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Seto entered the mansion with an angry scowl adorning his face.

"Damn that bitch Wheeler." Seto growled and threw his brief case on the couch.

"How dare she touch me? I'll make sure she is never seen in this city again. Good thing no one saw that." He started walking towards his room, hoping to see Tea. He hadn't seen her in the living room and thought she would be in his room… or their room. They had been sharing it for a long time and it was now 'their' room.

"Tea?" He called out her name upon entering the room. Nothing greeted him but the silence.

'Where could she be? Maybe she's with Mokuba.' He walked towards Mokuba's room and found him doing his homework, or at least pretending to do it. Tea was nowhere to be seen.

"Mokuba, have you seen Tea?" Seto asked his little brother who immediately looked up from his books.

"Seto, you're home. And no, I haven't seen her." Mokuba replied. "In fact, I haven't seen her all day." This worried seto.

"Ok." He turned to leave but then stopped. "Do you need help with your homework Mokuba?"

"Yeah." Mokuba sheepishly replied. Seto smiled at his brother's pride. Mokuba wasn't going to ask him himself. A Kaiba never asked for help.

After helping Mokuba with some math problems, Seto proceeded to search for Tea. He looked in the gym, the kitchen, the game room, the poolroom, and almost all the places where she usually hung out, but didn't find her. Worry and fear crept in his heart as he frantically ran inside the mansion again and again. Suddenly he saw a maid cleaning one of the bathrooms.

"Have you seen Tea?" he asked her immediately. The maid was startled by his presence and more shocked to find him acknowledging her presence. Normally, Seto ignored everyone in the mansion, except Mokuba and Roland.

"Well, answer me." Seto growled, scaring the maid.

"I… I saw her run out the door. She had a bag in her hand too." The maid replied, shaking in fear. Seto had a mean temper and she didn't want to be at the receiving end of it.

Seto's eyes widened with shock as he ran back to 'their' room. Just as he feared, all of her stuff was gone. There wasn't much stuff to begin with, but all that was, was now gone.

"I don't understand." He whispered to himself, completely confused. Why would she leave? And where would she go? Where could she be?

"Seto, is everything okay?" Mokuba asked. He stood in the door, watching his brother with worried eyes. He knew seto had grown close to Tea, and now, it looked like she was gone.

"No Mokuba. Tea's gone. And I don't know where she is." Seto said in a defeated tone.

"Maybe Yugi knows where she is." Mokuba suggested. Seto snapped his fingers at the idea.

"Of course. That midget will know it for sure." Seto knew Tea had her own place but he had never been there, nor had he bothered to ask her about it. She had gone there herself and gotten a few things. But Yugi would know, and Seto would make him tell her. He grabbed the phone and called the game shop.

"Hello, get Yugi on the line." He said in a demanding tone.

"What?" He responded to what he heard from the other side. "When? Okay." He hung up and turned to an awaiting Mokuba.

"So…" Mokuba asked with hopeful eyes. He too, was worried about Tea's sudden decision to leave.

"She is at her apartment, and so is the rest of the geek squad. I'm going there now."

"I want to come too." Mokuba said.

"No Mokuba. It's late and I don't know how long it'll take. You go to sleep now. I'll call you soon and let you know the situation." Seto said in a fatherly tone and waked out of the room.

Joey breathed in relief when Tea swallowed some food. Yami had finally managed to get her to come downstairs and eat something. Mai, who had arrived as soon as she received Joey's call, had prepared some food.

"Do you need water?" Yami kindly asked. Tea nodded and Mai handed her a glass, watching her with motherly concern. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Tea's head shot up in its direction. Her eyes widened and she sprang upstairs again. Yami ran after her, calling her name. Joey, Tristen and Duke seemed puzzled but Mai had a thoughtful expression on her face. The bell rang yet again. Joey went to open it and was shocked to see Seto standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here? Haven't you hurt her enough?" Joey growled in anger.

"I can say the same thing to you Wheeler." seto said with equal ferocity. Both were ready to fight, when Mai stepped in.

"Kaiba, I don't think you should be here." Seto stared at her in anger and disbelief.

"Do you know what you're saying Valentine?"

"Yes Kaiba. Tea is upset and you're the last person she wants to see right now." Mai said calmly.

"What? She trusts me more then all of you combined." Seto argued. "Why wouldn't she want to see me?"

"Because you hurt her genius." Joey spoke.

"I didn't do anything to hurt her." Seto defended himself.

"Oh yeah. That's not what she told us." Tristen said.

"What did she tell you?" Seto demanded because obviously, he had no clue what they were talking about.

"She said you hurt her." Duke said. "She didn't tell us the specifics of it, but she was clear about you being the cause of her recent problem."

"I don't recall doing anything to upset her." Seto said honestly, slightly confused at what Tea might be talking about.

"So are you saying that Tea is lying?" Joey said, getting agitated at Seto's refusal to admit his fault.

"I don't know whatr she is referring to or why she'd say that Wheeler." Seto said and got up.

"Where are you going?" Mai asked.

"I'm going to talk to her." Seto said.

"No you're not. You already drove her to her room again." Tristen immediately said.

"Yeah. We finally got her to stop crying and eat something but because of you, she ran to her room again." Duke said, shooting Kaiba a nasty look.

"I must talk to her." Seto said, getting even more worried about her state. She hadn't eaten anything all day and had been crying. But why? He would find out no matter what. Despite Joey and other yelling at him to stop, he went to a door he assumed to be her room. Much to his distaste, Yami was there. Their eyes met but no words were exchanged for a while.

"Kaiba. Talk to her. She won't listen to me again." Yami finally said, breaking their silence, and surprising Seto. He was expecting a fight, or at the very least, a heated exchange of words. He had his suspicions about Yami's possible romantic feelings for Tea, and thought the former pharoah would try to use this opportunity to wedge himself between Seto and Tea. Perhaps the pharoah really was noble, or more likely, Tea hadn't give him the hearty response he wanted and he figured he had no chance with her. Either way, Seto was glad he didn't have to deal with him. He nodded and slowly called out her name.

"Tea, it's me. Open the door."

"No. Leave." Came her broken voice. Seto could tell she was crying.

"Tea, why are you so angry? What did I do?"Hhe asked.

"You lied to me. You said you cared about me but you lied all along."

"No, I never lied to you. I-." He began but she interrupted him.

"You're lying again. If you really cared about me, then why did you kiss Serenity?" This not only surprised Seto, but yami and the rest of the gang who had all gathered there as well.

"What?" Seto said in a shocked voice? He thought no one saw it. But apparently she had.

"I saw you kissing her in your office today. You lied to me." She cried more. Seto's heart winced at the sound of her crying.

"Tea, it's not what you think. She came into my office and kissed me. I pushed her away as soon as I could." Seto tried to explain.

"You're lying again." She accused, not willing to disregard what she had seen with her own eyes.

"I'd never lie to you Tea. I'd never hurt you either. Because I care about you." Silence filled the entire house. "I have feelings for you. The day you stepped into my life, you caught my attention. And when you came into my house, you became my life. I couldn't hurt you without hurting my self. I'd never dream of hurting you." seto finished with his voice, barely above a whisper. He had finally admitted his feelings, not just to himself but to everyone else as well. The door opened, and out came a puffy eyed Tea.

"Oh Seto." She said and threw herself in his embrace. He held her close to him as she cried in his chest.

"I'm sorry I doubted you. I'm so sorry." She said crying. He rubbed her back soothingly.

"I'm sorry too, for not saying it earlier."

When they pulled back, everyone was surprised, but happy. Even Yami had a small smile on his face. Deep inside, he was hurt to see his love be with someone else. But the thought that she would be happy acted as the medicine.

"So, Serenity was the one who forcefully kissed you?" Joey asked with his head bowed low. What more was she going to do? Hadn't she embarassed him enough before his friends?

"Yes Wheeler. And I suggest you do something about her. Because I don't want to see her in this city again." Seto said through gritted teeth.

"I will." Joey said. This was a long time due.

Serenity sat nervously in her room. Ever since her visit to Kaiba Corp. and that kiss, she had been very scared. She knew she had gone too far. When she kissed him, she had asked for the worst. You didn't mess with Seto Kaiba and come out unharmed. But she had been completely blinded by jealousy and didn't know what she was doing. She had told the secretary to keep everyone away from his office for the time she was there. But then realized it would have been better if someone saw her with him.

When she heard footsteps approaching, she knew she had to do something fast to start rumors about him and her. Those rumors would do much damage to Tea and him. But what she forgot was that it was Kaiba she was messing with. Seto kaiba was a powerful man and could do anything to her. And what would Joey say if he found out? Kaiba would surely tell him, and she had a sinking feeling that Kaiba had told. She still had to confront him and the others for what she did before. And yesterday, Joey had told her he was going to do something about her. What did he mean by that? What was he planning on doing?

"Serenity, come outside." Joey said with an emotionless voice as he entered her room. She nodded and followed him out of her room and into the living room. Everyone stood there, glaring at her. Yugi stared at her with eyes she thought could never hold hatred and malign. Tristen's and Duke's loved filled, playful eyes now held anger as well. Seto's eyes bore holes in her head with anger and coldness. Tea just stared at her with accusing eyes. Mai's eyes also held anger.

Joey's expression was the worst. There was limitless anger and hatred, but there also was sadness, disappointment, and pity. There was shame and betrayal shinning in those once proud eyes.

"Joey, I'm sorry. I really am. I-." Serenity began talking but Joey raised his hand, silencing her.

"I'm done with you Serenity. I worked so hard to get the respect of these people I call my friends. When I walked with them, my head was always held high with pride. But then you did such things that brought my head down with shame. I didn't believe my best friend because of you. I hurt my best friend because of you. I can never look Tea or Kaiba in the eyes, all because of you."

"Joey, I'm sorry for all that. I'm willing to apologize to all of them." She begged.

"They won't forgive you. And even if they do, I will never. From today onwards, I'll think I never had a sister. It's better to forget you and think that I never had a sister then to remember what you did and what you cost me." Joey said.

"Joey please… don't say that." Serenity said with tears in her eyes, but Joey didn't budge.

"I called mom. She is here to take you with her. You'll stay with her again." Joey said and turned away from her.

"No, wait. I said I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Don't do this to me." She begged everyone, but no one was willing to even look at her with pity. Finally, her mom came into the house.

"Come one Serenity. Let's go home. I know you'll miss your friends but they can come to visit you later." She grabbed Serenity's hand and led her to their car.

"No they won't mom." Serenity whispered slowly. "I drove them all away. No one would come to visit me. I'll be all alone again, just like before."

Because of her shy and quiet nature, Serenity didn't have a lot of friends. And because of her stupidity and jealousy, she had driven away the ones she got. When she had them, she didn't realize their true value. And now she had lost them.

The car drove away, taking her away from the world she thought she belonged in, where she could have belonged, had she not gotten selfish and greedy.

"Well, whose up for some popcorn and a nice movie?" Joey asked as the car disappeared out of sight. Everyone stared at him with sympathy. Mai stepped fprward and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Joey." She said. She knew Joey was the one who was hurt the most. It was his baby sister who did all that. The proud teen was so ashamed.

"No, I'm sorry. I should have taken care of her better. Maybe then, she would have turned out different."

"No one blames you Joey." Tea said and Joey faintly smiled.

"Thanks guys. I'm glad to know you're still with me." Joey smiled warmly this time.

"We'll love you if you buy us lunch." Tristen smirked.

"Yeah, I'm kind of hungry." Duke said.

"Okay, would a bag of pretzels work?" Joey asked and everyone laughed. Things were back to normal.

"Pretzels? You're even more pathetic then I thought Wheeler." Seto smirked.

"You wanna start Kaiba? Can I can start right now." Joey growled in anger, facing Seto.

"Then start barking. That is your job mutt." Seto said.

"That's it money bags. Now you're gonna pay." Joey said.

"I can do that. I'm rich. In fact, I think I'll pay for lunch and I will surely get something better then pretzels." Seto mocked Joey.

Joey and Seto continued to bicker with each other while the rest of the gang sweat dropped. Then a smile appeared on Tea's face.

"It's official. Things are back to normal." She said.

"Yeah. Normal. They are back to biting each others head off." Tristen said.

"Let's go get something to eat." Yugi suggested. "Kaiba already offered to pay."

"What about them?" Duke pointed to the arguing duo.

"They'll follow soon." Mai said and they all walked towards the nearest food joint.

"Hey, where are you going?" Joey said as he watched them walk away.

"They are trying to get away from your smell mutt." Seto said, as he too followed them.

"That's it Kaiba. Now you don't get a single pretzel." Joey threatened, walking after them as well.

"Boo hoo. I think I'm going to cry now." Seto mocked.

"You should." Joey said and they both caught up with the rest of the gang, all the while continuing their little "chat."

Completely normal.


The End.

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