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A/N: This is not AU, but its alternate-everything else that happens in the show. This takes place beginning of season three. Lorelai knows that Sherry is pregnant, but Chris never came to dinner like in "Haunted Leg"

P.S. I have to admit, I'm definitely not a Chris fan.

Summary: What if speed dial rescue worked both ways (only early in season three)?

Chapter One:

There were very few things in Lorelai Gilmore's life that were organized. Her house was a mess, her planner was scattered, but her cell phone, now that was another story. The 4-inch piece of technology was one of her lifelines (next to coffee, of course). It had the numbers of everyone she knew or would ever need to call, and the nine most important were kept in a sacred spot: on the speed dial.

Number one was her house, of course. 2 was Rory's cell. Number three was Sookie, and four was the Independence Inn. Numbers five and six, she reminded herself, were purely precautionary, and for emergencies only: Michel and her parents, respectively. She chuckled slightly to herself as she thought of the very appropriate number that you got if you added two more sixes to the end of her parents number.

Number seven made her stomach do a little flip: Luke. She sighed miserably as she thought of how little she had used button number seven since their huge blowout over what was now referred to as simply "the accident." She knew that she missed his (not just his coffee) but quickly drew her mind away from her destroyed friendship.

Numbers eight and nine were usually reserved for the (other) men in her life: boyfriends, at one point a fiancé. But now a lump rose in her throat as she recalled who currently claimed the number eight spot: Christopher. She had added him when things started to look up for them, together- when she thought there may finally be something more permanent. She had forgotten to erase the number that he shared now with his newly-pregnant girlfriend. She didn't want that reminder there any longer, and so, blinking back tears, she deleted the only hope she ever had of giving her daughter a "normal" life- tears not necessarily of a lost love, tears of disappointment in herself and regret that she had failed yet again.

The gnawing feeling in her stomach only intensified as her thoughts turned back to Luke. She missed him, she thought, a lot more than he seemed to be missing her. Not talking to him everyday was killing her, but as she saw it, he had gone on living life as normal. Guess we weren't such great friends after all, she thought. She wondered if he ever thought about her- if he longed to see her like she longed to march right into the diner and make things right. She wondered if he wanted things back to the way they used to be.

Lorelai clearly had a lot on her mind as she made her way home from a solo dinner at Al's Pancake World, whose cruddy food and innuendo-laden staff made her long for the diner food. Wait, long for Luke? She questioned her internal monologue. After a while, she sighed. Yes, she resigned herself. Long. She heaved another big sigh and wondered what she would do on her lonely Friday night. When did I become such a loser? She thought, as she stepped inside her empty house, not knowing how eventful her night would become.

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