Title: Endings

Synopsis: The Doctor 'dies'. A regeneration drabble. One-shot. NO SPOILERS

Disclaimer: I own nothing… The BBC owns everything except my pitiful imagination(and the wouldn't want to own that anyway).

Rating: Minmal. Anyone can read

A/N: I'm 'down under'(Australia) So I've only seen a few episodes so there are no spoilers really.

Everything ends…

That's what he keeps saying. That everything has a time and a place and a way in which it must end. It's not that she can't believe, or doesn't want to believe. It's not that.

It's that he, he was the only thing she thought she'd never see end. And it was ended now.

A tear fell from her cheek to hit his unmoving face.

Broken hearted she pulled away, her footsteps moving faster and faster until she was running away.

She didn't look back, she didn't see the tiny flicker of life, she missed the slow change and the way his body changed within his clothes.

She missed the new beginning because she was too caught up in endings…


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