Chapter 2: Everyone had fun at a beach from Miroku's choice of where to go and you didn't get to see Inuyasha's decision until now!

Four similar pictures of different Battle Arenas were floating in front of everyone as Inuyasha made is decision on which one he'd like.

Inuyasha: Hmmm... what's this on at the end here?

Lunacy: If it's what I think, it should pick one randomly or go through them all.

Inuyasha: I guess I'll choose this one then.

Inuyasha double clicks on the 4th battle arena and everything turns into a warp tunnel again.

Lunacy: ...We're finally here; I wonder why it took about 25-30 seconds.

Inuyasha: I don't care, I just want to fight someone.

Lunacy: Lets download a worthy NPC then... "Download Opponent!"

A beam of light manifests a computer generated 'Naraku' for Inuyasha's opponent.

Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango: NARAKU!

Sango: Hiraikotsu!

Sango's weapon phases right through the NPC Naraku.

Shippo: It just went through him!

Lunacy: Probably only the opponent is allowed to attack. Let's download everyone else's opponents. "Download Opponents!"

Inuyasha fights who it said further up... Lunacy fights his main opponent, dark Lunacy, ;
Sango fights Kohaku under Naraku's control, Shippo fights Soten, Miroku fights 'someone'
and Kagome fights Lotsa Homework! Lol, just kidding. Kagome fights 'someone.'

Lunacy: Hmm... Kagome and Miroku don't have anyone to fight, try thinking of an opponent.

Miroku thinks of fighting for the resistance of women. :P

Kagome thinks of fighting Kikyo.

Miroku thinks of fighting Kagura since he couldn't think of anyone else besides Naraku.

Lunacy: Here we go, the only on who's strength is matched with mine.

Inuyasha: This is way better than just searching for Naraku, I can get a little more practice on killing him.

Miroku: Lucky you, I couldn't think of anyone else to fight.

Sango: Kohaku...?

Lunacy: ... Just kill your opponent, they're not real like we are in here... but they fight like they're real.

Everyone was on a fierce battle, except Shippo, all his opponents have the same abilities as him.
Lunacy has a rough battle, Dark Lunacy was a complete mirror to him.

After the battle...

Lunacy: I hate mirror enemies... . Gotta hurt yourself to beat em.

Inuyasha: ...Try beating someone who barely gets hurt then...

Lunacy: Well... at least their computer deaths just digitized them.

Shippo: Soten is too even with me! .

Lunacy: As fun as it was, lets get someone else in on their choice. "Unactivate NPC invulnerabilities!"

Miroku: Did that even do anything?

Lunacy shrugs ands blasts Naraku and Soten, resulting in the NPC deletion.

Inuyasha: HEY! I almost had him there.

Lunacy says quietly: I wonder who would fight who if it was you guys vs the group with Naruto...

Shippo: Huh?

Lunacy: Never mind, lets go "Back!" to the first place.

Everyone gets warped to the pictures again.

Lunacy: Who's going to choose this time?

Shippo: Hey! Can I?

Lunacy: Sure.

Shippo: Whoo! Which one to pick then?

Inuyasha: Maybe you should've made your decision before you wanted to pick one!

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