The Red Butterflies: The Unleashed

By Lady Yukina

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruit Basket or any of the lyrics I have decided to use some original…

Be careful of what you wish for in life

Think before you speak

Do what you must to avoid misfortune to others


To you self

Believe of what God have given you in life

Because he loves you since the day before you were born

That is the truth

That's no Lie

- By Yukina

Chapter 1: Secret

For the past three weeks. Tohru have been leaving the house earlier than usual, leaving food for the three men at home to re-heat them selves. The house seem to be empty now and the guys have wondered what is been going on with Tohru for the past three weeks.

The 1st person who noticed the changed was Shigure.

1st Week:

"Tohru," Shigure have just gotten up when he found Tohru dressed in her school uniform, she was opening the front door, "It's 6am, why are you going to school so early?"

Tohru turned around and gave Shigure a sincere smile.

"I have some errands to do and a project to be done, Shigure!" Tohru gave him a bright smiled before leaving the house, "Bye, see you later!"


Shigure didn't pay much attention at that time since Tohru have always been honest to him from the day she started living with them 2yrs ago. But sometimes when a person seems to start showing sign of change, someone had to questions some of the motives Tohru have been doing.

The 2nd person who noticed was Kyo.

2nd Week:

Kyo decided to wake up early that Monday morning and just as he suspected, Tohru was in the kitchen already preparing food for breakfast.

"Yo, where have you been disappearing to?" Kyo lean against the kitchen doorway.

Tohru did not bother to turn around but just smiled as she washes the dishes.

"Nowhere, I've been going early to school to do some errands," She paused for a minute to put some plates and pans into the cabinet; "…it's nothing to worry about Kyo! You can even ask Uo and Hana!"


Tohru laughed and finally turned around to face Kyo's annoyed face, "Because you asked silly and I've given you an answer!"

She put away her apron and snatched her bag from the table, "Dinner is already ready, just re-heat it in low heat and stir counter-clock wise… I have my job today so I'll be coming home late!"

She was already out the door before Kyo questions her anymore.


After that, Kyo have been waking up early at the same time with Tohru but she manages to have him stay in the house to wait for Yuki. As much the cat's dislike, he agreed each time. It was the begging of the mysterious change of Tohru Honda.

Curious, worried and have been wondering for the long time before Shigure… He respected Tohru's privacy and dislike the idea of butting into her business but… the Prince could not wait any longer.

Yuki have decided to ask some questions.

3rd Week:

"Miss Honda," Yuki caught Tohru putting on her shoes, "Have you got a minute?"

Tohru's cheeks went pink but she gave Yuki a very sweet smile, "Sure, what's on your mind?"

Yuki paused for a minute, he value the fact that she look at him in such innocence, "I've been meaning to ask you about why you've been leaving for school without me and Kyo for almost 3 weeks now…"

"Do you not like walking with us anymore?" Yuki sadly lowered his voice at the last sentence, "I'll understand if…"

"No, that's not it!" Tohru stood up and faced Yuki, "I love walking with you and Kyo but…"

Tohru was fidgeting and nervous. When she started to speak again, it was a whisper; "But I have sworn that I could not reveal it to anyone until the time is right!"

Yuki could see it in her eyes that she was not supposed to say that, he sighs.

"Are you doing anything dangerous? Illegal or some sort?" He asked seriously.

"No, I am not!" Tohru answered, he have faced Yuki and look him in the eye, "I swear to you, I'm not doing anything bad…"

"I trust you" Yuki put a hand of her cheek, "Just if something does happened, I'm here…"

Tohru's face burned but remained her cool, "Ok, well, I got to go! See you in school!"

As Tohru disappeared from the house, Yuki look down at his palm. It was still warm from Tohru's cheeks; he held it against his chest.


That last week was the week when everyone in school has to participate on the Spring Festival, The Cheery Blossom Festival.

Yuki got his handful with all the arrangements and schedule.

Kyo was dragged around by his male classmate … the girls are too shy/scared to ask to help them built the class noodle stand, which was decided on anonymous votes.

Shigure was busy finishing his latest book so he can go to the Festival. His only cooperating because his Editor has warned him that if he does not finish, he will be House arrest for a whole week. Of course, he obeyed.

It was later that day when Yuki have become more curious with one of the performing acts.

He approached the Vice President, Makoto.

"Makoto, have you read this?" Yuki handed him the schedule, "There's three performing acts after the magic show… Is this correct?"

Makoto was tall and handsome but he looks up to Yuki as his superior even thou they're at the same age, "Yes, it's correct! It's already been signed and approved by the principal."

Yuki blinked and stared at the schedule, "Alright, since you're sure about it…"

Yuki have check and signed the schedule as an approval, he had no idea what was coming…

No one in the school does, except for a particular blond haired energetic boy named.

Momiji Soma…


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