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Chapter #60: Inborn Talent

Title Page: a huge tree in the middle with Rei sleeping on one side of it and Kai covering his ears in hope to block the sound of the kunoichi's snoring on the other

Kai's eyes set on the screen for a short moment and the he turned towards one of his Leaf comrades. Kitsune only took a quick glance at the screen and then gave a weak kick to a girl that was sleeping under the wall. As the kunoichi shoot him a dead glare, he only pointed the screen with his head, making his teammate realize what was going on: KONPAKU REI versus JUNSEI TEELA.

With a quick stretch, Rei headed towards the stairs and calmly walked down to the arena with a word. Kusari merely narrowed his eyes and then turned towards the moon-nins, who stood just few meters away. "So it's your turn, Teela…" he said to himself as his eyes stopped at the blue-haired girl.

"Finally something interesting…" stated Tasuki with a smirk as he glanced at his teammate. "So, how are you going to cook this one, Teela?" he asked, but the kunoichi merely threw her opponent a quick look and without showing any sign that she even listened to her companion, she jumped down to face her adversary. "She's ignoring me again…" the green-haired boy thought to himself annoyed as he glared after his cellmate.

"Come on Rei, we're counting on you to send that girl to the moon!" Kogane cheered for her teammate from the platform, but as she thought about it for a bit, she added quickly: "I mean the one in the sky, not her home village!"

"It's that girl from the Konpaku clan…" noticed Kakashi as his eyes stopped at the young Leaf kunoichi. "This should be very interesting…"

"Ninth match: Konpaku Rei from Konoha against Junsei Teela from Tsuki!" announced Lee loudly as the two kunoichi stood in front of each other without any emotions showing on their faces. "BEGIN!" and in a flash he jumped out of the way, yet this time it turned out to be unnecessary as none of the two girls moved an inch.

A minute has pasted and none of the kunoichi did a thing to start the match. Some of the people above really began to get annoyed: "At least move so that we'd know you're still alive!" yelled Tsume pissed as her annoyance reached its peak. However none of the kunoichi bellow seemed to listen to her.

"Well this sucks…" whined Kai as he placed his chin on the rail from boredom. "But they are going to move, right?" and with that he turned towards his teammates. Kusari rose his hand in gesture that would say he was about to reply, but then he stopped for a moment and after a short consideration, he only shrugged.

"That girl's behavior sure brings back some memories…" stated Naruto as he turned towards Shikamaru. "You sure you're not related?" he joked, making the lazy jounin shoot him a glance. Keeping his calm, the pineapple head shinobi only replied: "Rei isn't the one to act recklessly… nor does she gets into a fight that she's not positive to win…" and after a short pause, he added: "And yeah, she's not really motivated to do anything…"

"Umm, I don't want to burn down your spirits of youth, but the match has already began…" Lee reminded quietly as he moved closer to the two kunoichi. Finally Rei let out a sigh and with both sleep voice and eyes, she turned towards her opponent: "You're not gonna charge in first, are ya?" the blue-haired girl only shook her head calmly. "Me neither… but one of us will have to break sooner or later…"

"I just hope it'll happen sooner, coz I haven't ate a thing since breakfast…" announced Naginata depressed as she bonk her head against the rail. Reiji only narrowed his eyes slightly as he set them on the two girls bellow. A little further away Karame's eye twitched: "And I thought there can't be anything more boring then a chess match…"

Finally the fight truly began as Teela suddenly jumped forward and appeared right in front of Rei in a blink of an eye. Before her feet even touched the ground, the Tsuki shinobi launched a kick aimed at her opponent's head, yet the leaf-nin managed to avoid the attack by bending over.

As the kick went over her head, Rei spun on her right foot and launched a spin-kick on her own, but to her surprise it was easily blocked by Teela, who stopped the assault with her opened palm. In a flash the moon-nin pushed her opponent's leg away, making the sleepy kunoichi lose her balance and aimed an attack on her chest with an opened palm. This time however it was the Leaf shinobi who surprised her adversary as even off balance Rei managed to grab the blue-haired girl's hand before it reached its target and tossed the Tsuki ninja over her shoulder.

Instinctually Teela flipped in mid-air, landing safely on her feet few meters away from Rei. Or so she thought as the leaf-nin charged at her immediately and before the moon-nin even manage to turn around, the sleepy kunoichi was already behind her with a kunai ready in her hand.

Teela acted instantly and bending her knees slightly she hit Rei's extended hand, that was aiming to pierce through her, from below with an opened palm, thus making the leaf-nin's hand shoot up against its owner's will. The Leaf's kunoichi's eyes didn't even manage to widen in surprise as Tsuki ninja's left elbow fired straight at her and hit her hard in the stomach, making her bend to the front a little.

In a flash Teela's other hand launched another opened-palm attack, this time aimed at Rei's face, which was now closer to the floor. The sleepy kunoichi however saw that assault in time and bended back instantly, making the blue-haired girl's attack go right before her face. At this point the leaf-nin decided to counter by launching a kick in the direction her opponent stood, yet still Teela seemed to be too fast.

Before Rei even knew what happened the moon-nin deflected the incoming attack with her right knee and once she achieved that, she straightened her leg, thus delivering a powerful kick in the kisser to her opponent, which send her flying few meters away.

The leaf-nin flipped in mid-air, just like Teela did few seconds before, and upon landing on her feet, she set her eyes onto her opponent. Meanwhile, on the platform, Kumiko was stunned by the match bellow: "That Moon girl's good…" she announced impressed. "She seem to have quite an advantage in this fight…"

"Well, you're right about one thing…" stated Toku calmly without even looking at the young genius. "She seems to have an advantage… it's true that Tsuki girl's strong, but I assure you that Rei is far from losing this fight…"

"What makes you so sure?" asked Takaru curious and at this point the other boy just smiled: "Because Rei, if she wasn't so lazy, could easily become the strongest kunoichi in Konoha…" and once he said so, Tsunade's son eyes set onto the brown-haired girl who was in the middle of her match.

Suddenly Rei bite her finger. The moment she did so strange symbols began appearing on her right arm and with a quick motion, the kunoichi draw a straight line with her blood that went right through the symbols with a call: "Hijutsu: Hitokage Tougou! Aid me, Hishu!" and at that both Ibuki's and Funbo's eyes widen at the hearing of the name.

Horohoro, who noticed his teammate's behavior, turned towards him and with a questioning glance, he asked what was wrong. But the weapon master didn't reply. Hitomi shoot the young Tanken a worried look and then turn back to watching the fight bellow. Meanwhile Nobu turned towards Tasuki and with a wide smile on his face, he only said: "Well, what do you know…"

Green chakra began escaping Rei's body. Teela's eyes slightly narrowed as she stared at her opponent: "This feeling… there's no doubt about it. This should be interesting…" In a flash the leaf-nin reached to her hostels and picked out tens of kunai tied to one another with a thin string.

"This is odd…" Kokoro thought to himself as she glanced at Rei, who made a quick motion and in an instant all the knives shoot straight towards Teela. Acting on instinct the moon-nin crawled down, making the first few kunai flew above her and as more came at her, she bounced off the ground using her hands. As she flew into the air, making some of the knives that came at her fly bellow her, she flipped in mid-air and kicked the weapons that were flying at her with her feet from their blunt side, surprisingly not getting wounded even once.

As Teela landed safely on her feet, Rei was already behind her, carrying a metal chain with small spikes all over it in her hand. With a quick swing on her hand, the chain came right at the blue-haired girl's back, moving like it wanted to wrap around the Tsuki kunoichi. The moon-nin acted immediately and while jumping into the air, she somehow managed to grab the Leaf shinobi's chain without getting her hand pierced by any of the spikes and spun in mid-air, taking Rei, who still held the chain, with her.

As Rei's feet left the ground, the leaf-nin let go of her weapon and once she began falling head first towards the floor, she flipped and now facing Teela, who also started to come near the floor, she threw several shuriken straight at her. Having no way to dodge in mid-air, the Tsuki shinobi did the only thing she could to avoid the assault; she swung the chain she held in her hand, deflecting every, single one of the shinobi stars that came at her with it.

As both kunoichi landed safely on the ground, Teela threw away the chain, her face still as emotionless as it was at the beginning of the fight. Taka merely smiled under his nose as he observed the fight from the platform.

"I don't get it…" announced Taki, slightly confused. "That Rei girl used some sort of ninjutsu technique, but I don't see any effect… and what was that green chakra from before?" and with that she turned towards her teammates. Akira, who stood nearest to her, replied almost immediately, turning his face at her: "I wouldn't be so sure… something's different… her chakra flow and it specific… it's not the same as it was at the beginning of this match…"

"What does it mean?" asked Galu curiously as he glanced at the blind gennin with his arms crossed. The older boy didn't turned to him however. He only lowered his head slightly as he replied: "I don't know… but it's almost as if she was a different person…"

"She is…" Hanamaru cut in as he ate some more chips. At this point Senkou glanced at him confused with his eyebrows raised: "She's not herself? What, she's schizophrenic or something?" he asked, but it wasn't the chubby boy who answered his question. It was Ibuki:

"When she performed that technique it got me wondered…" announced the young assassin as a single drop of sweat run down her face. "She mentioned the name Hishu, which sounded familiar… my father's brother carried the exact same name… he died during an assassination mission, several years ago, so I never got to know him, but I heard he used a very specific weapon… one that wasn't used by anyone else in the Leaf…"

"And that was…" rushed Kai as his teammate felt silent for a moment. The weapon mistress glanced at him with her eyes narrowed and then replied slowly: "A chain filled with spikes…"

"A chain filled with spikes?" repeated Mikka as her eyes widen. "But that's the same…" she began, but never got to finish as Kitsune cut in: "That's Rei's bloodline limit… her clan isn't too well-known, but it's rumored that it grew out of the Yamanaka family…"

"What's that got to do with anything?" asked Takaru curious, not sure what his companion meant. And it was at this time that Toku joined the conversation: "The Yamanaka are known for being able to take control over their opponent's body by using their chakra combined with their soul… I'm not sure how this works, but I don't suppose it matters… the thing is that Rei's clan is capable of using other people souls in stead of their own…"

"What's that suppose to mean?" asked Kai completely confused. Toku only let out a sigh as Kitsune decided to answer the blonde's question this time: "To put it simply Konpaku clan can make an alliance with the souls of the dead… that way, by integrating with them, they are capable of using the techniques of the people they make a pact with…"

"So it's something like a Konoha version of hitokugutsu…" Hari concluded calmly as she set her eyes on Rei. Kai only glanced at her, still not understanding any of it: "Hito-what?" he asked, making the blonde kunoichi let out a sigh before replying: "It's a special technique used by the most skilled Suna puppeteers… it allows the puppet users to transform the human body into a doll, thus creating a puppet with chakra inside… the puppet can use any technique known to it from the time before it became a doll…"

"So you mean Rei-chan is currently using the soul of that Hishu dude like the puppeteers used hitokugutsu?" Kusari asked, confused almost as much as Kai. Kitsune only shook his head in disagreement before he replied: "Not exactly… it's more that she placed his soul inside herself and thus learned all the techniques known to him before he died… you might say that currently she's consisted of two people: one is herself and the other is Tanken Hishu…" Funbo only narrowed his eyes as that announcement reached his ears. Takai, who also heard it, only smiled under his nose.

"This is really scary…" stated Kumiko as shivers run down her spine. "It's almost as if she was some sort of a necromancer from those fantasy stories… it's something like that other Tsuki guy did during his fight with Galu… that blue-haired girl is basically facing two opponents now…"

"Not quite…" corrected Kogane with a smile. "You haven't seen anything yet…" and as she said so the Leaf gennin turned their sight towards Rei, who once more bite her finger. The same symbol as before began appearing on her arm, only this time on her left one and as the young kunoichi once more drew a straight line, going through the symbols, she called out: "Hijutsu: Hitokage Tougou! Aid me… Hiashi!"

---unique power unleashed… battle continues---

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It's been a while since I had a chance to do this, so here's another jutsu encyclopedia:

Hijutsu: Hitokage Tougou (Secret Skill: Soul Integration) – a special technique, used only by the Konpaku clan. By performing a special ritual, the member of the clan can form an alliance with the soul of a dead person. By doing so, the user gets a possibility to integrate his or hers body with the soul they made an alliance with and by doing so, the user can use any technique performed by the person who's soul he/she used.

And to wrap this up, here's the list of all the participants of the eliminations (updated, naturally):

Konoha #7: Murasakki Kumiko, Tanken Ibuki, Gekido Takaru, Hagane Kusari, Haisha Kai

Konoha #3: Konpaku Rei, Rikoteki Kogane, Amagasa Toku, Debano Kitsune, Gusoku Hanamaru

Konoha #4: Igaku Mikka, Inuzuka Tsume, Benda Kokoro, Hatake Senkou, Kobushi Galu

Konoha: Hamano Taki, Hyuuga Hitomi, Manako Akira, Tanken Funbo, Horohoro

Suna #1: Aoru, Torune, Honemaru, Tarakudo, Takai

Suna #2: Sabaku no Sabure, Hari, Dekai, Horamaru, Karame

Kusa: Hokku Tobane, Kanraku Nezumi, Kuchibashi Taka, Kyohaku Tokame, Wanabi Hizoku

Ame: Kasano Youji, Nokogiri Karei, Eshaku Ryo, Furikuzu Tsuino, Hebereke Nazaa

Bakufu: Azarashi Kawa, Tora Miaka, Abura Tetsu, Makko Shita

Tsuki: Junsei Teela, Tenka, Chishio Nobu, Kihako Tasuki

Hane: Naginata, Ono Reiji, Sentou

Yuki: Nadare Aisu, Sarumaru Yari, Urufu Kato, Yamazaru

Kumori: Kyuu

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