Hello Simply Hopeless here and with a new story for you. In the pass I've done mainly Blue fics so I'm going to branch out a little bit. This is a Cheza/Kiba fic but is set in an alternate universe. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.


Loosing Touch

Chapter One: I am Wolf

The smell of disinfectant was the first thing he noticed as he opened his blue eyes. His mouth slowly contorting as he yawn he sat up and rubbed blurrily at his eyes.

"So your awake," a female voice drifted to his ears and instinctively his eyes turned to the voice. "Hello there I'm your nurse. Nurse Blue or even Blue will do just fine," she smiled warmly at him before placing her hand under his head to check his temperature.

"Am I sick?" He hadn't taken the time to look around the room yet but seeing as she was a nurse what other conclusion could he come to.

"Well yes and no. It's like a hospital because it's a place of healing except this place heals the mind and not the body," she said tactfully.

"You mean I'm in a loony bin," he said flat out, his blue eyes narrowing.

"Oh you know you don't have to say it like that," Blue frowned then smiled. "It's not so bad in here. You meet the most interesting people here though. That's undeniable."

"Are you always so… so…"

"Cheerful and perky? Hell no but Cher warned me about arguing with the last patient," Blue sighed her shoulders slumping.

"You argued with one of your patients?" He couldn't help but seem a bit interested.

"Well actually two in the same day. I argued with Hige for rubbing my butt as I was walking by in the recreational room and Tsume for putting the idea into his head. You know what? They are two of the biggest pricks that… oops I'm getting carried away aren't I?" She smiled once more looking nervously at the camera mounted in the corner of the room.

"You spoke your mind I see no problem in that," he shrugged his shoulders.

"You kind of seem too normal to be in here," Blue's eyebrows furrowed slightly. "What are you in here for again?" Her eyes flickered down to the metal clipboard in her. "Ah I see you believe in paradise and wolves."

"But it's true there is a paradise," he frowned not liking how easily she had put the words down on the paper.

"You mean heaven right?" Blue nodded her head in understanding but stopped when he gave her a reproachful look.

"No I mean there is a paradise apart from heaven. A safe haven for all wolves to go to if we can just find the flower maiden. I know she's around here somewhere. That's why I came to this city," his fists were balled up in the sheets.

"Kami you really don't seem to understand," Blue shook her head sadly. Part of her was tempted to pull him into a hug as if he was just an overgrown child who still believed in Santa Clause.

"Understand what?" Kiba looked at her cautiously.

"Wolves have been instinct for more then one hundred years. You have more chance in finding a pot of gold under a rainbow then finding a wolf," Blue once again shook her head sadly. "And they were such majestic creatures too."

"But see now you don't understand. Wolves are real. They are hiding in human bodies. See I'm a wolf watch," he closed his eyes willing his human illusion to melt away so that he could show her his true form. The form of a white wolf with piercing golden eyes but it wouldn't come. "It's… why aren't I changing."

"It's okay Kiba. Maybe your still tired," Blue gently pushed the young man back into bed before resettling his blankets.

"Kiba… is that my name?" he looked at her in confusion.

"You don't… you don't even remember your own name?" Blue looked at him dumbfounded. "They must have given you too many drugs. I'll have a talk with Dr. Cher I'll make sure of it and after you take another little nap I'll take you to the recreational room and you'll meet the others," she gave his hand a little squeeze before standing up.

"Blue?" Kiba murmured sleepily.

"Hmm?" Blue who was about to open the door paused to look back at him.

"I really am a wolf," but the words seemed feeble to even his own ears.

"Of course you are," Blue nodded her head being respectful enough not to roll her eyes at those absorb words. She smiled thoughtfully at him before leaving the room and locking the door. Leaving Kiba alone to stare sleepily up at the wall.

"But I am…"


'No Place Like Home,' is the next chapter. When Blue comes for him he has no choice to follow her as she leads him down alien hallways to the recreational room where he meets the others. But they seem normal to him well at least Tsume, Toboe and Hige do. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your reviews.