The Red Butterflies: The Unleashed

By Lady Yukina

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There is something in my heart

That only belongs to you

Please be aware

That all of my feelings are true

Believe in me

Care for me

Love me

By Lady Yukina

Chapter Six: Z for Zodiac

It was around 7:30pm by the time all the clubs were able to go home. As promised, Haru and Kyo walked home with Tohru and Yuki. They were heading towards Shigure's home when Haru suddenly stopped.

Torhu and the boys stopped walking to look at him.

"Haru, what is it?" Tohru began, "Is everything ok?"

"Tohru, is it alright if I barrow Yuki and Kyo for a little while?" Haru politely asked, "I have something to do but I will need their assistance…"

Tohru blinked before looking at both Yuki and Kyo who looked back at her.

"I don't mind it all." She finally answered, "Be safe, all of you, ok?"

Torhu was about to leave but a hand stopped her. Yuki turned to Haru with a smile.

"I have time don't I?" He asked, "I'll walk her home then catch up to you, ok?"

Kyo nodded, "We will you see there then. Come on Haru."

Tohru and Yuki watched the two boys walk away on the opposite direction. The Yuki started walking, he still holds on to Tohru's hand.

"What does Haru need of you?" Tohru asked as he walked beside him.

"It's a project that he and Kyo are working on for the festival but they need me to make sure that it's alright to use," He cringed his teeth. He hated the feeling of to lie to Tohru but he didn't have a choice.

Until he knew what's going on that is.

"Don't worry, I won't be long." He assured her as he squeezed her hand lightly.

Tohru smiled up to him and nodded, "I'll have dinner ready when you come back."

They walked in silence. Happy and content to be able to walk together and hold hands. When they reached the house, Shigure greeted them both in the doorway.

"My, my, my… The lovely couple has come home." Shigure said dramatically, "Unfortunately, I have to take a walk to the department store for a little bit. I'll be back in no time, ok?"

"I'll walk with you, Shigure," Yuki said as he placed his backpack on the table next to the phone. "I need to meet up with Haru and Kyo."

Shigure nodded, "Of course that would be best."

Tohru smiled and nodded, "Don't be late for dinner and be safe."

Yuki placed a haste kiss on her cheek before walking away with Shigure. Tohru watched them disappeared in the path through the woods before closing the door behind her and to start dinner.

"So, have you heard anymore about that text Kagura have sent?" Yuki asked as he and Shigure were away from the house.

"Nothing, I'm just as worried as you are about all of this." The older man answered, "There are something in this world that you could never understand…"

"It's called 'obsession' that drives both men and women mad…"

Yuki sigh, "I swear, I just don't know what to do or how to handle those girls in that fan club…"

"There's nothing to do but try to counter act them." Shigure simply answered, "Whatever they throw at you. You have to backfire it back to them."

Understanding his point but still confuse and unable to settle his doubts. Yuki remained quite until they reached the park. To his surprised, he found not only Hotori and Kureno but Akito as well.

Yuki turned to Kagura, "What's going on?"

"Your fan club is planning something on Torhu during the festival but we are unsure of what they are intending to do…" Kagura said seriously. "We are making plans of our own to counter them."

"This is an outrage!" Akito said angry, "Why didn't you discard their club? Are you not the President Student Council? Shouldn't you have the authority to be able to not allow them to have their club?"

"Why the hell do you have a fan club anyway?"

Everyone was in between shock, amused and scared at the same time. Yuki was unable to answer fast enough that he didn't even realized that Akito have taken a few step forward towards him. They were nose to nose that Yuki almost fell backwards.

"I am still not certain if I should even permit you dating Tohru," Akito frowned with a snarl, "If you can't protect her from these baboons! Why should I allow you to date her?"

Yuki was too shock to even think of a proper answer but there was one thing he was able to say. "I rather put my self in danger than let them get a hold of her."

Silence, only the crickets are the only things you would hear. Akito took a step back with a grin on his face and nodded. "Good answer…"

Walking back to where he was which was between Hotori and Kureno, he leaned against the tree. Yuki turned to face Kagura again.

"What do you know so far?" He asked.

"Well, it was Momiji who heard them…" Kagura pointed out as everyone turned to look at the rabbit that was on the swing.

"Well, Miss Makoto was very upset because she believes that Tohru have taken Yuki away from her." Momiji looked up to Yuki, "She told her club members that Tohru should disappear so that they could take Yuki back…"

"But before I could hear anymore, they entered the girl's restroom…"

"Why didn't you follow them?" Haru asked.

Yuki and Kyo smacked them upside the head, "NOW WHY THE HELL HE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT?"

Haru snapped, black Haru. He grabbed Kyo by the collar with a glare and devilish smile. "Because he looks like a girl and I don't think anyone would care if he entered the girl's restroom!"

"His face is hardly the point here! The point is that Momiji a boy!" Kyo snapped back.

Haru was about to throw a punch but before he could even raise his hand. He was thrown off Kyo and landed on the ground just a few feet away from where he was. It was Yuki, still on a position of his arm stretched out and eyes closed.

"That's enough…" Yuki said. "That's not an issue here wither or not Momiji should have followed them…"

"Good job Momiji and thank you…"

Momiji beamed and giggled.

"So, here is the plan then…" Rin said, "Everyone is going to the festival the day after tomorrow…"

"Oh dear, I hope the dresses won't get ruined from any of these activities…" Ayame sighed desperately, "I hate to see them all cut and bloodied up…"

Every glared at him which he happily ignored for the moment.

"We just have to think of a plan of how to look after Tohru." Hotori said, "Since only the students are the only ones who have the authority to walk around the school. Few of you should be with Tohru."

Momiji raised his hand, "Oh, I will! I will!"

"Kisa and Hiro will be coming with me too so will Kagura and Rin!"

Kagura smiled, "Uo and Hana have asked the Principal's permission to allow us to come over without any restrictions like the students which he approved."

"Rin and I will be tagging along with Tohru."

"Keep your cell phones with you and pay attention to your surroundings," Akito instructed, "I will be attending this festivities as well…"

Everyone turned to stare at him. Akito lazily stared back. "I'm better and haven't had any problems…"

"Beside, the doctor said I am allowed…"

"His able to attend as long he doesn't push himself too much." Hotori confirmed. "Kureno and I will be with him, so it's fine."

Kureno remain quite but nodded his reply.

"Good, so then we will continue this plan of watching over Tohru." Kagura said excitedly, "We are like a large team of Zodiac!"

"Z! It's Z!" Momiji added, "Z for Zodiac!"

Everyone laughed even Akito but they have many other things to discuss. They still have to figure out what the 'P.Y.F.C' were planning to do and how to prevent those crazy girls from getting to Tohru.

It was time for actions.

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