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Title: Someday(One-shot)

By: They Call Me Helga

Summary:Basic one-shot. Draco's thoughts on Hermione. What could he possibly be thinking about her? Sweet and simple.

His eyes gazed over her form longingly. He wanted so much to tell her, just to mutter those three simple words.

But it wasn't that simple. He knew he couldn't. He never could. And it was painful. He felt as though his heart would explode if he did not hold her. Touch her. Kiss her on those red tender lips of hers.

Frustration, hurt and anger welled up inside him.

If only, he thought, she could see what he really was on the inside.

If only he could tell her how happy she made him feel just by thinking about her.

How he loved her beautiful brown eyes as much as her quick-witted tongue.

He wanted to tell her how often he'd dream of running his fingers through her bushy, brown hair.

How her evil glares sent his heart on fire, and how the sound of her laughter sent tingles down his spine – the good kind.

If only.

And here she was, yet again, standing in front of him, looking up at him expectantly, frustrated, and annoyed.

His eyes moved from hers, across her face, lingering on her cheeks and neck.

He clenched his hands into fists, using all of his will power to keep his fingers from reaching out and touching her smooth skin.

His gaze swept over her lips. How much he wanted to just grab her right there and kiss her.

"Malfoy, didn't you hear me?" She asked, irritation etched on her face.

Draco snapped back to reality, eyes darting back to hers once again.

"Can you please move out of my way. I need to get through to the library."

Hermione was sending him daggers through her icy stare.

Glancing over her shoulder Draco noticed the sudden appearances of Harry and Ron.

How predictable.

Attaching a sneer to his face, he stepped aside to let them through, though not without a quick muttered curse.

As they passed he turned to inspect his work, keeping his sneer planted on his face and laughter from escaping his lips.

He watched Hermione walk away and disappear through the library doors. She was followed by Harry and Ron, who were on all fours and behaving remarkably and curiously like dogs.

Draco smirked as he slipped away into a dark corridor, hearing Ron let out a loud howl in the distance.

He walked down the empty hallway. Complete silence surrounded him, allowing himself to melt back into his thoughts.

Someday, he thought. One day, he will be able to say those words as simply and as easily as thought he was commenting on the weather.

It was lucky for him at that moment that the corridor was completely deserted, for if someone had been walking along they would have met a strange and rather scary sight.

The corners of his lips had twitched. He had felt it creep along his face and he allowed himself to smile, honestly and openly.


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