matter to me… Andromon and Altur Kabuterimon will need help… War Greymon… Hang in there… Help is on the way…"

"Everybody is begging to lend their support. Oh if only Patamon and Gatomon were still in this fight," Kari thought.

However, just then, the Child of Light felt an overwhelming warmth suddenly overtaking her. Nobody else has noticed it yet but the same light was slowly beginning to take over Kari's body. That same 'being' would reemerge to make her presence felt.

"It's that same light as before… But why now? What can it do to save War Greymon?"

The evil warlord was quickly tightening his grip on War Greymon, which forced the warrior to utter a horrifying scream that made everyone around the area wince. His blood-curling screams were enough to frighten the children yet infuriate the other digimon. They raced over to save their comrade from meeting his certain end at the 'hands' of Gyrogmon.

The loud hollering cries from War Greymon echoed throughout the entire region while Gyrogmon tightened his grip on him. The armor of War Greymon was beginning to shatter in the process and soon the mega warrior's bones would become crushed into oatmeal. Gyrogmon holds War Greymon with one hand and uses the other to press his thumb down on the struggling warrior.

"You've fought well, but this is where it ends!" Gyrogmon hollered out in laughter. "NOW DIE!"

The giant overlord pressed down on War Greymon using his thumb as he enjoyed every minute of War Greymon's torture. Just then, he felt two shots strike him across the back. These garnered enough attention from out of Gyrogmon. He turned around to find Andromon and Altur Kabuterimon. The titan growled angrily while focusing his eye beams directly towards the duo.

As the beams drew closer, another blast came shooting from out of nowhere and stopped Gyrogmon's beams in the process. This came directly from none other than Lillymon herself! The Digi-Destined looked towards the horizon to spot Lillymon with her hands clasped together to form her special Flower Cannon. Mimi waved out to her friends while hanging tightly around Lillymon's waist.

"Next time, Lillymon. You think you can give me a little warning before you go trigger happy?" Mimi suggested before looking down towards the leverage in height.

"Sorry, but I had to stop him from crushing War Greymon! Besides, all the boys are hogging up the fun! Wow, Gyrogmon sure has been taking his vitamins lately," Lillymon remarked about Gyrogmon's growth in size.

"Ick and what's with those antennae on his head? Those have got to go!" Mimi criticized the Gyrog overlord's sense of head ornaments.

"Mimi! Lillymon! Get away from there!" Sora calls out. "You're in the line of fire!"

Just then, the children noticed that their comrade, Leomon, was nowhere to be seen. It was as if he vanished without a trace. TK and Kari took notice of this; while Izzy and Joe were left to wonder.

"Hey! We have a problem here! Leomon's gone and left us!" Joe panicked.

"No way! Leomon would never cut and run on us!" TK disagreed with Joe's statement.

"He didn't run because I see him right now!" Kari pointed out directly towards Gyrogmon's head. "He's right on top of that guy's head!"

"Leomon is!" Sora gasped out.

"Yeah! I see him, too! He's on top of Gyrogmon's head and grabbing his antennae!" TK happily laughed.

"You know what? Leomon must be onto something!" Izzy replied while making another one of his bold predictions. "If my assumption is correct, Leomon must have found a weakness on that monster!"

"Through his antennae?" Joe wondered. "Well, it makes sense…"

"Nonetheless, let's pray that Leomon's plan works," Sora nodded in agreement.

"C'mon, Leomon! Hurry! I doubt War Greymon will be able to withstand anymore punishment!" Tai exclaimed while glaring towards the towering Gyrogmon. "If we don't defeat Gyrogmon, then this Digital World is his for the taking! I'm not going to allow that to happen! Hang in there, War Greymon…! Don't quit on me now!"

Suddenly, Gyrogmon stood frozen for a moment once he felt something tugging on his antennae pair. He looked up directly to find Leomon grabbing them sensitive protrusions. He quickly looked up and found Leomon glaring down at him with a sneer.

"So, you delight in hurting others, do you? Typical villain… Your kind never seems to change your ways. How this for 'just desserts'? How would you like it if I were to pull on your antennae!" Leomon declared as he began to pull on the large mutant's antennae. "I've dealt with monsters similar to you! If they are any indication, then it should be obvious that me pulling on your antennae will weaken you!"

"ARGH! FOOL! LET GO OF ME!" Gyrogmon declared while shaking his head. "GET OFF!"

While attempting to shake Leomon off his head, he immediately tossed War Greymon to the side and snatched Leomon instead. The brave warrior found himself in a precarious situation once Gyrogmon grabbed a hold of Leomon and tightened his grip. A sacrifice was prepared to be made to ensure War Greymon's survival. Leomon would intend to carry this one out.

Gyrogmon held Leomon exactly where he wanted him and growled deeply.

"Now, you'll die first!" Gyrogmon bellowed out.

Just then, the brave warrior started to laugh deeply to himself while defiantly glaring up at the Gyrog overlord. Gyrogmon was baffled by his adversary suddenly taking humor to this situation.

"Huh? What's so funny? What are you laughing about?" Gyrogmon demanded an answer from Leomon. "Well! Say something, you wretched mammal!"

"Everyone! Seize fire!" Leomon calls out to the other digimon. "Don't even attack!"

"Huh? What's he going on about? He's going to get crushed if we don't intervene right away!" exclaimed Altur Kabuterimon.

"But if we attack, we might accidentally hit Leomon!" Lillymon pointed out.

"She's right. Our best option would be to attack around the monster's legs! That way we won't worry about Leomon," Andromon suggested.

"NO! DON'T ATTACK!" Leomon exclaimed out.

"Ok, so what do you want us to do? Sit on our butts and twiddle our thumbs?" asked Mimi.

"She makes a good point! What good will any of this do if we can't attack?" Sora cried out.

"CHILD OF LIGHT! IT'S ALL ON YOU NOW!" the brave warrior bellowed out for everyone to hear.

Once the mere mention of Kari was revealed from out of Leomon's mouth, the Digi-Destined and the digimon couldn't help but gasp in shock. Even Tai was flabbergasted by what Leomon had said. What could Kari do to turnaround the outcome of this conflict and help to stop Gyrogmon?

"What? Have you lost it, Leomon? Just what do you hope to gain through Kari's help?" Tai thought. "Does this have anything to do with her Crest of Light? But what can her light do to stop Gyrogmon? Whatever you're planning… I can't agree with it at all!"


"What are you rambling on about?" Gyrogmon growled angrily out of frustration. "Just what can this puny little girl do? I'll easily crush her! There's nothing that her damn crest can do to stop me altogether! I have grown to my full power! You'll have to resort to another resource if you have any chance to survive! Ha! Ha!"

Suddenly, as soon as her name was being called forth, the little Child of Light moved aside from her comrades and methodically walked forward. A stern glare crossed her face as the same white light engulfed her form. Tai was taken back by this and attempted to reach out for his sister.

"Kari! What are you doing?" Tai exclaimed out to the little girl. "Stop! Have you lost it?"

"It's that light again!" Sora pointed out.

"But, what does it mean?" Izzy wondered. "Is this what Leomon means by her light being 'needed'?"

"I just hope Leomon knows what he's doing! If anything happens- Better yet! Screw that! Kari! Get back here!" Tai demanded.

However, Kari did not reply to her brother's demand and continued to walk across methodically. Her eyes were set directly on Gyrogmon with a serious demeanor. Rays of white light came raining down across the area where Kari was walking. It was as if the light was being summoned forth by her will. After all, she is the Digi-Destined of Light.

Gyrogmon wasn't too impressed with Kari approaching him since he figured that 'she' was considered the last line of defense. He merely grunted in disbelief.

"Pfft? What's this? You're sending in a little girl to stop me? Very well then. She will join the Leomon in the after life! Now, come here you little runt!"

"NO! KARI!" Tai exclaimed but not long before the other children held him back. "LET GO! SHE'S GOING TO GET HERSELF KILLED!"

"Wait! Look!" TK pointed out directly to where Gyrogmon stood.

Much to everyone's surprise, a large horde of Numemon crawled around Gyrogmon around his feet. They started biting into him as an act of revenge for taking them from their home planet. The evil overlord was merely amused by the Numemon's efforts to stop him.

"What do you think you're doing, Numemon? Bah! You really think you can stop me? If this is your idea of a rebellion, then I'm not IMPRESSED!" Gyrogmon roared out angrily.

Just then, Kari stopped and watched the Numemon putting up a resistance against the titan. She couldn't help but feel happy to see them again, but also felt remorse for what was about to happen.




With that said, Gyrogmon's body created a powerful dark aura that engulfed his entire body. This would be powerful enough to wipe out the weakest of digimon. While Leomon was spared for the time being, the dark aura instantly vaporized the Numemon. They let out their final screams before shattering into a cloud of data. Kari watched on in utter horror as innocent digimon were murdered. She watched them DIE instantly with no chance of rescuing them! She let the Numemon down! She let them die! As soon as the pain and anguish sunk into her heart, she instantly came back to reality and had eyes filled with tears. Kari unleashed a scream, which was heartfelt and sorrowful.



As soon as she screamed out, her body lit up with a powerful and pure white light. Her cries faded and a serious glare crossed her face again. This time, she meant business and would not take anymore of Gyrogmon's torment. Leomon glared down towards Kari and smiled nonchalantly.

"Yes, that's it! With your light, you can give the energy needed for War Greymon's rejuvenation!" Leomon exclaimed. "Kari! Feed War Greymon your light! It's our last chance!"

The bright glow emitting from out of Kari was quickly blinding Gyrogmon. Since he was a creature of darkness, Gyrogmon had no choice but to shield his eyes. The stinging light poured across his body and forced him away. Kari slowly walked forward as her eyes instantly turned white.

"Gyrogmon! You're a foul demon who represents the essence of darkness!" Kari spoke while her voice instantly changed into that of an older woman's. With my light, your nightmare shall end! War Greymon, take my light and slay this creature of darkness! By the power bestowed upon me, you shall rise and fight gallantly, warrior of courage…"

Kari walked over towards the fallen War Greymon and placed her hand over the digimon's chest. In a matter of moments, the light was absorbed through War Greymon's body and immediately rejuvenated his once lost energy. The digimon's eyes widened open instantly and moved his body about. War Greymon sat up and turned towards Kari with a smile.

"Kari… You gave me… Your light…?"

"I am not, Kari. I am only a being who has temporarily possessed her body to lend you the power needed to defeat this monster. Please, for Kari's sake, avenge the Numemon. Avenge all of those who have suffered at the hands of this monster!" 'Kari' turned towards Gyrogmon with a menacing glare. "Will you do that War Greymon? Will you carry the honor of the Digi-Destined and restore peace to these innocent digimon?"

"I will do as you solely please. Thank you for the energy… I shall carry out the Digi-Destined honor! For you, whoever you are…"

"Thank you, War Greymon… We shall meet again…" 'Kari' nodded before quickly losing consciousness and collapsing.

"KARI!" the children exclaimed in unison.

The goggle head leader rushes over towards Kari's side and scoops her up in his arms. Losing consciousness, the Child of Light snuggled closely in her brother's safe arms. Just then, Tai's crest started to glow once again and fueled War Greymon with even more energy than needed.

"Whoever you were… Thank you. You came at just the right time," Tai smiled. "You helped give my sister the confidence she needs to stand up against monsters like Gyrogmon. Now, with your light, War Greymon will finish this creep off! War Greymon! Go for it!"

"I will!" War Greymon shouted in reply. "Leomon! Now it's your chance to move away!"

However, Leomon still couldn't break himself free from Gyrogmon's tight grip. The giant eventually released his grip on the brave warrior and tossed him aside. He continued thrashing about while still being blinded by Kari's light. War Greymon took a stance with an orange-red aura radiating across his body. "Whoever you were, I will not let your light go to waste! Thank you!" War Greymon thought while giving his wishes to the being who possessed Kari.

"ARGH! THAT LITTLE WENCH! THE LIGHT!" Gyrogmon roared out for everyone to hear. "DAMN IT! STOP!"

Angrily losing his presence of mind, Gyrogmon shot out an energy beam across and destroyed a large portion of his spaceship; in the process, he killed a large number of his own grunts inside unknowingly. He was already losing control as it is while anger blinded him completely.

"DAMN IT! STOP!" Gyrogmon screamed as he finally regained his senses.


Instantly turning around, the overlord found War Greymon standing away with his ki completely restored to full power. He couldn't believe how the digimon of courage was restored back to his full-powered state.

(Play Breaking Point theme Coming of Age)

"What? You again? That's it! It's all because of that damn little wench and her light! I should have destroyed the crests when I had the chance!" Gyrogmon roared instantly out of a mix of frustration and rage.

"Big mistake on your part, Gyrogmon! Now! PREPARE YOURSELF! THIS IS WHERE YOU DIE!" War Greymon declared. "MACH SPEED POWER! TIMES 20!"

With that said, War Greymon instantly became engulfed by a crimson aura. The bright aura flared out across and increased the power of the digimon. This was the technique taught to him by the masked warrior, X. Speed, power and endurance were all increased ten fold for War Greymon. This is exactly what he needs in hopes of defeating a giant like Gyrogmon. It was not just his energy but also that of the being who possessed Kari.


War Greymon launched himself up towards Gyrogmon with his red aura flaring out like a flame. The digimon's eyes became completely white once again. He immediately spun himself into a tornado tunnel with a sharp tip at the very end. Those were his claws met and set directly for Gyrogmon's chest.


Nearly seconds afterward and War Greymon was plowing right through Gyrogmon's torso. He successfully tore through the overlord's torso and came out through the other side. A large gush of purple gore and blood came spilling out of Gyrogmon. The villain couldn't believe whom easily he was brought down by the digimon he nearly crushed to a pulp. He fell backwards as he collapsed on top of the spaceship. It smashed down and exploded in the process. The remainder of Gyrogmon's men was killed within the explosion and under Gyrogmon's heavy weight.

"Yes! Way to go, War Greymon!" Tai cheered on for his partner.

"That was awesome! Way to nail it to that maniac!" Mimi happily cried. "What did you think, Lillymon?"

"Awesome, but he needs to polish that guy off while he's down!" Lillymon suggested.

"You've got him where you want him, War Greymon! Let that creep have it!" TK calls out to the mega.

"Great… You did well… War Greymon… I commend you…" Leomon snickered while quivering in pain. "Thank you, for saving us Hikari… You gave the Child of Light the power she needed to deliver for War Greymon's rejuvenation. We shall meet again…"

"Victory is yours, War Greymon!" Joe declared. "We won!"

"It isn't over until Gyrogmon is permanently put out of commission," Izzy replied. "Hurry up, War Greymon!"

Nodding to everyone's suggestion, War Greymon looked up towards the skies and noticed the sun emerging from out of the clouds. Dawn was set to radiate over the land and bask away the darkness.

"The sun's finally out! Yes, this is exactly what I needed! Here goes nothing!" War Greymon cried out before flying up towards the skies above.

With that said, War Greymon flew straight through the clouds and was nearing the atmospheric region. However, a long arm SHOT itself across from out of the debris and snatched War Greymon by the leg. This caught the warrior completely by surprise.

"WHAT! OH NO! IT'S GYROGMON!" War Greymon shouted out of disbelief.

"What? He still has fight left in him?" Andromon exclaimed. "Everyone! Move out and help War Greymon!"

"RIGHT!" the digimon replied in unison.

While getting a hold of War Greymon's leg, Gyrogmon pulled himself up towards the atmosphere. His face twisted with a psychotic and sinister sneer. His eyes widened out as his chance to retaliate came at hand.






The three-way shots came hurtling from out of the clouds and blasted Gyrogmon's body. These shots were good enough to slow Gyrogmon down as he released his grip on War Greymon's foot. War Greymon launched himself upward where he faced the sun. The basking radiation shone over the warrior, who held his arms out above him. He started to collect the life energy and radiation out of the sun to increase the size of his Terra Force.

"Ahh… The sun… This is exactly what I need," the warrior strained as he gathered the sun's energy. "Yes! Thank you, sun!"

Coming to his senses once again, Gyrogmon flew up directly towards War Greymon and attempted a last chance to attack. His face twisted with another psychotic sneer. His mouth widened up and bared his fangs. Despite his loss of blood, the Gyrog overlord was fueled by his own bloodlust. War Greymon aimed directly for Gyrogmon and launched the boulder-sized Terra Force.


Unleashing a loud battle cry, the warrior threw the boulder-sized heat sphere directly towards Gyrogmon. The overlord stopped and realized that the attack was already strong enough to stop him. At his weakened state, he can't hope to push it back. The Terra Force slammed against Gyrogmon and sent him plummeting downward towards where his devastated ship once lay. The overlord's eyes widened before his final screams echoed out across the region. The Terra Force detonated against where Gyrogmon plummeted through. A large explosion occurred and engulfed Gyrogmon completely. His horrifying screams faded as his body disintegrated. His well-deserved fate had finally restored peace to this village and destroyed what was left of the overlord's presence. The last of the Yami Gyrogs was permanently vanquished and declared extinct forever.

(End theme)

With the explosion dying down, War Greymon came levitating down to the devastated grounds. The Digi-Destined and the digimon quickly emerged from the far distance to congratulate him. Tai approached War Greymon with Kari in his arms.

"War Greymon! That was just wicked! You're definitely the 'mon!" Tai slapped his partner's leg.

"Thanks, Tai, but I couldn't have done it without…" War Greymon replied once he made eye contact with the sleeping child in Tai's arms. "Kari… Thank you…"

"It was that light again," Sora stated. "Isn't that right, Izzy?"

"I would think so. Because of her and the light, War Greymon was able to become rejuvenated with more energy. Certainly, we should really be thanking Leomon."

"Leomon… Thank you, friend," War Greymon gave a light bow to the brave warrior.

"Of course…" Leomon replied as he tried standing up on his feet. "I just knew where our source of power lies. The Child of Light is essential if we ever hope to defeat the forces of darkness. Gyrogmon was no exception…"

"So, that's it. He's finished? That just leaves Burizalor himself out there somewhere…" Tai stated. "But if we work together, I just know we can bring even the likes of him down crashing to his knees…"

Within the Eastern Digital Side Galaxy/Sacred Training Grounds of X

The masked warrior had watched the events unfold and nodded in approval. He was visibly proud of the efforts set forth by War Greymon and his allies.

"Tai. War Greymon. You were great as always. But, you couldn't have done it without the help of your friends. Remember, don't think they will ever abandon you. Sora. Izzy. Joe. Mimi. TK. Even your sister, Kari, will always be there for you. Always."

Siege at the Marsupial Fertile Village/Eastern District

"Hey, there! Digi-Destined!" the voices of Jijimon and Babamon called out from the distance.

"Look! It's Jijimon, Babamon and the villagers!" Mimi waved out to them.

"I'm sure we'll be congratulated for what we've done," TK smiled. "Oh, now if only Patamon, Gatomon, Biyomon and Gomamon had seen this whole mess finish. They would have been happy to see Gyrogmon get his 'just desserts'."

"No kidding," Joe agreed as he shook Gomamon's unconscious form. "C'mon, Gomamon. Wake up! I know you're there!"

Slowly coming to his senses, Gomamon opened his eyes and snickered a bit to find Joe holding him.

"Aww, gee, Joe. I didn't think you cared," Gomamon chuckled while attempting to amuse Joe.

"Oh, it's the ol' Gomamon charm," Joe smiled. "It's good to see that you're still with me."

"So, did we win?"

"You bet. War Greymon flattened that guy for good!"

"That's good to know," an awakened Biyomon muttered. "Sora… What about the people here? They just lost a majority of their land because of the war that just happened."

"I didn't think about that! Jijimon. Babamon. We're sorry for damage this battle has caused. I mean, you two lost your homes and all… I can't believe we let this battle drag out longer than it shouldn't have been," Tai bowed his head to the old couple.

"No, we understand what we must do. We were foolish to even think we would remain an isolated society forever," Jijimon replied. "Nothing is ever sacred. There are usually outside elements that always come to taint that beauty. Gyrogmon and his invaders proved was that we need to better equip defense forces in case another invasion were to ever occur."

"Well, I'll have to agree with the old basket case," nodded Babamon. "But it was you children who have helped to secure our home land. From this moment on, we the villagers will begin a reconstruction process. We've seen this coming and we will clean up the mess."

"Please, allow us to help you with damages in any way we can. It's the best we can do to make it up to you," TK asked from the old couple.

"We know you'll need the help," Tai stated.

"It's quite all right. You children have saved us from Gyrogmon's wicked hand. We were already planning to rebuild anyway," a Kangaroomon spoke up.

"Then, allow me to assist with your reconstruction," Andromon offered. "You could use a strong android to carry the heavy loads."

"Thank you. You see? All we require is Andromon since he actually comes by and watches our underground tunnels," Jijimon nodded. "We are quite familiar with Andromon."

"Then, that is all? I guess this means good bye then," Tai sighed. "I mean…"

"Couldn't we watch the reconstruction take place?" asked Sora.

"Certainly," Leomon spoke up while sitting up. "We'll be witnesses to this great reconstruction… By the way, War Greymon! Here catch!"

As soon as War Greymon looked up, Leomon tossed him a digi-medicine pill. The mega warrior immediately caught the capsule and dropped it down his gullet. Leomon pulls several more out. He threw one to each of the other Digi-Destined. This would ensure to keep the digimon completely well fed and restored with new energy. Leomon swallowed his pill and immediately felt rejuvenated.

"Feeling much better, Leomon?" Izzy asked. "Fascinating. I've got to find a way to replicate these for future use."

"Well, you'll have to return back to File Island if you want any of the originals. They are very difficult to duplicate since we like to grow them ourselves. Gennai would rather prefer them to be useful on File Island."

"Aw, no need to be so self-protective. We'll be sure to put them to good use," Altur Kabuterimon assured the lion warrior.

"So, what are we waiting for? Let the reconstruction begin!" both Jijimon and Babamon declared to their people.

As soon as the crowd roared in unison, they gathered to start the reconstruction process. The children stayed away as Leomon led them towards an area where the villagers would work to repair. The children of the villagers went over to accompany the Digi-Destined to praise their new 'heroes'. Patamon and Gatomon were eventually reawakened once TK had given them the digi-pills. Gatomon walked over to where Tai was carrying Kari while TK and Patamon played with the village children. Tai laid Kari down to rest on a bench and kissed her forehead.

"Thanks again. You really saved our hides out there. We would have lost if it weren't for you. You truly gave Kari the chance to stand up against her greatest fears and helped to give War Greymon the strength necessary to defeat Gyrogmon," Tai thought while sitting next to his sleeping sister.

"Tai. How's Kari doing?" Sora smiled as she sat down next to Tai.

"She's sound asleep. Knowing her, she won't wake up until later in the day. That light that possessed must have really taken a lot out of her," Tai answered.

"I see. Well, all that mattered was her pure light giving War Greymon more power to save the day. I'm just glad we managed to pull through out of this mess alive," Sora replied. "So, where are going to be off next, Tai?"

"I have no idea. Wherever fate leads us… All I can say is that I hope we see Matt again and stop this Burizalor guy. Until then, all we can do is wait for the opportunity to leave this world and venture into the vast unknown regions of digital space," Tai looked up towards the skies. "If fate leads us to an inevitable shown with this evil warlord, then so be it. Gyrogmon is merely the tip of the iceberg if you ask me… But, even Burizalor will never hope to crush out spirits. We are the Digi-Destined and destiny is what we're all about."

With Gyrogmon and his forces vanquished, peace has once again bee restored to the Marsupial Fertile Valley. The Digi-Destined have once again saved the day all thanks in part to Kari's light and War Greymon's Super Terra Force. Nevertheless, what lies ahead them is an even greater evil within the Digital Universe. Burizalor still lurks in hopes of confront the Digi-Destined. What will happen when they ever cross paths and will they triumph over the tyrant? Time will tell…

(Play Digimon Adventure series ending theme "I Wish")


That finally puts the final touches to the second movie fic. I originally intended for Chapters 5 and 6 to be merged, but I rather had you guys waiting in suspense with a slight cliffhanger. MUAHAHAHA! I'm evil! Aren't I:P Ahem... Gyrogmon gets defeated by War Greymon and all is saved. Numemon, you're sacrifices did not go in vain. Thank you, despite your slimy reputations. What you've also seen is the light 'being' that once again has possessed Kari. What does this signify for future reference? Check out my Burizalor Saga. You will see Kari's light return. The 'being' itself is the 'seed' being planted for the inevitable 'Amazing Grace' to emerge out of Kari, thus allowing 'Mystic' Celesta X to be born. Thus, this is what Athenamon prophesizes.

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In case some of you haven't noticed but those who live in the U.S. like myself… Starting this Tuesday night 10:30 eastern/9:30 central on Cartoon Network, Dragonball Z will be featured in uncut format for the first time and under a TV-PG rating! That's right, boys and girls! The first 67 episodes starting with Radditz and running all the way through the Ginyu fights. Maybe even through the Freeza fight! I hope CN does plan to give DBZ a full final run (Saiyan to Buu) before it decides to take it off the air for good. If this succeeds, hopefully this means we'll get to see Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Gundam Seed Destiny or any future anime series like Bleach in TV-PG format. Cause we all know One Piece was screwed.

Anyway, just a reminder to those who haven't seen the Saiyan/Namek Sagas in their 'uncut' formats, though I still expect them to edit out some of Roshi's scenes. For those only vaguely familiar with the series or never seen it before, I suggest you check it out and see how similar the first sagas are to my Digital Invader/Burizalor Sagas. The similarities and differences will be there:D

That's enough rambling and going off-topic there. Next up, I will be writing two chapters for my Pharaohmon Arc and proceed to work on the Mutalior movie fic! Until then, be sure to check back for any more updates. Peace!