AN: hey guys, this is my first intro to the world of FMA ; i fell in love with the series right away, so i wanted to write something, but i can't tell if i really like this or really hate it. ; i guess that's for you to decide, ne? well anyways, this takes place after Nina's death (yeah, i know, going waaaay back to episode 6/7 :P) and Edward has his little meltdown. This is just Ed reflecting on the military's reaction to Nina's death and his learning to justify it and accept it through Winry. let me know what you think, ne?

disclaimer: oh, sure. Ed's mine. I wish :P

He shivered as the rain poured against his back,
Clutching his blanket tighter and tighter
As his mind raced with unimaginable thoughts.
They said it was nothing.
Those cold, heartless bastards promised him it was nothing.
Was her life really worth nothing?
Her loveable little face,
Her sweet, innocent smile,
Her unadulterated love for the deceptively beautiful world around her.
It didn't mean anything?
Her sick, twisted son-of-a-bitch of a father,
Who had the nerve to hurt her so,
Who didn't have the right to live?
Oh, no.
Why could that possibly matter?
After all, it was nothing.

She trembled as she sat beside him,
Saying nothing,
Thinking nothing,
Yet he felt her intentions.
He paused, looking at her with mixed anger and fear,
Watching her eyes follow the raindrops down his cheeks.
She'd done nothing.
Yet she'd done everything.

His arms embraced her as they quivered,
And his voice whimpered silently.
And she whispered nothing words of reassurance that she barely believed herself.
And she held him closer and closer
As his cries became more and more desperate
Until her cheek touched his tenderly,
Their tears mixing in soft, warm sensation.
She knew nothing,
Expected nothing,
But made him feel everything.
Nothing else left their lips,
And nothing had to;
Because even nothing was something.
It just had to be.

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