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Enchanted Mind of the Blackbird

Chapter One: He Tried So Hard...

"Okay, okay, I got another one." Beast Boy said as the Teen Titans walked into the dark living room after a hard day of work. His friends groaned; they had spent well over eight hours trapped inside the T.Car going all over Jump City AND Steel City AND Gotham City and for the majority of the ride all Beast Boy did was crack bad jokes to try to make Raven smile. Needless to say it did nothing but irritate his friends. Even Starfire had stopped giggling at his pathetic attempt at being funny long before they reached their home sweet home.

"Dude, Beast Boy, just be quiet man." Cyborg said tiredly as he flipped the light switch on, illuminatingthe large, empty, lifelessroom. Beast Boy frowned and followed Raven to the couch and leaned over the back.

"No way, not until she smiles." Beast Boy replied. Cyborg and Robin gave another loud groan. Starfire decided to wander off to the kitchen in search of tiny wheels made of the nuts of dough, one of her favorite Earth snack foods.

"Rae, just smile already so he'll shut up." Cyborg begged. He sat on the couch opposite Raven and Beast Boy. Raven remained silent as she picked up her mystery book that was lying on the coffee table infront of the purple couch. She began reading it, ignoring everyone in the room.

"Yes, please smile so friend Beast Boy will stop the telling of bad jokes." Starfire said taking a small bite of a chocolate glazed donut. She held the box up to Robin and Cyborg. Robin shook his head nowhile Cyborg grabbed the box right out of her hand. She let out a small "eep!" before laughing.

"But this one is good, I promise!" Beast Boy said semi-defensively. Cyborg sighed.

"That's what you said the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the ti-"

"Okay, so a guy and his friend are traveling through a rain forest, right? The friend gets bit by a poisonous bug and falls over. Panicking, the guy calls 911 and says "Help me, I think my friend is dead, what do I do?" the lady on the other line replies, "Well first make sure he's dead." So the guy tells her to hold on and it's quiet for a few seconds. Then there's a gun shot and the guy comes back on the phone and says "Okay, now what?" Beast Boy said talking over Cyborg who was still saying, "And the time before that, and the time before that..." He stopped and looked at Beast Boy, then at Robin. The two started laughing. Beast Boy grinned.

"YES! I've finally got you guys to laugh!" He said and starteddoing a victory dance. "Go Beast Boy, you're best, go Beast Boy, you rule, go Beast Boy, it's you're birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday..." Cyborg shook his head still laughing.

"Man, you were trying to get Rae to laugh, not us." He said pointing to Raven who was quietly sitting on the couch reading her book. Beast Boy frowned as he saw that she had a blank face on.

"You didn't find that funny at all?" He asked disappointedly. Raven didn't even reply right away; she didn't even realize he was talking to her.

"Wha- oh, no. I wasn't listening, sorry." She said not taking her eyes off the book. Beast Boy frowned because he knew she had ignored him on purpose. He opened his mouth to repeat the joke when Cyborg crammed a donut in his mouth. Beast Boy coughed and half choked on it as he chewed it quickly and swallowed it. Once it was down he took in a huge breath of air and gave his half robotic friend a dirty look. Cyborg shrugged and gave him an apologetic smile.

Beast Boy sighed and told his friend that he was going to his room. He then he sulked off down the hallway, leaving his friends looking confused and slightly worried. It wasn't like Beast Boy to give up so... abruptly and sulk off to his room. In fact, he never sulked off to his room. He hardly sulked at all. Something must've been bothering him now that hadn't earlier that day.

"A smile, all I want is a God damn smile and I can't get one out of her. I know she doesn't like me the way I do her; I don't even think she likes me as a friend... but you'd think she smile at all the effort I've made today, and every other day for the past four or five years..." Beast Boy said quietly to himself as he paced around his messy room. Clothes, movies and video games littered the floor, there was a growing pile of pizza boxes in on of the corners and his closet looked like multiple tornadoes hit it. He threw himself on the bottom bunk of his bunk bed. "Hell, even Robin and Cyborg laughed at that last one..." He went quiet for a few minutes, deep in thought. "...How am I gonna get her to smile?" He looked over at his green alarm clock. The red glowing numbers red 1:30 A.M. They had spent majority of the day and all nighttraveling all over three different cities fighting bad guys. One bad guy led them on a wild goose chase that brought them all the way into Gotham City. It was only now that he was lying down on his bed that his body began to ache, and exhaustionhad finally caughtup with him. After a large yawn, sleep finally over came him. Tomorrow was another day; tomorrow he had almost all the time in the world to come up with a plan to make the quiet gothic girl smile.

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