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Chapter 1: Broken Road

He held the phone in one hand as he stirred the wheel with the other. His finger dialled the first number then paused. Should he call? What had he got to lose? If she slammed the phone on him, he would still be in his car, driving home, with only his ego to cure. So he pressed on the rest of the remaining digits.

"Umm… Hi. Kikyo? It's me, Inuyasha. I just wanted to talk to you. Kagome? Umm. We're not together at the moment. No. I was just wondering…if maybe…coffee, with me? Don't drink coffee? I forgot. What about tea?"

Inuyasha drummed his left hand at the steering wheel. For some reason he felt giddy while talking to Kikyou on his cellphone. He should feel guilty for cheating on his fiancée, Kagome Higurashi. But… they're on a break. So that would not be considered cheating, would it?

He laughed, a nervous laugh. Kikyou was not buying his intention of just wanting to drink coffee or tea with her. Knowing Inuyasha, the man wanted something more. He was a playboy after all.

"No. I haven't even talked to her for a while now," he gritted his teeth. It was partly true. It had been exactly two hours and twenty-two minutes since he last talked to Kagome. He told her he wanted to take a break from their relationship. He wanted to taste the feel of being a bachelor once again. Then why was he calling his ex-girlfriend, Kikyou Yoru, and asking her for a date? Who knew? Inuyasha shrugged.


Sobs filled her room. She had been crying for hours – since the last phone call from him. That man! Didn't even have the guts to tell her in person. Yet she loved him with all her heart. She would give him everything. But she was angry; and seething mad. He should not hurt her like this, if he really loved her as he had dozens of times said to her. Then why?

"I wish Inuyasha would just die!" she shouted out of frustration.


He was so engrossed with his phone conversation that he barely took notice of the flashing red light. The atmosphere was dark and damp due to the recent rain. If he were sensitive to such things, he would have taken it as an omen. Something wrong was bound to happen.

And it happened.

Within seconds, bright flash of lights slowly registered to his sight. The loud honking of the vehicle filtered his sensitive ears in slow motion. Yet it happened too fast he was unable to react. His only reaction was to drop the cellphone on his lap. His eyes widened. In an instant his whole lifetime flashed before him. He was going to die; he knew it. This was the end. There was no time to repent for his sins.

An oil truck struck the right side of a dark blue car in an instant, throwing the car off the small cliff, tumbling down. Whoever was inside the vehicle would have slow percentage of survival.


Izayoi Yuukan nearly dropped the phone from her grasp. She tried to remain calm despite the heart-ripping news she had just received. Tears quickly formed in her eyes. My God, let my Inuyasha be okay…but she could not convince herself.

"Taisho!" she called, trying her hardest to control her voice from faltering. "Taisho. Taisho!" she called once more, frustration clearly noted in her tone. Her husband appeared, immediately realizing something was wrong with his wife. Izayoi finally broke into hysterics. "Police on phone… Inuyasha… car… over a cliff…unconscious… Kibou Hospital," she said between wailings. She fell on her knees, sobbing hard.

Taisho's features hardened, but someone must stay strong. He helped his wife get up on her knees, holding her firmly to stop her violent shaking. "Let's go," he said in an extremely composed tone. The parents immediately drove to the said hospital, uncaring if they were both in their sleeping garments. Their youngest son's life was more important than their dishevelled appearance.

They got to the hospital as soon as possible. They were informed Inuyasha was still on the E.R. One of the nurses had the heart and mind to point to his location, the trauma room. Both parents caught sight of their son's silver hair tainted with bloodstains. His face was bloodied, as well as his left arm. Izayoi clutched onto her husband. Inuyasha had always been a strong young man, even in his childhood. She was not prepared for the sight she saw. "He seemed so weak…" she whispered in a coarse voice.

"Mom, Dad," a voice called to them. The couple turned to see their eldest son approached them, a rare worried look of expression on his face. "A maid informed me of Inuyasha's accident. How is he?"

"We don't know yet, Sesshoumaru," was the only response he got. Sesshoumaru gave a slight nod, eyes narrowing as he set eyes on his younger brother's almost battered body. He and Inuyasha were not the best of friends but it did not mean the brothers did not care for each other. Sesshoumaru clenched his fists. "He will get through this…" he muttered loud enough for his parents to hear.


A young woman rushed in the crowded hospital, panic-stricken. She received a call at work that her younger brother fainted at home and was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. She clutched her right chest as she approached the hospital counter to inquire.

"I'm the sister of Kohaku Meiyo. He was rushed here an hour ago?" she asked a nurse, a knot forming in her throat.

"Wait here, ma'am. I'll call the doctor for you," the nurse told her.

Tears immediately formed in her eyes. She did not like the sound of it. If everything was fine, the nurse could have simply told her. She wiped the tears with the back of her hand. She could not lose Kohaku. He was her only family now; losing him would be like losing the will to continue living. The nurse cam back, a soft smile on her face.

"Ms. Meiyo? The doctor will see you in a few minutes. No need to worry. Kohaku is just resting. You'll be able to see him after you talk to Dr. Suikotsu. Please follow me," the nurse led her to a small waiting room inside the E.R. "Wait here, the doctor will be out in a moment."

Sango took a seat in hesitation. She glanced towards a group of three people. Her eyes first shifted to the couple sitting. The woman was sobbing softly against, presumably, her husband's chest. A tall man with silver hair was standing, leaning against the wall; his face bent low. The look on their faces was all gloomy. Sango closed her eyes, her throat tightening again. She should prepare herself for the worst; but was unable to do so. Kohaku was her only source of inspiration in life. Everything about her little brother was about hope. She, instead, hoped for the best.

The said Dr. Suikotsu appeared after fifteen minutes of wait. Everybody immediately approached the doctor. He turned first to the small family.

"Mr. Yuukan, Mrs. Yuukan, your son is stable now. The bone in his left arm was fractured, but the x-rays showed it could be easily healed. He hit his head rather too hard. As a result, he is still in a coma. No surgery is needed but he will be under careful observation at the ICU. Until he is conscious, there are still many things that can't be deduced. We'll just have to wait and see. You all should rest," he gave them a slight nod before turning to Sango. "Ms. Meiyo? I'm Dr. Suikotsu. I was the one who examined your brother," he led Sango aside, his serious tone inevitable. "You're brother is placed at the ICU as well. There were just not enough white cells produced in your brother's body right now. Chemotherapy is the logical choice but… it could not guarantee recovery." Sango did not miss the sad note in the doctor's statement.

She nodded and gave the doctor a smile. "I know, doctor. I'm aware of it." There was no need for the doctor to state it. Leukemia was the type pf disease hard to cure. Surviving leukemia was rare; and Sango knew his brother's chances. "Can I see him now, doctor?"

"Follow me, then," Dr. Suikotsu led her out of the room. Before Sango stepped out, she took a quick glance at the three people who was still there. She gave the woman, the mother, a hopeful smile, as if giving her the hope she had minutes ago. The woman replied with a small smile too.

A/N: the plot? I borrowed it from a Filipino movie that I love so much. This was first written as an RK fic for the AoshiMegumi pairing but… I have 2 already so… I wrote one for my fave IY alternate pairing INUSAN.

Hopefully I'll continue with this… I dunno. Anyways forgive me for the lame last names I gave the characters…

If my Japanese translation is wrong, inform me…

Yoru – night

Kibou – hope

Yuukan – bravery

Meiyo - honour