Truth be told, I wrote this about five years ago for a friend of mine, who ran a Star Wars ML at the time. Since I haven't posted anything in a while, I thought I'd take the opportunity of Ep. III to haul this out and amuse others. And no, it isn't a work in progress any more and don't take any of it seriously. Review if you please! (Ah, yes. I don't own Star Wars. If I did, I would have committed seppuku after Ep. I came out. Geh.)

Have fun!
Lm. Samiko

Ode to That Skywalker Guy (a work in progress)
clears throat

May the heavens be praised,
O may they be blessed,
For sending us (fully dressed)
That Skywalker Guy.

He rescued the galaxy
From the evil Dark Side
And now it is under the most able guide,
That Skywalker Guy.

He mastered the Force
With flair and panache
Turning ol'Jabba the Hutt into hash.
That Skywalker Guy.

Fall for his sister,
He did indeed
(At least Ben's wise words he did finally heed.)
That Skywalker Guy.

Fair game for us all
That most handsome boy
Until, at the end, becomes Mara's toy.
That Skywalker Guy.

Alas, o alack,
He is gone from the pool
Following once more that most hallowed rule,

"All the good men are either married or gay!"

At least now we know,
O sisters in lament
On which side of camp we do place his tent.
That Skywalker Guy.