Sweet Dream

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Kairi's POV!

I woke up in my large, comfortable room. I was going to get up when I saw a silver haired boy asleep on a chair beside my bed. I smiled… Riku… I some how pushed him onto my bed. He looked so peaceful.

"No.. the monkeys are in the fridge!" Riku suddenly pointed up.

I crack up. I should have recorded that…

I go to my bathroom, it's beautiful, perfect for a magazine cover, there was a marble floor, a sofa and even a Jacuzzi! I washed my face and walked over to a door. I opened it and suddenly lights went on into a hallway. This is my closet. There were wooden doors with glass so I could see the clothes inside. There were mirrors in every angle. Well, I have nothing planned for today… I got out a pair of cool green pants that were slightly baggy, a strapless white shirt and my Hollywood flipflops. I didn't do much with my hair though, I just left it down.

I went back into my room where Riku was still sleeping in.

"Hey, Riku, wake up." I shook him… it's already 9:00! He opened one eye then jumped up. "What am I doing here?" he looked around my room then onto my bed. "Did I sleep on your bed?" he looked kinda relaxed. But I got all red and shook my head. He laughed and pulled me closer and hugged me. "Are you alright after last night?" he asked me still not pulling away. I nodded and he looked at me straight in the eye, "Are you sure?" he looked kinda worried. I laughed "look who turns out not to be a bad boy after all!" but he wasn't laughing. "I'm serious." I smiled and got his hair out of his face. "Yes! I am sure. You hungry cause I'm STARVING!" Riku shook his head. "Nah, you go ahead, I better go home." He let go of me. "But you just live next door, and besides, your parents aren't even home." I gave him a puppy dog pout. He smiled and messes up my hair. "That doesn't work on me…kid" I laugh. " Fine go! Leave me!" I said jokingly. Riku walks out and opens the door. "and I still am the bad boy you knew before. See you at school tomorrow." He smiles then closes the door. I smile and flop down on my bed.

Riku's POV

I close her door. Man, she really is something… I walk down the never-ending spiral staircase until I reach the door and got into my car. I drive home. A video camera follows my car and the gate opens. I parked it and stepped into my nearly empty house.

I walked up the stairs and into my room when the door burst open.

"So, Riku, out late with Kairi? What were you doing in her house again?" it was my brother, Sephiroth, the biggest player in the world.

I just roll my eyes and turn on the tv. "Come on, you can tell your big brother, you know I have had a lot of women in my room." He was poking my arm. "Hey, stop working out, you make me look like a wimp!"

How can I not notice, they're in there every night. The women I mean.

"Come on, was it fun? Were her- " he was broken off by no one other than me.

"I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HER!" he can't talk that way about me. "I am nothing like you! I don't just go sleeping around with every hot girl I know!" I was mad but it's his fault.

"So you admit she's hot?" he just can't seem to get it…

I sigh. "Yeah…" I sit back down and continue to flip through the channels when I stop on MTV. It was Kairi in one of her music videos.

"Aha! I knew it! Your evil look is softer whenever you look at her… it's more than sleeping with her… you love her!" Sephiroth started to laugh. Then I throw the remote at him. "But don't worry dear brother! Your secret is safe with me!" he laughs and floats out the door.

I can't believe that he's my brother.

Sora's POV

"I CAN"T BELIEVE YOU JUST LEFT US THERE LIKE IDIOTS!" mom was screaming at me while I am looking for something good to watch on t.v.

"Well, at least I didn't run out crying…" I said coolly while still flipping the channels.

"But she's a girl! She should me more emotional than you are!" she sat down beside me.

"So what." I continue to flip.

"Sora, you are engaged, no matter what you say." She puts her hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah… I know." I'm still flipping. Nothings good on tv…

"Oh, and Sora, you will be going to a new school."

Ok, this caught my attention. "A WHAT? What happened to home schooling?"

"Well, your father and I just wanted you to earn more social skills."

"What school?" I turn back to the tv.

"Darlington Academy."

"That sounds so gay…. Wait, Tidus studies there!" yeah, he does…oh joy.

"Good then you have two friends in that school." Mom quickly left the room. Two?

I land on MTV, it was a petty red haired girl. Isn't that…. KAIRI! What the heck is she on MTV? She's a singer? A SINGER?

Wow… this day's just full of surprises……..

Kairi's POV

I'm on my way to school, Darlington Academy, the name sounds so wrong but it's a totally cool school. For one thing, most of the students there have careers in "the business" and some other rich kids. So the school is open all year round. Including weekends, for our sake, so we go to school whenever we can but we have a minimum of two years for one school year. I'm 16, I'm a junior, and you won't believe how much I had to study to get to my correct grade level.

"You know Kairi, I can't believe that YOU are a junior! You are so not smart and you are always busy." This is Kerry, my little sister. She's 14 and in her correct grade level… grade 8. She just arrived from a trip to Dubai yesterday afternoon.

"I studied my butt off… I think I deserve the credit." I know she can seem a bit mean sometimes but she's the only sister I have.

"Even though. And I didn't like your newest cd. I think you should quit. You don't have the talent." She rolled her eyes.

"I guess it depends on the person." I shrugged. You see different people like different kinds of music.

"No, that's not it. I don't like your voice, and so does Claudia." Claudia's her best friend. She's one of the snobbish blonde types. And Kerry has red hair like me but it's a little bit longer.

"it's ok I guess. That's why I'm studying, so just in case my fame isn't long termed I can always do something else." That's true.

"Didn't I tell you that you don't have the brains to do anything else? You're better off living on mom and dad's money."

I arrive at school, the driver opens the door for me. then a lot of people stare at me. Students mostly. Then a few girls that aren't in uniform run to me.

"KAIRI! OH MA GAWD! MAY I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH! PLEASE!" they scream at me. So I sign their papers and stuff and they run away excitedly.

"What a bunch of losers." Kerry rolls her eyes.

" I think they're sweet."

"KAIRI!" a cheerful voice called out to me.

It was Selphie, my best school friend, beside her followed Yuna, Yuffie and Jasmine. (yeah, as in Agrabah Jasmine)

"OMG! I haven't seen you guys in forever!" we walked through the school gates together.

"So, how was the shooting? Yuna is a guitarist of this really cool new rock band. She's 16 but only a sophomore.

"It was cool, you know what, I was thinking of getting into the movie biz." Then Yuna stopped. "No way! You're gonna take my fame away from me!" Yuna just started making movies a few months ago and she's a hit.

"I am just thinking about it." We entered the halls of a large private school. I went to my locker and found letters pore out. What the heck? I pick up a letter,

Dear Kairi,

I gave this letter to my cousin, Will that studies in your school. I wanna say that I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN! I love your songs and I have your cd's! My friends also love you! Whenever I go to their houses, we have mini-concerts! I know you are busy but can you please write me back! I also want to go to one of your concerts! Oh, I forgot to tell you, my name is Belinda, I am 9 years old and I want to be as pretty as you! Please write back!

Your number 1 fan,


P.S. I think Will has a crush on you… don't tell him I told you that!

I laughed. This was not the first time this happened. The bad thing is, I always have to pick them up…. Aw… I bend down to pick them up when I noticed someone behind me picking them up as well.

"Oh. My. Gosh. What are you doing here?" it was Sora and he also looked surprised to see me.

"I knew it! That's why they sent me here!" he handed me the letters."A lot of fan mail you got here." He nods then walks away.

"HEY! SORA!" I call and he turns around.

"Yeah?" I catch up to him.

"You can't just always be in my face!" is this me talking cause I don't remember me acting like this.

"um… am I suppose to be sorry?" he looked taken aback.

"No… ok… it's not your fault either" he wasn't even looking at me.

"Why aren't you looking at me?" he stops then pins me up to the wall.

He leans closer to me. "Want me to do this then?"

I get red. He laughs and lets go. "Just kidding!" he smiles this cheesy smile that really is so adorable. "You really blush easily you know." I get even redder. He laughs more.

"Stop laughing! I give him a light punch on the arm.

There were shrieking girls pointing at Sora. He turns to me. "Is it always like this here?" he gave me a panicked look.

"Ah, you'll get used to it." A few girls started hugging him. Fan girls so soon? Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Kairi! HELP ME!" Sora shot his head up from the sea of fan girls and disappeared. I guess I should help him. I started to dig for him, it was pretty hard but then I found him and we both ran away.

We ran past a corner and were crying from laughing. "That… was… the… worst… ever…" He was so red.

"It…gets… worse…" we continue to laugh when we realize that we were laughing with each other.

We stay quiet for a minute. "Thanks" he was looking down. "I can't believe I have to go through that everyday." He smiled. Then there was silence.

"Listen, what'll we do about the press?" I asked cause what'll they think? Huh?

"They will find about it sooner or later. You can't hide anything from them."

"oh…um… you know, we're gonna be late for class." I said quietly. "Where's your homeroom?"

"Room 207"

"Me too! Come on let's go, we're gonna be late!" we find ourselves running again.

We were both out of breath when we arrived but we arrived on time anyways. We opened the door and we were welcomed by screams of fan girls.

"Class! Class stop it!" Ms. Stone, our homeroom teacher said. "We have a new student, this is Sora." He flashed a mile that made a few girls faint. "Hi." He said.

I took a seat in the middle of the classroom, "Sora, why don't you sit with Kairi over there." She pointed at the seat beside me. Selphie was beside me.

"My gawd! HOTTIE! I have my dibs on him!" she whispered to me. I laughed nervously. "Yeah… he's all yours"

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