I Want A Lover I Don't Have To Love

Dengon Mitsukai

You guys are so cool. This is my first like… you know… Naruto story and stuff. And you're all like, I like this shit mofo! And I'm all – woah, really? Guess we're all a little dazed and confused. Jaded. Whatnot. Anyhow. Sorry it took me so long to update… you can thank my finals for that one. Please enjoy the addition of my little weasel, Uchiha Itachi. In Japanese Itachi can be translated into weasel

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Chapter Two: It's Time To Take Control (I'm On Fire)

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Naruto licked his lips nervously. Who knew that the sight of a mere doorbell would make him so damn nervous? Well, it was Sasuke's doorbell, and it was the first time he'd even seen Sasuke's house. He glanced at the navy-haired boy. What a confusing boy he was. How long had he known Sasuke? It seemed immeasurable, but looking back Naruto realized it had been only a few short weeks since the resident Prince had stopped sneering and calling him Uzumaki with disgust and instead smiling and calling him Naruto-kun.

Uchiha Sasuke glanced at the blonde beside him, smiling as the other nervously licked his lips. Sasuke grinned and softly groaned. "Kuso, Naruto-kun, stop doing things like that!"

Naruto innocently looked into Sasuke's eyes. "What have I done now?" he whined.

Sasuke grinned. He just didn't get it, did he? "Stop licking your lips." He paused briefly, watching the short boy next to him quickly pull his tongue back behind his lips, and in turn began to chew on his lip. He sighed. "Don't be so nervous, Naruto." He turned his back to him as he waited for Naruto to calm down. "You're turning me on, and if we're ever going to play this off, you'll need to be relaxed."

Naruto sighed. It made perfect sense; after all, his relaxation was key in order for them to play off their so-called new "best-friendship". Neither of them really wished to be found out, and even if the young Uchiha's parents were out-of-town, they still needed to get around the elder Uchiha, Itachi, who was currently lazily lounging around the house. However, what Sasuke didn't seem to understand was that it was easier to want to be relaxed than it was to actually relax. The mere sight of the Uchiha household sent shivers running down his spine, let alone the idea of entering it...

Stopping for a moment, Naruto realized he'd never even seen Itachi. All-of-a-sudden, Sasuke had some elder brother who he was supposed to watch out for. How the hell could he watch out for a boy he'd never even heard of? Supposedly, Uchiha Itachi had once been more of a prince than Sasuke himself… however, Itachi had moved on from his years of popularity and secluded himself in his room with his English music and alternative lifestyle. Which is not to say that Itachi pranced around in dresses, and even if he did, Naruto supposed he wouldn't know about it... no, Itachi's alternative approach consisted of black and eyeliner – a supposed opposite of Sasuke himself.

When Naruto had confronted Sasuke for information on dodging the elder Uchiha, Sasuke replied with a snort, saying, "You could be standing right in front of Itachi naked, and I doubt my stupid onnichan would even acknowledge your existence. The kid is as thick as a brick, and none too bright. You don't need to worry about him. He's just there."

In a way, Naruto felt bad. Uchiha Sasuke had the brother Naruto himself had always wanted, and yet somehow it was clear that Sasuke and Itachi did not see eye-to-eye. He often found himself wondering what it would be like if he had a brother, how they would get along, and if they would end up like the Uchiha brothers. Sometimes…only sometimes…did it seem as if it was better that he was an only child. And sometimes he wondered if Sasuke even cared his brother existed.

Sasuke looked at Naruto who was once again lost in translation. He smiled slightly and knocked on his head. "Naruto-kun, are you in there? It's time to come inside." Slowly unlocking the door, Sasuke pointed towards the inside of his house. A puff of lightly air-conditioned air blew around the pair, engulfing them in the inviting chill of the Uchiha household. "Welcome to the Uchiha house. Make yourself at home."

Uzumaki Naruto had never seen such a cleanly house. Naruto entered the foyer, captured by the abstract art littered thoroughly throughout the landing. The walls were plain wash white, and the trim was gold. The house was elegant, just as Uchiha Sasuke was. Indeed, his house was fit for such a prince. "Sasuke, your house…"

"It's nothing special," Sasuke said quickly, steering Naruto up a half-flight of stairs towards the Living Room. And then, there he was, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. The only other living being in the house who could actually care less, and there he was, seemingly waiting for Sasuke and his guest. Uchiha Itachi.

Two pairs of crystal-clear navy eyes met, two teenaged boys with navy-black hair messily adorning their heads, two perfect and slightly pale skin complexions on two slightly scrawny bodies. The Uchiha brothers were more than mere brothers, they were almost mirror images of one another. The only differences between the two almost identical brothers were their wardrobes, the look upon each of their faces, and more importantly the difference in height.

Itachi seemed at least a few inches taller than his younger brother. Sure enough, he was wearing black eyeliner, a black "From Autumn To Ashes" tee-shirt and jeans that looked like the type of jeans a girl would wear. His ears were pierced twice on each ear, and he had an eyebrow ring. Naruto stared at him. How similar they really were, even if Itachi was a grungier version of Sasuke.

Sasuke wore a look of repulsion, whilst Itachi wore a look of smug interest. Finally, after a few minutes of Naruto's dumbstruck glances towards the two identical brothers, Itachi spoke. "Otouto, you're home early. And my, who have you brought with you? He looks unfamiliar." Itachi moved away from the wall and in front of Naruto. "Uzumaki Naruto, ne? It's more than a pleasure to meet you."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Itachi, why must you embarrass me? Not only do you look like a circus freak, but here you come parading about the house and making a fool of our family in front of my friends. How dare you. Father wouldn't be too proud, Itachi. Maybe that trip to America will take a little bit longer than you expected."

Itachi laughed. His voice was huskier than Sasuke's, in an uninterestedly sexy way. "Hush, otouto. I know father doesn't wish to know about all the things you've done, and I could go on for hours with your friend here, but we don't need to be snippy. Why don't you properly introduce us."

"I'll do what I god-damn feel like, baka!" Sasuke yelled, glared at his so-called brother. Naruto watched in awe as the two continued to argue, insulting each other while the other egged his opponent on. After what seemed like hours, Sasuke sighed and turned to Naruto. "I'm sorry that this baka is taking up all our time. Don't pay attention to him."

Naruto, dumbfounded, nodded. "U-uh, it's a pleasure to meet you too, Uchiha-san."

Itachi smiled looking rather amused. "Don't refer to me as Uchiha-san, Naruto. You can call me by my first name. You can even call me Itachi-kun if it so pleases you. There's no need to be so formal."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Like hell there isn't. You're not his friend, I am."

Naruto watched the two continue to bicker until finally Sasuke sighed, rubbing the back of his neck in frustration. "I need to use the restroom, Naruto-kun. I'll be right back. Or Itachi can show you to my room." He glared at his taller and more cynical brother. "Itachi, don't do anything to embarrass yourself." Sasuke turned and strolled down the hallway, closing himself in to the bathroom after a few seconds.

Itachi turned to Naruto, his eyes different. "Uzumaki Naruto. I've seen you around school. You're not like Sasuke. You're not into the popularity scene. I find it hard to believe that the two of you are such great friends after only a few days. He speaks of you non-stop as well. He lives you, Naruto this and Naruto that. No, you're not friends are you?" Itachi questioned softly, coming closer to Naruto. "But the really question is why on earth is my brother lucky enough to land a boy as attractive as you."

When did Itachi get so close? His index finger traced down Naruto's cheek lightly. He was smiling cynically, running his finger down Naruto's spine. "My stupid otouto doesn't tend to look deeper than what he can see in front of him. I'm surprised you made it past the personality test. You're good-looking, too. How can he be so lucky?" Itachi's words made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. "I really can't see you with him."

"O-oh?" Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his neck, avoiding touching Itachi. He was too damn close, even for Naruto's standards. And just what on earth was going on? Naruto didn't want Itachi. But Itachi didn't seem to want that as an answer.

Itachi's smooth lips curled into a wry smile. "Don't play dumb, Uzumaki Naruto-kun. I want you more than he ever will." Naruto's blood iced through his veins, shooting like daggers throughout his body. Itachi leaned closer. "Think of it this way. On Christmas morning, children wake to find their toys under the Christmas tree. It's what they've desired, ne? But, after that morning of activity…it's over. No longer does that mere toy capture their attention." Itachi's eyes were fierce. "You're his Christmas toy, Naruto."

Naruto stood, too dazed to grasp what Itachi was trying to communicate to him. "Face it, Uzumaki Naruto-kun. He doesn't want you like you want him. He needs to be entertained, Naruto, and you're his way of blowing time." Itachi's breath was warm against Naruto's neck. His cheeks flushed as he clenched his hands. "Don't make fists at me," Itachi whispered, his bittersweet words causing Naruto to freeze. "I'm the one who wants you."

Itachi took a step back and bit his lip. "The only one who really wants you," he hissed, tugging playfully at Naruto's jeans zipper.

The door to the bathroom flung wide open just as Itachi moved away from a red and mortified Naruto. Sasuke threw the hand-towel down on the floor, slamming the white door behind himself and walking sternly over to Naruto and Itachi. "Mmm, onnichan didn't do anything strange to you, did he, Naruto-kun?" Sasuke asked, looking from Naruto's mortified quiver to Itachi's smug grin.

Naruto shook his head, glancing quickly at Itachi, who wore an expression of glee. "Why, otouto, you think only the worst of me. Your friend is quite endearing, actually, and made me feel as if we were fast friends."

Sasuke growled. "Fat chance, Itachi. Go jerk yourself or something." Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the shoulders and shoved him into his bedroom, leaving behind a smug-looking Itachi. Sasuke sighed, cupping Naruto's chin in his hands as soon as the two were comfortably alone. "Naruto-kuuun…" he whined anxiously. "What did my baka onnichan do to you?"

Naruto shrugged. "Nothing. I mean it." How could he tell Sasuke that Itachi had just reaffirmed all the doubt he originally held in the relationship they shared, and that his older brother had just hit on him and told him that Sasuke didn't love him anyway, and that he probably never would? Not only would Naruto never be able to speak it, he didn't want to let Sasuke know that he'd even thought of believing Itachi's words.

And yet, what if Itachi was right?

Sasuke sighed once more. "Whatever, Naruto-kun." He slowly pressed his lips to Naruto's, pushing him against his bed, fingers tracing up Naruto's midsection. Naruto shivered under Sasuke's weight, returning the kiss and deepening it meaningfully. Yet Naruto found his mind wandering to Itachi's words. It seemed like Sasuke cared for him. And he certainly cared for Sasuke... something wasn't adding up the way Itachi spoke of the two of them. Naruto mentally shrugged, throwing aside his doubts for once and focusing on what was before him.

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Hope you guys liked it. I'll try to add more smexiness next chapter. MORE ITACHI NEXT CHAPTER (but you didn't hear it from me). By the way, this was actually inspired by Gorillaz (Feel Good Inc) and please don't ask why (maybe THAT'S why this chapter is so damn bad). Sorry for the lateness! – Dengon Mitsukai