Sweet Dream

Sora and Kairi are both celebrities and at the top of their games. One day their parents tell them that they are engaged, to each other. Riku is a son of an extremely good business man, who just happens to live right beside Kairi. How to deal with hearts, feelins, high school and the press.

You know I hate it when I read through intros and they don't make sense at all but for those that do, you rock! So I'll skip through all the words I wanna say and I'll just save them for another chapter. This is plain non-sense. Whatever……………enjoy!

Chapter1: Airplanes


KNOCK KNOCK What the heck?


"KAIRI! UP! YOU'VE GOT MAKE-UP IN 15!" someone was banging on my hotel room door.


I practically rolled of my bed. And walked over to the door. Oh gawd. It was Anthony, my agent. A good morning this will be.

"You're not even dressed! Did you just wake up? The director's gonna have a fit!" he looked all panicky.

"Look, I had to sleep at 3 am last night and what time is it?"

Anthony glanced at his watch. " 5"

"5! Anthony give me a break, this even isn't a movie it's only a music video!" yap, that's me, all grouchy in the morning.

"It's your last shooting, you have to start early if you want to get home in time for that important dinner." He was rummaging through my pile of clothes on the floor.

"I can move it you know, I will say it was raining and we had to move the shooting." I was back on my bed again.

"NO, I promised your dad." He handed me I halter top and an above the knee skirt. "Come on get dressed."

"Fine only because you are so terribly sweet." So I got up to change. A few minutes later I am in my dressing room and about a hundred people are all over my face and hair. They were pulling and pushing all the parts of my face. Jannice, the designer gave me a cool top and the most comfortable pair of jeans in the world.

And imagine that I had to go through this for the past 3 weeks! Not that I'm complaining.

After all that, we finally were shooting. I had to sit down on a messed up room alone and I had to cry and act all frustrated cause the song was about being dumped then rising again afterwards. I have to tell you the writers are amazing.


FINALLY! I can go home and relax again! No more videos to shoot! Only autograph signings and a tour! Yay!

"you'll have to leave now if you're only gonna make your plane." Anthony gave me a hug " I'll be seeing you in a few weeks, ok?"

I hugged him back. "yes, and by then I will be fully rested."

I said my goodbyes and arrived at the airport. As I got out of the car, I am overwhelmed by fans. I love my fans, no doubt, but I am gonna miss my plane! So I signed a few autographs and posed for a few pictures and I am escorted by a few security guards to the plane.

I sat on my gigantic chair and buckled the seat belt on. Omg, I am on a plane, no biggie. No actually I am scared to death. Seriously, I've been on tons of airplanes but I still can't get used to them. I hate that stomach turning thing you always feel. So I put on my earphones and music started to jam in pretty loud so that it would take my mind off the flying.

A guy sat down beside me but I only took a glance at him and closed my eyes again.

Relax, relax, peace, serenity, happiness, landing.

The plane started to move.

Oh gawd.

My hands are in a closed fist. My nails are piercing through my skin as we takeoff.

Oh, god, my stomach is flipping.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was the guy sitting beside me.

"Listen, can you please put down the music, I didn't sleep at all last night." The guy looked tired, more than me but I am way too freaked to care.

"this is my way of relaxing."

"ya, green day will help you relax perfectly." He smirked! Did he just do that!

"Excuse me?" that guy is so rude. "I will listen to anything I want!"

Who does he think he is? Does he know that he is talking to MEE! I don't wanna be all I rule the worldish but … who the heck!

"Yeah, go ahead, just not so loud." He s smiling at me!

You know he's cute but he's such a jerk!

I made it louder and started to softly sing along. This annoyed him. He called a stewardess.

"Can I change my seat please!" the other stewardess was staring at the guy beside me, is he that good looking, then she saw me then started whispering to the other stewardess' ear. Then they squirmed.

"um sir, Mr. Sora, Sora…. The first class is full, so is business class but there are some seats back in coach.

"Great… thanks anyway."

"Hey, Sora, what is it I hear about switching seats?" a good-looking boy that looked a lot like Sora was smiling at me.

Sora looked at me then at him. "Oh! I'm sorry, you didn't tell me that you were interested in this girl. You could have told me earlier! Well, go ahead, be my guest! Knock yourself out!" he turned to me "Well good luck and it's been nice meeting you!"

He got his bag, stood up and whispered something to the guy's ear. Sora took the seat right behind me.

"What's his problem?" I mean, I have never met anyone that rude.

"Don't think those things about him. He's a really cool guy, it's just, he doesn't do well when he doesn't get enough sleep." He showed me his hand. "Tidus"

I shook his hand "Kairi" this boy's really good looking, but not as much as Sora though but when it comes to being nice, Tidus wins hands down.

"So, are you his brother or something?"

He laughed. "No, I'm his cast mate…"


"We're on a show and Sora there is the main character." He was still smiling. "And I am his brother there."

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I don't watch a lot of tv nowadays." My cheeks got red.

"It's ok, I know you're busy, I'm a fan."

"Of the show?"

Well, yeah, but I'm also a fan of yours."

My cheeks turned into a crimson color. "Thanks" I smiled to myself. "You're sweet you know?" he smiled and he looked genuinely happy about the compliment. "Unlike someone here." I didn't raise my voice but immediately Sora shot up from his seat.

"Hey, were you listening?" he may be an actor but…what a jerk!

Sora looked speechless, "uh, no, I just gotta go to the bathroom now." He started to walk when a stewardess came and told him that he should stay in his seat cause the plane was about to land. HA! Payback! Wait…Landing?

Immediately I put my hands into fists and started to breath deeply.

"Hey, you're afraid of airplanes aren't you?" Tidus was smiling at me kindly. Weird cause usually people would laugh at this.

"Is it that obvious?" I answered with a hint of embarrassment.

"Yeah" then he did the most unbelievable thing. He took my hand and whispered to my ear. "Don't be scared I'm right here."

Ok, that could be the like shortest flight in the world! Tidus is all flirty and stupid kairi is fallin for it! Sora's the rudest person person in the world there but he's just cranky. Cause in my pov, he's sweet.

The next chapie will be in Sora's POV. This chapter is kinda borin coz I'm explainin what they do, I'm just making it more evident. Please R and R!