Kanata: Here's another fic made by Hige
Miyu: Enjoy!

Title: Daa! Daa! Daa!
Disclaimer: Not Mine…
Pairing: KanataxMiyu

"Get in the bus." Miss Mizuno shouted to her class.

They went in the bus by pair; Kanata sits beside Santa, Miyu next to Christine and Nanami with Aya. They're going on a camping in a far place from home. The students packed everything they needed. As for Miyu, she's checking her bag that very moment and with Chris beside her she can't show her that some of Kanata's stuffs were in her bag.

She'll go crazy again if she finds out. - Miyu thought

As she checked her bag, Kanata stood and looks at the back of his seat where Miyu and Chris are sitting. Christine noticed it at once

"Do you need something Kanata?" Christine asked blushing

"I don't need anything." He answered

"Then why are you facing us?" She asked once again confused

Miyu still looking in her bag

"Miyu, did you forgot something?" Kanata said to Miyu

"Not really, here's your handkerchief, I know you're searching for it…" Miyu handed Kanata the handkerchief

Wild imaginations came in Christine's mind –So this is their secret huh 'Kanata here's a handkerchief I brought for you, I was worried you'll sweat while walking later' 'thanks Miyu, This is why I love you so much' 'but you can't let anyone know right, Kanata?' 'Let's keep this a secret…' blah blah blah Christine lost control and shouted

"Wahhhh!" She ripped the chair off, everybody turned to her to see what's happening. As she soon found out what she'd done "I'm sorry, How silly of me" was all she said then she fixed the chair she ruined.

Miyu and Christine were talking about some things, while Kanata just sits quiet next to his friend Santa who's sleeping right now. Miss Mizuno then announced that after a 4-hour bus travel, they finally arrived to the place.

"At last we're here!" Nanami shouted "Did you bring your notebook Aya?"

"Of Course I did. Who knows if something interesting happens here?" Aya answered

"I guess you're right, Hey Miyu! Let's go!" Nanami called out to Miyu

"Sure Nanami, I'll just give Kanata his things."

Nanami and Aya walked closer to Miyu as she looked inside her bag.

"Why do you have Kanata's stuffs?"

"He told me to bring these, his bag is full."

"Miyu put those stuffs in this paper bag." Kanata ordered

"And who do you think you are, bossing me around?" Miyu stood up face-to-face to Kanata

"I'm Kanata! No more no less!"

"I'm not taking orders from you even you're the last person on Earth!"

"I don't care! I can do this on my own!" Kanata replied shouting

"Then do it!"

Miss Mizuno passed by Kanata and Miyu "You two are so sweet."

"We are not!" they both shouted at their teacher then faced each other and fight again

Until Kanata breaks down and shouted out "I don't care about you! I hate you!"

"What a coincidence, I hate you too!" They faced back to back and walk on different paths.

The class was divided into groups. Miyu, Aya, Nanami and Christine are all in the same group while Kanata (because of his fight with Miyu) and Santa decided to part with them and join another group.

"I wish Kanata will transfer in our group." Christine whispered

Miyu remained quiet and didn't give a comment on what Christine just said. They climbed a mountain with no teachers with them at all. Teachers thought that they'll be just fine because they're 8th graders and they put signs in the woods that will indicate where they need to go whether to turn, or climb, or slide down. As for Miyu's group they're doing a great job, they're on track and safe, so is Kanata's group. It's getting dark, Miyu's group hurried down the mountain until Nanami noticed something was wrong.

"Wait a minute Aya..." Nanami stopped walking

"What is it Nanami?" She asked

"Where's Miyu?" Christine asked

"That's what I noticed." Nanami told them looking at them scared

They talked with each other and agreed that they should go down the mountain and tell the teachers what happened. As the whole class gathered around a bon fire, Ms. Mizuki was discussing the problem with Aya, Nanami and Christine. She then called Kanata and told him just what happened to Miyu. Showing no concern, Kanata answered;

"Don't worry much about her, she'll be fine."

Everyone can do nothing but wait since it's already dark and it's time to sleep. Aya and Nanami went together at the back of their tent to talk about what they should do. Just in time Kanata passed by and overheard their conversation

"Aya, I'm too worried to sleep… what should we do?"

"I don't know Nanami… but if the news reached her parents in Florida…"

"I'll be a mess…" Nanami said sitting down and closing her eyes

"The only thing we could do is pray for Miyu to be alright." She sat beside her friend

After that Kanata went inside his (and Santa's) tent to think

'Miyu's missing… that clumsy girl; I knew she'll get lost… maybe it was because of me why she got lost… sometimes when we fought about anything I always saw her staring blankly on our ceiling… I asked her what's wrong and she often answers me…

I'm sorry about this morning; I didn't mean to shout at you… It's not true that I hate you, it's just that, sometimes things get annoying… you know what I'm talking about right? Please understand-

'How stupid of me to say that to her, she's a sensitive girl… I was the one who's supposed to understand… I'm older than her and it's the fact that I'm a guy… I shouldn't have said that to her…

I don't care about you! I hate you!-

'She's my responsibility, if someone should suffer that'll be me!'

Kanata stood up and picked a flashlight

'I'll look for Miyu myself… If I wouldn't be able to find her and she got hurt, I'd rather die than return… without her…'

He turned the flashlight 'on', ran to the forest and started looking. Kanata followed the instructions that the groups followed awhile ago hoping he'll find her. He stopped to rest. Kanata sat down for a moment when he suddenly heard a faint voice

"Help… please help us…"

"Who's there?" Kanata stood up and searched where the voice came from

"Help…" the voice said again

Kanata found a cave when he heard the same voice again


to be continued…

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Kanata: You're lost remember? And I'm currently looking for you.
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