Back in Japan, Robin Sena and Amon were both presumed dead. Killed in the hunt was all Solomon could figure. A funeral was held in Italy for Robin, hosted by a depressed and teary eyed Kat, Val and Mikey, with some 20,000 fans who all came to pay their last respects to their fallen superstar. Julliano died shortly after the news of his granddaughter's death due to a broken heart. This was the second child he lost to Solomon. 'Father Julliano is now reunited with his daughter Maria and granddaughter Robin in God's place.' Sister Mary-Elizabeth told reporters shortly after his death.
Amon's half brother Nagira, with the help of Michael Lee, held a small funeral and ceremony in the memory of both Amon and Robin, the same date as the one held in Italy.
When Miho Karasuma, Yurika Dojima and Haruto Sakaki were found shot to death on Main street the following morning, Solomon could not explain why or how they died. Michael Lee was informed of the three's untimely death before hand was he was able to delete and destroy all evidence of what happened that night. Mr. Dojima, Yurika's father, attempted to sue Solomon for his daughter's untimely death, but was silenced by an unknown event.
Solomon no longer cared about his 'Project Robin' and soon after three of his best hunters were found mysteriously dead on Main street, he closed down the STN-J and all other branches of witch hunting and now works sole out of his main headquarters.
Chit Kosaka, unfortunately, had to be left in the dark about the deaths of the three hunters and the disappearances of Amon and Robin.
Nagira married his assistant/secretary Hanamura 13 months after the events at the STN-J.
Michael Lee was released from the STN-J and is now working as Nagira's partner in Nagira's law ferm out of Kyoto, Japan. Nagira and Michael are the only two that know what happened that night, besides Amon and Robin, or so they thought.
Amon and Robin fled to United States of America, it being the last place they felt anyone would look for them. Three weeks after arriving, they received a package with about $3.5 million, five photographs and a short letter. They were married a week later and now live happily together, expecting their second child sometime next summer. Both living under a different last name, still unknown at this time, Amon works as a state police officer and Robin is a stay at home house wife who devotes herself to researching the country of Japan and the local events that happen.

As for me, well I'm the only other person besides Nagira, Michael, Amon and Robin who knows what happened that night in Toyko, Japan. No I'm not an ex-hunter of the STN-J. And I'm not a fan of the Italian superstar 'Robbie Ro'. I guess you could say I'm just a small person in the skem of things. I have my way of getting sources. Daddy's little girl was left with a big check once he died. I mean, come on. Did Robin really think I was going to let her steal my man and get away with it? If Amon and the other hunters didn't show up that night, I was gonna be the one to take little miss witch's life. I mean give me a break. I let her live in my apartment, eat my food, and how does she repay me. She steals my man! Well, I can't just let this go on any longer now can I? So remember my name Because one day, this little book will be famous. Of course you wont be reading it until after you see this title in all international newspapers.
"Touko Masaki Kills Japanese-Italian Run-A-Way Witch!"

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