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"Well yeah, I was surprised as well." Kanata looked downwards

"What does he looks like?" Miyu asked trying to see Kanata's face.

"He got a shoulder length black hair, and same height as me." After Kanata said that he saw panic and shock clear on Miyu's face. "What's wrong?"

"I think I saw him earlier…"

"You what--" Kanata was cut off by another person

"Yes, you did see me, Miyu-san, I was being careless."

"What are you doing here? How did you find this place?" Kanata turned to see the trespasser

"I was just passing by to see the girl I saved." He looked at Kanata with a glint in his eyes. "And planning to take her back."

"Take her?!" And before Kanata could move from his spot the boy was gone. Her blonde friend was standing behind him clutching the back of his shirt. He turned to look at her and saw the fear written across her face.

"It's okay Miyu…" He rubbed her back trying to comfort her.

"Kanata, it's not okay. And I know it…" Her shoulder began to shake a little.

"It's not like we're not gonna do anything to stop him. And it's not like I'll--I mean, we'll let him take you from us." He whispered, feeling embarrassed at his sudden sincerity.

"Thanks. That made me feel a little better." She held on his shirt tighter "and a little safer"

"Right. Let's get inside and get something to eat. This made me feel hungry. We should also talk to Bow Meow about this." Kanata slowly removed Miyu's hands on his shirt while squeezing her hands softly for reassurance.

"I'm okay Kanata." She smiled at him and he felt like his heart beat faster, which he ignore instantly, focusing on the more important things.

Once inside the house, the called Bow Meow for a some questions. The pet sitter instantly went to them and took a seat in front of them.

"What is it?" He asked politely

"Bow Meow, do you have some kind of gadget to pinpoint an alien with just the physical form?" The brunette questioned

"I don't but I do have a browser for space criminals." Bow Meow brought out a silver flat box with a lot of buttons. He turned it on and randomly browsed on the wanted aliens

"What are the odds that he's a criminal and we'll find it--" Kanata was cut off for the second time that day

"Look! Stop! That's him!." Miyu pointed at the 3D screen and there's no mistake in it, she is right.

"Woah! Wait! Can you find any information about this guy?" Kanata leaned on the table a bit.

"Hmm…" Bow Meow pressed on different buttons " Yeah. I think I can." The screen changed into somewhat a bio data page. There they found his real name, age, what planet he came from, what is his background and what are the crimes he committed.

"Am I hallucinating or what?" The brown-haired boy said in disbelief

"Yeah… is that real?" Miyu leaned on the table too to be able to see the screen clearly

"Apparently, it's true, he is wanted for his criminal acts. And yes, these records never lies, which means… he saves pretty girls and in return take them to his planet and add them to his collection."

Both the teenagers visibly tensed a little after hearing this.

"Does he collect as in have them living in his house or…" Miyu asked

"The news said he puts them in some kind of cylindrical container wherein he'll put you into a dreamless sleep. There were also reports that some of these girls were rescued and survived but there are still missing ladies along the universe that points out to him. Yet his planet is unidentifiable. It's so small that they can't pinpoint it's exact location." Bow Meow turned the device off and looked at his two friends "What do we do now?"

"First we should inform the galaxy police about this… just incase he shows up again. Then we need to guard Miyu as much as we can." Kanata turned to look at Miyu

"You alright?"

"I'll be fine." She faked a smile but of course it was obvious to Kanata and Bow Meow.

Later that night, after Baby Luu went to sleep, Bow Meow made sure all the doors and windows were locked before bidding goodbye to the two and went inside the room he's sharing with Luu. Kanata looked at Miyu for one last time before saying goodbye and went to his room to sleep. After Kanata closed the doors Miyu laid down on her futon and went to sleep, not entirely peaceful but at least she drifted of to dreamland.

Kanata stared at the ceiling and pondered about all the things that happened today. First was the confrontation, the finding out and the defense plan. Still with all the plans they went through he felt uneasy as if the morning he wakes up, Miyu won't be there, the alien took her away without even a single challenge. Without noticing the brunette drifted to sleep.

Just then, a loud noise came from front door and Kanata bolted awake. He knew what was going on and what was about to happen. He opened his door and saw Miyu's door widely opened. He ran and checked on her room but she wasn't there. There was another noise that came from outside. It was the alien who wanted to take Miyu. He, and the currently asleep Miyu, is boarding his spaceship. Kanata screamed to wake Miyu but no voice came out of his throat. He tried again and again. He kept shouting until he can no longer see the spaceship. His knees gave up and he fell to the ground with the realization that Miyu's gone… that Miyu--


In an instant, Miyu's by his side trying to calm him down. Kanata turned his head on his side to see Miyu. "Are you okay?" She asked him

"Yeah." Kanata sighed and held Miyu's arm a little. "You're still here right?" He asked a little bit sleepy

"Yeah. I think you're too tense Kanata. You should get some rest. I'll go back to my room now okay?" And before she could stand up, Kanata pulled her down

"Stay here tonight?" Kanata saw the confusion in Miyu's eyes so he tried to elaborate a little "You know…I just wanna make sure that you're okay."

"That's fine with me." Miyu smiled at him knowing that Kanata is having trouble in expressing his feelings even on the slightest things

Miyu laid down on the futon next to Kanata and faced her back on the boy. It's not that she didn't like sharing a bed with Kanata it's just that being able to sleep beside you crush and all… and I didn't just think that! Miyu thought.

Without any warning Kanata wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned closer to her. She was about to struggle when Kanata spoke "I just wanna make sure that you're here." They went to sleep like that Miyu knowing that she wouldn't be able to shake Kanata off anyway just let his arms stay like that.