Hey guys, this is my first fanfic. It's actually my first attempt at writing anything other than poetry, so I really hope you all like it. R&R please.

His eyes clouded with tears as they always did before falling into the dark, solitary sleep of isolation. His graying hair, wrinkled skin and fading memories depressed his lonely soul. His hand reached up to touch the one photo he had kept of Kayleigh. He had the nurses tape it up on the wall for him at the home; there were no fancy accessories like frames in his whole room, nothing but a bed, toilet and shower. He thought of her every day, imagined them walking and holding hands and sharing their feelings as two in love. Evan's mind had grown dim in the past decade or so, and his knowledge of who he once was disappeared with the memories. All he lived for was Kayleigh. If only he could find her.

He stared into the picture with hope and love and determination. His eyes never diverted from the surface of her beaming face. In just moments his vision hazed and he was in a young boy's body, at a picnic of sorts. His whole sense of logic told him that to save her, he could never come in contact with her. His whole heart, on the other hand, was telling him that he loved her and needed to be with her before he died a failure of a man. There must be a way to save the one he adored.

They played like two normal children would. Evan's whole life brightened, and his body soared with affection for this little girl of seven years. Her beauty radiated in her youthful joy and unceasing love for all. Still, he knew he needed to do this one thing before he went back. He needed to talk to her father. Needed to stop him from hurting either Kayleigh or her brother.

If he could do this, then he might be happy forever. Happiness, was it really worth all this risk? He had spent a lifetime in miserable relationships and destructive environments. His life had been a waste because he knew he could never have Kayleigh. His pain would all soon come to an end, he vowed this to himself. He would be out of the hospital, married perhaps with kids of his own, and grandkids. This had to be done, for the broken, dead heart he carried in his chest, beating for Kayleigh, every breath, every step, every moment. This had to be done, and done right this time. There was no more room for mistakes.

Well, that's the first chapter. Very short I know, but I had to end it that way. More chapters will follow, I promise. Please comment! I appreciate it, thanks.